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  1. Polished and ready for final assembly...
  2. Really hard to see in pics on a white car, but the paint and polish came out great, I’m really happy with it! Foil, windows, and “final” assembly are next. It’ll sit on the shelf until I get the engine done, then I’ll dive back in. I guess it’s a curbside fir now...
  3. Thank you!! I needed a good reference photo. I bought a resin engine and I’ll be starting on that as soon as it gets here.
  4. Yeah...I’m not sure, the kit engine is so terrible, but I might just make the best of it, I’ll just need to find some Small Block Moroso valve covers.
  5. Clear went on without an issue, now I just need to let it cure, then polish and assembly. Such a fantastic looking car, I’m glad Slixx came out with decals...
  6. Ready for clear...that’ll happen this afternoon, it’s going to be warm and perfect. I’m fortunate that I’m not suffering through the freakish cold and weather some of you undoubtedly are... the interior is pretty basic. I still need to make a shifter handle, but it’s basically done. I can not believe I missed the mold marks in the very back, but it’s probably too late now. I’m going to try and fab something to cover in foil and put back there, but I may just live with it.
  7. Yes, I stripped the chrome and used metalizer aluminum, which I polished with q-tips
  8. Oh! And it’s a small block car but the kit came with Big block valve covers!
  9. I was SO excited to see this reissued...but wow what a terrible kit it is! Body is nice, and the updated tires are pretty cool...but that’s it. Suspension is nonexistent, the engine compartment is rudimentary at best. That being said, I’m SO excited to have a Grumpy car on my shelf! I did not use the kit decals for the red panels, I painted them instead. I also have decals to do his 83-ish Camaro, maybe I’ll do that next!
  10. I swore I wouldn’t do anything super detailed again after I did the MegaFord, but I HAVE to put some extra effort into this one... I’m doing it in bits and pieces, I usually get in a rush, so I’m trying to avoid that! valve covers with Alclad chrome (my first time using it, I think I didn’t do enough prep) and detail master wing bolts. I took the out-of-the-box intake and hollowed it out to look more realistic. painted and decaled the oil pan painted the block Next thing I think I’ll do is mock up the cage so I can build an engine plate
  11. Definitely following this...I need to watch a chassis being built, I’ve never done that and I need to learn!
  12. Yeah, I was hoping to go through this without anyone noticing that! I’m embarrassed that I did that, it’s on the list of things I’m glad I get to fix...great pic, by the way, wish I’d had that when I was first starting the project, didn’t know it had Willie’s trademark gold tin...
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