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  1. This is going to be a nice Ride ! TCB, Adam
  2. Love the colors on this truck. The bed liner looks great ! Awesome !
  3. Hi Declan, Engine accessories can be found by " Parts by Parks" just google the name and you will find multiple after market wholesalers who carry his stuff. Wheels are from Brazil. Here is the link to Mr. Model: https://mrmodel.store/en/ Cheers! Adam
  4. I like those deep dish wheels !! TCB, Adam
  5. Hi David, Here is the link to an older post of my Cuda build. Go with the 2nd method that I used and drill out the whole headlight template and make a new one. You will have to cut the chrome dual headlight piece in half and sand away some plastic material, then glue them in from behind separately. You have good skills, so this should be not very challenging. Happy building ! Adam
  6. Love 37' Fords. Nice Build !!
  7. This is a Nice, Sharp lookin' Deuce !! TCB, Adam
  8. I built this kit. It went together nicely, except for the front & rear valance. I even corrected the notorious headlight gap in the front grille. It has a nice engine that is great for detailing ! Have Fun !
  9. JUST PRE-ORDERED 2 KITS !! This is gonna be one of my dream builds, right up there with the Eleanor Mustang !! TCB, Adam
  10. WOW ! Fantastic weathering !! TCB, Adam
  11. Thanks Anton. Working on the trunk hinges now.
  12. Great work so far on this build ! Adam
  13. Cut open the trunk. Now to work on filling in some of that gap and make a nice set of hinges. There is going to be a lot of goodies and detail inside !!
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