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  1. I think it's an imprint in the paint, so I guess a repaint is in order. It was rattle can stuff but went on beautifully, probably one of my better paint jobs.
  2. 24 hours or so, I was waiting for the paint to completely dry. It's very hot and humid where I am.
  3. I've used Tamiya masking tape but when I removed it it left an adhesive residue. I don't want to mar the paint so how can I remove the gluey residue without damaging the paint?
  4. I bought the kit already started but with some bits missing. I managed to make most of the missing parts though. It is a great kit, solid as, with very little flash.
  5. I'm building Revell's Alley Rat. The instructions suggest I put a supplied skull and crossbones decal on the chrome grille. Will the decal adhere to the chrome part? As it's a filled in grill there is lots of high points, how on earth am i going to get the decal to sit properly into all the nooks and crannies?
  6. Cool, did you extend the body yourself or purchase it like that?
  7. Can you post a photo when you finish it, great work otherwise
  8. Great model. How have you mounted the tray onto the chassis? Got any photos of how you did it?
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