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  1. I’m calling it done, finally! It fought me and I made some mistakes, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I’ll take good pics and put it in “under glass” soon, along with the white WJ Cutlass I wrapped up last week.
  2. Looks fantastic, and this thread will help me on my next project, building my first scratch built chassis...
  3. The strip at the bottom of the windows came from a Slixx “goodies” sheet. The wire behind the window is just bent up piano wire. I drilled holes in the door and glued them in. They support the window and I used canopy glue on the bottom edge
  4. Sooooo close. Just a couple adjustments to the engine compartment tin, install the rear spoiler, and install headlights and this one is finished!
  5. Polished with no hiccups! Final assembly starts tonight, hopefully!
  6. Great looking build so far, can’t wait to see the end result! Can you show pics of what you did to the tubs? Also, I think you may have made the same mistake I did on my build of this car by extending the yellow too far down the hood. I ended up not having room for the “Levi Garrett” decal on the hood and had to leave it off. Maybe check that? I’d hate to see it happen to you too.
  7. Thanks for the compliments, guys, I’m really happy with the progress, finally...
  8. Clear went on with no difficulties, I’m on the home stretch now!
  9. Can’t do that...I used to be a painter, the finish is the most important part!
  10. You’re welcome! Glad I could help
  11. Decals done (again) ready for clear (again) hopefully it goes better this time! This car is so cool, can’t wait to have a finished model on my shelf.
  12. You’d think so, right? However, every pic I see of this car has the runners exposed, so I’m going to leave it that way.
  13. Those are the Moroso valve covers that come in the Camaro Pro Stock kit. I sanded the lettering off, painted them flat black, and used decals that come in the WJ sheet from Slixx.
  14. Ok. Chassis/stance is fixed, engine compartment tin is sorted out, and the chassis is basically done, waiting for the body. Silver and black are done, I’ll start decals tomorrow, hopefully.
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