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  1. Hi Dann, It cant be the time between painting and applying decals as it was weeks ago I painted it and there was some texture before applying the decals. I have googled it and I think it is because the paint needed to be thinner. Yeah, I am going to do some trials on scrap plastic next time, this is my first attempt so there is a learning curve as you say. The other parts came out without this texture so this helps narrow it down to the thinner/paint mix ratio. Should look a lot better with a clear coat on it. Thank you both for your comments.
  2. The primer was ok. You think there wasnt enough thinner in the paint?
  3. Yeah I'm not sure why. I primed the body and used a metallic colour to paint it with. It may be that, I dunno. Maybe someone will be able to shed light on it? I am going to put a finish on it so hope it looks smoother
  4. Made some progress and starting to put on some of the decals which I absolutely hate doing. I'm terrible at it but hope that I get better the more I do it.
  5. My absolute dream car is a 71 Cuda. Great job!
  6. I haven't been doing this hobby long but I took a few months of researching various things before I look the leap into it and bought my first airbrush and compressor. All the feedback I saw were very much along the line of that you get what you pay for, especially with the airbrush and that with cheap no name ones, they dont last very long. This and a lot of reviews on Amazon and YouTube made me spend that bit extra to get two items I am over the moon with and honestly can not fault. I have the Neo for Iwata Airbrush and Timbertech ABPST08 Compressor. All together they cost me £140. A lot of people recommend the Paasche gear which also gets very good write ups but is less available in the UK from trusted retailers. I know it can get a bit expensive for the initial outlay but I would definitely recommend spending that bit extra. I have tried painting some of the components with brushes and found the finish to be awful in comparison to airbrushing them so I stripped them back or went over them again with the Airbrush.
  7. Thanks man, I went with the colors in the guide with the exception of the body of the car. This is my first build so its a learning curve for me. Few things I would do differently next time like filling and sanding down the seams to make it look one piece. I'm excited to finish this and start my next one.
  8. Hi Guys, I am building an SS Chevelle and had to use masking tape on the rear bumper as there is small amount that requires painting the same color as the car. I never weakened the adhesion of the tape before applying it and now I have removed it I can see it has taken some of the chrome with it. Not a massive amount but enough to P**S me off. Anyone know how to fix this effectively? Thank you
  9. Nice kit, I'd be tempted to ditch the decals and spray my own paint job and maybe tie in the tricolore of Italy on the hood. Pagani were very good at it. Something like below
  10. Very nice indeed. Any plans to add some color n detail to the engine bay?
  11. I would be down for this in the future, still in the middle of my very first build. Once I have honed the craft I will definitely be up for it.
  12. Been a bit busy travelling for work but I have managed to make some progress on the engine. Hoping to make significant progress this weekend
  13. As I have gone with a metallic paint, do you guys think it will look strange with the stripe decals that have come with the kit as they arent metallic? Should I use them or try and spray my own with a metallic paint?
  14. Thank you very much, loving it so far. Thank you, I did quite a lot of research and watched a fair few videos. Advice from this forum has been very helpful too. I am a bit of a perfectionist and just like to make sure whatever I do is always to a high standard in anything really.
  15. I did think the same about the hose pointing at the user but then saw in picture 4 that it is just to show the hose pointed out of the window. I think the first picture is just to show the components in one view.
  16. Yeah I found out the need for a respirator pretty quickly. Absolutely murdered by throat! Do you mind me asking which booth you use?
  17. Are you using flammable thinners? What size would you recommend? Thank you
  18. Hi Guys, So i have just had my first session with my airbrush using Enamel oil based paints. I thinned these using regular white spirit from Walmart and used a trimmed cardboard box to do this in. I dont have a garage so I did this in my kitchen and its fair to say it stunk the place out with the fumes. I have seen that you can buy paint booths with extractors on the back, some with a hose to help with ventilation but some of the comments say that you shouldnt use them with anything that is flammable, i.e. white spirit that I have been using. Some of the comments say that they use them with spray can paints which are flammable and have no problems but I just wondered if anyone has any experience with these or any other suggestions? Thank you in advance. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01E2NLLGM?pf_rd_p=f20e70b1-67f9-48d1-8c78-ba616030b420&pf_rd_r=7H2H66PQCRY90Q8Q9JJJ https://www.amazon.co.uk/FLOUREON-Professional-Airbrush-Airbrushing-Extractor/dp/B00KXTDI7A/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=airbrush+paint+booth&qid=1579596133&sr=8-8
  19. That's nice of you to say considering it was my first ever time using an airbrush. The offer if there if you want them and any others. Just pay me back by donating to the next charity box you walk. I hosted used regular white spirit from Walmart.
  20. That roof in unbelievable man! Just WOW!!! I saw your comment that you used nail art decals from eBay. Were these like stencils that you just laid on and then sprayed over?
  21. Do you need to dilute the Splash colors? I have had a look at a few of their other colors and they are really nice and vibrant. Cant wait to see this build finished.
  22. Really? I didnt think it would be something you would struggle to get there. I can send you some if you like. They only cost £1.99 / tin here. I really dont mind if you want some sending. You dont have to pay me back either.
  23. Aaaaah I see what you mean. That makes sense. I will later these when doing the next one. Thank you both. I'm still learning
  24. My issue with red n black is that it feels a bit too generic. I mixed revell enamel paints 94 and 92. Two parts 94 to one part 92.
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