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  1. Alright, I'm not sure if this counts. This is started life as a Hot Wheels Team Transport, which I stripped and modified to make a Petty transporter. I believe at the time they were using a box truck, so this is by no means an accurate reproduction. The car is a standard Hot Wheels Torino with slight modifications and a respray. I used Tamiya French Blue and Patto's Place decals.
  2. Nice work. I too built this kit about a year ago and sympathize with you on how terrible this kit is. You've done a great job getting it to work!
  3. Hi everyone, Here is a build I finished a couple months ago and have neglected to post. This is DW's Pepsi Challenger Monte Carlo from 1983. This is as it ran in the Winston 500 at Talladega. It was the only race the Pepsi Challenger was all-white instead of the usual white and yellow. I made a couple modifications to the brilliant Monogram kit. I modified the suspension by drilling through the rear shock mounts and allowing scratch-built springs to run through them. That lets the car sit lower and naturally level. I also filled in the door jams. This was my first attempt with Bare Metal Foil. It was a learning experience and I'll look to get better at that. The paint is Tamiya lacquers. I used Mike's Decals, and as always they were great.
  4. Thank you for the tutorial video, I look forward to watching and learning from it.
  5. Oh whoops, I just got my brothers mixed up and put the wrong one in the title!
  6. This is incredible! Creative, hilarious, and well-executed. Awesome build. I may just have to steal this idea.
  7. Hi everyone, Here's a build I finished up a couple months ago but neglected to post photos of. It's Donnie Allison's 1969 Mercury Cyclone II. Or sort of. He never drove the flat-nosed Cyclone II, just the "W" nose. But I only realized this halfway through the build and decided to just finish it as-is. It's the Polar Lights re-release from a couple years ago and goodness was it a lot of trouble! The chassis fit was poor, engine details were soft, and of course it wasn't even the right car. Not wanting to waste too much on a kit that isn't up to par, I built this out-of-box. One nice thing about this kit is that you get 2 full engines. I went with the 427 and added the 429 to the spare parts bin. The red is Tamiya acrylic flat red shot through my airbrush, and the gold is a Mr. Color lacquer that is just stunning. I used Testors Ultra-Gloss Clear (I think). I used the kit decals and they were very nice. The chrome pieces were too bright, so I sprayed some Tamiya TS-79 semi-gloss clear over them. Despite all the issues, I enjoyed the build and am pleased with the result. And as this uploads I think I'll go pour myself a glass of Coke... Thanks for looking, Jake
  8. Beautiful build! Impressive scratchwork and nice job with the window frames.
  9. Beautiful! What all did you have to do to get the hood to sit so perfectly?
  10. Hi everyone, My first finished build of the year. Texas Terry was my favorite driver growing up and I've always loved the look of the Hagan cars and the pre-aerocoupe Monte Carlo SS body. This build is stock, with the exception of Chimneyville Decals. Overall, the kit was a nice, fun build. I used Tamiya rattle can for the body and chassis. I went for an early season red chassis because I like the bright interior. For the rest of the car, I used Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. My biggest issue was with the aftermarket decals, which peeled on the edges when applying clear. But it's going on the shelf and overall I'm fairly happy with it.
  11. Here's a photo of the Simone Museum's Ford. Not sure how period correct it is as this motors been rebuilt and is run regularly. This won't help with the bottom of the engine, but here's a great shot of the Thunderbird in the Ford Museum, which I would think is pretty closet period correct.
  12. Thanks Mike! I got this bottle at a HobbyTown I used to work at in Dallas. I was amazed how easily the paint went on and how well it took to touchups. I don't use much Vallejo anymore these days (the bottles make it hard to mix and I had issues with the paint stopping up my airbrush), but I would use them again for this project.
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Jake and I'm new to the forum. It's tough finding a good NASCAR model community so I'm really pleased to join y'all. Here are some photos of my first NASCAR build, which I finished about a year and a half ago. I started with a Jimmie Johnson Snaptite kit and was pretty impressed with it. I didn't do much modification, just some minor detailing here and there. I used (I think) Slixx decals for the Coke throwback and some extra hood pins I got from Mike's Decals. Paint was TS-8 for the red and Vallejo acrylics for the gold. I just started the Bobby Allison Coke Mercury Cyclone from Polar Lights and cannot wait to get the 2 cars side by side. Thanks for looking!
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