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  1. Exactly! Top Sportsman, Quick 8, etc. there was an organization called USSC that had absolutely the coolest cars out there. I’ve built a couple from that era, and I have another in the queue...
  2. I can try to list them for you... front and rear bumpers narrowed and molded in. Front bumper is also mounted upside down. B Pillars added. Trunk opened. Hood resized, front portion of hood molded in.Grille area filled in, headlights molded in. Rear spoiler was scratch built, scoop is from the Jukebox Ford kit. there may be more...but that’s what I can think of!
  3. Testors Italian Red With automotive clear over it. Hope that helps!
  4. That thing is fantastic, love it!
  5. Heck no, you didn’t go too far...it looks like a great period-correct car!
  6. The yellow is paint (not a rich enough color, by the way, that bugs me about this build) and the scoop is from the Glidden Thunderbird kit.
  7. You will see a trend in my posts...LOTS of Pro Stock cars...LOTS of 80’s and 90’s cars... Reher and Morrison Camaro driven by Lee Sheppard. Basic build with Slixx decals and lowered to get the stance right. if you are building this kit and lowering it you can use the Jukebox Ford headers for more ground clearance.. I made a couple mistakes, not totally happy with it, but I love the car...
  8. This is the predecessor to the Jukebox Ford that Norm Wizner ran in the early days of Pro Mod. I started with a stock 57 Fairlane body (AMT?) and the Jukebox Ford kit. I heavily modified the body. Opened doors, filled the grille opening, molded in bumpers, added B pillars, on and on and on, I honestly don’t remember everything, I started on this build 20+ years ago! I drew up the logo, and had a friend create the Decals from that artwork. The stripes are airbrushed on, as is the grille. It irritates me and frustrates me, so it gets put away from time to time, but I’m Son the homestretch now...
  9. The rear is easy, I just shorten the shocks. It’s a little trickier in the front, I cut the spindle off and move it up higher on the strut.
  10. I’m nearly done with the second red and white car, it’s just waiting on clear and final assembly.
  11. I’ll post more, I don’t have great pictures, So I’ll have to take some...and I’ll do a WIP on two of them tomorrow.
  12. You and me both...I’m on the verge of finishing two more of his Thunderbirds and I’ll have all six... I also have a Probe that I build years ago that I’m redoing, a Mustang II waiting for clear, and a 68 Fastback almost ready for paint. Oh, and his Firebird he briefly drove for Steve Schmidt...
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