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  1. Recently (December-ish) I sold my first car. I almost miss the piece of junk, only got to drive her once though. This was one of the reasons I actually want to apply for an automotive course in a college. I fiddled around with her engine for a bit, before realizing that her problem was more than I could do myself or afford. Sadly, she was sold, got almost nothing for her but the experience I gained was worth more than I could have sold for. She was a 1986 Dodge 600 with a 2.2 inline 4 front wheel drive pile of garbage under the hood. Had one horrid engine, but loved the car nonetheless. But I digress, this is the car, and me with said car. I really wish there were a model of this car out there. Let me know if there is, because I would LOVE one. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hm alright, well I will look out on your future builds should you do one with that technique. Thanks for the tip anyway!
  3. Oh do you have a link to the build (if it is on here)?
  4. Hmm alright, Thanks for the tips you guys! I do have an airbrush, I am just not particularly good with it. However, I have seen other people use salt to do rust and scratches, and they used an airbrush to lay light paint coats ontop of that. Maybe I will try that alongside the pastels and the lighter colours on the high points.
  5. Hello! I have questions, and I do not know where to ask them, so I think here is as safe as possible. I want to do a Plymouth GTX (my fav car) as a dusty old heap. I want to do a yellow like the picture below, but I have only done one old car, which was a version of Christine from the beginning of the movie. If anyone has any hints and tips that would be amazing! (PS I would rather not use an airbrush, I am not particularly comfortable with it yet, and I cannot find a GTX for cheap near me so messing up would be very upsetting...) Thanks everyone! Love this forum
  6. I defer to the more experienced judgments. Thank you!
  7. Ah no worries! That could be it. I don't mind though, I may try a flat coat then do the foil then gloss. Maybe it didn't like the paint? I did the paint, then foil, then gloss because I used automotive polish to make it shine, and I didn't want to rub off any of the foil. Maybe the paint was just not compatible to the foil? Is that something that happens? But maybe it is just simply because its the edge.
  8. Hmm... perhaps it is. I got it only a month ago though, so I don't know. Maybe it was just the back of shelf one. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thank you all! As for the foil, I will watch some more youtubes on them. I had watched a few, but I honestly didn't understand them much. I learn better from doing, not watching so I agree that practice should help. I should not have been so quick to cast it out of skills to use. I would like to try the Molotov pens though, they look like fun. It is nice to hear that I am not the only one who has had the tribulations around this product. However, I still have the problem of the foil not wanting to stay stuck. It seems to come off anytime I touch it with a blade (even new ones). Anyone know of any solutions to that?
  10. Ah thank you! To be honest, its not my first car, but it was the first car I used an airbrush on and the first I have ever made for someone other than myself. I have a few others that are hot trash, but I am learning. However, I am still really new to the hobby so your comments are much appreciated! That is a good tip for the wheels, I haven't heard of that before. Edit: I do apologize for my rather unclear language in my first post, I had no means to deceive anyone on my level of ability. For anyone else reading my posts here, I would like to clarify, this is the first model I have posted here, and my first client oriented build. Again, I would like to say thank you for the comments!
  11. I will try to get some more pictures out of the person I gave it to. I bugged them last night for these ones, because I forgot to document it while I worked... oops.
  12. Thanks! How do you mean mask around the area? Do you put the foil on top of tape? I find that the foil does not like to stick to anything...
  13. Thanks for your comments! As for the colour keyed mags, it was actually a case of not wanting to use the chrome wheels because I thought they looked weird (very toy like). I wanted to do white wheels because of the white interior, but the turquoise looked better in my opinion. The model isn't any replication of anything, I just asked for colours that the person wanted, and worked off of that. A lot of it was just out of my head, and what I had available. IF I owned a camaro, I wouldn't mind it being that colour though...
  14. Hello! This is my first post of any of my models on this site, so be advised: Noob alert! I made this car for someone, the first time anyone has ever ASKED me to do a car, so this was actually pretty fun. The decals that came with the kit were AWFUL so I didn't use them. The colour is Mission Models Iridescent Turquoise. Note: I have never ever used bare metal foil before, and I do not like it. It was good to try, but I will never be touching it again.
  15. Dang it, I really wanted those calipers for the car. Well nothing I can do about it then. Thanks so much for the info guys!
  16. Well thank you for replying! I really didn't plan on making anything particularly accurate, so I am ok with having the wrong distributor. I am glad you told me about that top piece, I was considering just going without it, but it actually makes sense to me now. Apologies for my incorrect usage of words as well. Thanks for the tips
  17. Hello, I recently got a set of brake calipers for my 1968 Camaro z28. I also ordered the spark wire and distributor set from Morgan Automotive Detailing. Neither of these came with instructions, so I have no clue what I am meant to do with them. I understand where they go, but for the discs/calipers they seem huge and don't really fit on anything behind the wheels. The spark set has multiple parts for the distributor, one of which I just cannot identify. It has the actual distributor, its rod and the spark plug boot material, but then this other small piece that doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Hopefully someone here can help me out? Thank you, That extra red piece is what I am confused about
  18. Ha! I am moving to ns soon.... hehhe Thanks for the welcome all!
  19. That's a cute engine! Good job. I like the colour choices, and the spark plugs in of themselves are nice.
  20. Oh boy... that does sound like an interesting experiment to try out. Thanks for the welcome!
  21. I appreciate that! Although, I have never much followed the instructions anyway... Driving is on the right side. I never got to the point of driving, as I moved when I was younger.
  22. Hello! Brand new to this forum! I have searched through a lot of the WIP and I really really enjoy looking at all the awesome and creative builds you guys do here! Hopefully I can add some of my own stuff onto here eventually (when my skills are ripe enough). A little info about me: I recently owned a 1986 Dodge 600 (2.2l) I am a younger guy, so I do not have the first hand experience with a lot of older cars that a lot of people here do. I do want to get into REAL mechanics sometime soon, and honestly modelling cars has really helped me understand engines more than I had before. I actually started off doing aircraft models, but my focus now is Sci Fi and cars. (Big trekkie). I used to live in Australia, I now reside in Canada. I am excited to get to post some of my stuff, and even just get to know the group! Thanks for reading, Cheers,
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