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  1. Penguins87 - Of the (10) race cars I've seen in IMSA and PWC, the roll cage interior parts of each car have been white. Each team's wiring, drink bottle, cool suit, and other set-up is a bit different, but the location of the 'hard' parts is generally the same.
  2. Finally starting my Mustang GT4 builds – thought I’d share a few detail pics of the actual race cars from a few events I’ve attended. I found a few of these pics helpful in determining what’s carbon, what’s not, fine details, etc… for those are are sticklers and OCD on replica builds!
  3. Yeah - here's a few shots of how the model comes from Top Speed. In the decal removal process, salvaged most of the main livery and paint (light blue and red), then touched up, painted the mirrors and made covers for the left side fuel connection and air jack, added the roof camera pod, and decaled according to how it ran in IMSA at the Sahlen's Six Hours. The models are light on the finer details from Top Speed like grill and extractor vent details and the tires and wheels.
  4. Thanks guys - was a fun conversion. In my attempts to match the car and livery exactly to how it ran at the Glen in 2019 based on my pictures, I had to go back and forth a bunch with the little details. Modelling OCD, haha. I appreciate you looking!
  5. Finished up this project I’ve been working on for a little while. Took the 1/18 scale Top Speed 2019 Ford GT model and converted it to as close of an exact replica of the 2019 Six hours of the Glen. Removed all of the WEC Le Mans decals and livery pieces. Whatever setting solution Top Speed uses is good stuff! I found after struggling for a while with removing some of the decals that De-Solv-It actually worked the best without harming the paint. Almost all of the decals I installed, ~81 in total, I created in GIMP & Corel and had printed by Highball Graphics. Pretty pleased with the end result!
  6. Great looking build. Those detail up wheels really bring your build together - fantastic!
  7. Thank you guys. I'm quite the stickler for being as replica accurate as possible. Spent far too much time pouring over my race pics for color and decal location!
  8. Not really a WIP anymore as it's finished, but thought I'd post a few pics of my GT350R-C diecast transformation. Started out as a Newray GT350R diecast. Disassembled, sanded, primed, and painted the body, then masked the stripes. Used Gravity Colors USA for all paint and clear. Really happy with how their paint lays down. Decals, I custom made most of them. A few Indycals from the 2018 #15 GT4 car. New diecast: Disassembled, stripped and sanded: Primed and white paint applied, masked for stripes. Ended up doing the stripes twice as the center width was too wide and the original green was far too dark. Green stripes applied: Black accents added along with the doors and mirror paint, prior to clear: Decals applied and mock up with the stock wheels and undercarriage: Tires & Wheels. Really struggled trying to find the perfect BBS wheels to match the ones used by Multimatic Motorsports. Used these BBS wheels from the Revell C7R kit. Assembled everything, added antennas, the quick air jack, front/rear tow hooks, brakes, and final touches! Thanks for checking it out!
  9. Finished up a model, or diecast transformation that's been on my to-do since 2016! Started out as a Newray GT350R in blue with black stripes and red pinstriping. Livery pays tribute to the 2016 IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Grand Sport Champions, #15 Multimatic Motorsports GT350R-C driven by Scott Maxwell and Billy Johnson. The Mustang GT4 is largely based on the GT350R-C platform. She's not perfect but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Will post the build process in the WIP forum. Thanks for checking it out!
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