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  1. This build is wicked Awesome ! TCB, ADam
  2. Hey, roof chop looks fine .. ! Great work. TCB, Adam
  3. Nice color and engine detail !
  4. I had a Senna parked out front of our building last summer. My son and I went down and took some pics & videos. This will be a nice build ! TCB, Adam
  5. This is a nice kit. Good job !
  6. Nice color combo and the wheels are perfect for this era ! TCB, Adam
  7. Well, over the last few days, this was nagging me in the back of my mind. I always try to add the most (correct) detail that I can to my builds. The “B” seatbelts have been re-done and look more like the 60’s style quick-release racing seatbelts. The “A” seatbelts just ended up looking too stock. I will take them off and use them for the backseat. The picture below is what I used for reference and I have done a side by side comparison.
  8. Time to fasten up ! I have added the leather patch under the buckle to simulate what the racing harnesses had in the late 60’s. These belts were the quick fastener type, but this kit came with the PE ones you see above. Ordering ones online would have cost too much and take too long to arrive, currently.
  9. Looking for ways to add more detail to the dashboard. In figure A, I have added aluminum rings to enhance the bezels. In figure B, there are no aluminum rings. I have also added BMF to the tach & speedo gauges, which is noticeable from a side angle and top view.
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