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  1. Hey guys, I think I have picked out what I am going to do.
  2. Hey guys, thank you for the suggestions, I will look.
  3. Hey guys, where can I find a kit that has an ls in it. I have been looking for a while but have not had much luck. It really needs to be 20 dollars or less.
  4. Sorry for no update for a while. I just haven't had the time to do anything with the car but the body is complete, the interior is complete, and the motor is complete.
  5. In a couple of minutes I will show the rust a how it turned out.
  6. I guess because I love beetles so much I decided to do two in a row. I'm going to make this car rusty. My first attempt at doing this.
  7. I usually listen to car you tube channels such as Ricer Miata or haggard garage videos that I downloaded before they all got taken down. While i paint though I have to be focused.
  8. This is now finished and is currently pending in under glass and will Probaly be ready in a few minutes if you want to see it finished
  9. So I finished this simple fox body build. My next build will be more entertaining than this one for sure. Stay Tuned.
  10. It depends. I usually use paint can caps for a stand but since I did this at another house I didn't have any. From my experience if you move them around about an hour after you paint it it should fine.
  11. I'm new to the hobby. I've only done 4 models. I plan to post a whole lot more on this board soon. See you at the bench.
  12. For everyone that has asked what brand the paint is it is testors enamel.
  13. My mom had a super beetle as a first car so I decided to build a replica to the best of my ability. With what I had I think a did a ok job on it. I only have one picture of the car in progress and that is my profile picture so there won't be any in progress pictures.
  14. This beetle is a work in progress. Everything is being painted right now. Should be together soon.
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