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  1. Iron Maiden airlines...what a trip! I don't build airplanes, but would buy that one coz of the decals! :-)
  2. OK, I need help...I'd like to rebuild Revell's 41 Willy's gasser(KS Pittman issue) into a 39 coupe. I just have no idea how I'm gonna redo that front end sheet metal??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! :-)
  3. Thanks Craig, I've seen that one...its OK, the headlights are way too big and stick out too far past the fenders. Would probably be better to scratch-build it?! I'm gonna keep searching though! :-)
  4. That's awesome! I wished it could be in 1/24th -1/25th...I'd love that!
  5. Dang John!!! I saw the real car in Auburn IN early this year...man, you nailed it! I love it!!!!
  6. Just a quick question... does anybody resin cast a 39 Willy's coupe???? Just looking for a different "look" for my next Willy's build, besides a 40-41 or 33.
  7. This is a Pinto pro stock...Competition Resin body...used some clear orange windows...parts box & Slixx decals...
  8. Been awhile since I've done a drag slot body...this is Revell's Sox & Martin's 70 Hemi 'Cuda done with Slixx decals- Don Grotheer . I painted the orange & white on the hood, roof, and trunk, but, like a dummy, I used the side panel decals and had a heck of a time with 'em...I should have masked & painted those too...
  9. First of all, thank you Bill, got the idea from Mig Jimenez and his magazine...The Weathering Magazine...water issue. That's funny about the registration numbers! I don't know anything about that stuff, I just looked at the box top on where to put 'em. I also darn near did an exact copy of an article in the Water issue. You can see the original one in issue 10, page 48, titled, Puddle Jumper. Of course the builder, Rick Lawler, makes mine look silly. But that's OK, coz this is the first time I've ever built anything like that!
  10. I used AMT's 57 Chevy Cameo pickup front I-beam suspension, right out of the kit, no alterations!
  11. Hey Brad, thanks man! I used a paint marker with a small tip
  12. I have those from slixx, it's in a different font. Actually, the lettering on the real one looks like bones
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you said EX!!!!! Thanks guys! All of the models I posted here, got me outta my build slump that I have been in for over a year!!!!
  14. My parts box! I'm not sure, I think it might have been from AMT's 70 Coronet pro street? Don't quote me on that, LOL ! Coz I'm not sure
  15. Thanks Ken...those are not decals...I had to free hand paint them...a little shaky, but looks good to me! The 1:1 car had teeth like that instead of a grill?!
  16. I don't have pics of the real car on my computer, just in my phone...don't know how to get those on here from there!? A few more pics
  17. I tried to duplicate a 41 Willys gasser that I saw in Byron Illinois at the Meltdown Drags...which is all nostalgic gassers, fuel altered, altered wheelbase, you know, the cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to scratch build the teeth, slap a 427 in it, shoot semi gloss black. Could not find ANY skeleton decals or "stickers" that would work for this build....I had to do them and the name free hand! Ugh! Not perfect but looks good to me!
  18. Thanks guys!!! That front end came from the 57 Chevy Cameo pickup kit. The paint is custom mixed from HOK powders with a base coat of Testers Nassau Blue. The powders were mixed in my clear coat then shot through the airbrush. The figure has a helmeted head from a Revell sprint car driver...body from a Prieser figure. G scale-1/22. I felt like Victor von Frankenstien...hacking him up and putting him back together....mmmuuuuyyaaaahhhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!! It's alive!! Oh shut up!! LOL!!!!
  19. Sixx

    Galaxies 48 Chevy

    Thanks guys! That color is Krylon Pistachio...If I remember right!
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