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  1. Thanks for the heads up on that! Gonna have to go to Books a Million later.
  2. Awesome! I'm really looking forward to this one. By the way, I love you website, very cool! Cheers, Greg
  3. Looks pretty cool to me. Maybe an American Iron road racer next? Too bad they don't do parts packs anymore, a sprue or two of stuff from the Ford Racing catolog would be sweet (to include the 2300k 5 lug conversion and some '95 cobra r wheels). With the right parts, it could be useful with their SN95 and New edge kits too..... Regardless, good job Revell. Cheers, Greg
  4. Old school is looking good. Revell's black widow wasn't perfect, but a great start, and the 57 ford is sweet. I hear the hudsons are great, and I have the Flock 300. R2's 65 galaxie is to be followed by 71 mercury and Laguna s3. Hopefully more to follow. I feel bad for the guys who want current stuff. Unless nascar and others become more reasonable, resin will be the only choice (and diecast). On the good side, they'd only have to tool up one version for the most part. The differences are in the stickers! Still gonna root for the Wood brothers till the end anyways.......
  5. Since both of these versions were raced in Nascar, the topic has come up over at Randy Ayer's nascar modeling forum. According to a few gentleman over there, the fairlane and custom were two different wheelbases. They are pretty darn knowledgeable over there, and one of the moderators (Tom M) is combining the kits in a build. If I remember right, in one of the threads, there was factory literature to back it up. Regardless, both are great looking cars. I haven't built the revell yet, but it is in my stash (to include the Fireball Robert's version), and I plan to re-do the AMT too (my first was a glue bomb way back in the day). Cheers, Greg
  6. Awesome! I never thought they'd put one out in plastic, and at a fraction of the cost of resin to boot. I just got the "gulf" version in the mail today. I like the door options too. Cheers, Greg
  7. AAR=awesome! Cool about the AMT tires fitting too, thanks Tim! Cheers, Greg
  8. Thanks Tim! Very cool. I had faith in Revell, and I will certainly be buying a few. I am very enthused by the interior with seperate back seat. Much easier to make a racecar! Plus, I have some wheels and drag 500's, slixx decals, waiting for the 70 Sox and Martin....... Thanks again Tim. Cheers, Greg
  9. Hello guys, I hope all of you had a great Christmas. I am at a holding point till I can paint the headers, and the body. Here is a shot of the dash. I like how it came out. Cheers, Greg
  10. Thanks Eric, now I know what to look for. That is a nice looking stang. Cheers, Greg
  11. Hey guys, I like that cafe racer body. Looks good, which kit is that? I would like to make an American Iron racer at some point, and that looks like a good starting point for it. The Roush racer looks good Tony. I should get back to work on mine tomorrow. For the life of me, I can't find the seat belt set that has the Simpson logos. I did find a lot of cool stuff digging through my stash looking for it though, including a black window net set. That ought to work out better than the plastic one for interior visibilty, since it will folded down. Unless, of course the interior looks like ######, net up! Cheers, Greg
  12. Dang! That is looking good Tony. I am a bit behind you on mine. I am getting there, slowly, but surely. Cheers, Greg
  13. Hello Niko, I would like to join. I have a Tamiya Sauber Mercedes C9 from LeMans 89 that I would like to enter. Thanks for hosting this, and giving plenty of time. Cheers, Greg
  14. Glad to see they finally made a Community Build section. I apologize for my absence. I got frustrated with some of the problems I was having ( with the kit), and put the stang on the back burner. It is back in the mix again (along with 5 airplanes for group builds on finescale.com). Since I am not building a race specific car, I am using artistic license on some of the colors. I am going more on research photos than the directions. The body is waiting on another coat of primer. I've gotten some more bits and pieces done since I took these photos. I had to add shocks and reservoirs up front, and I am going to add some brakes from a C5-R. I really like what everyone is up to. I hope I can catch up! Cheers, Greg
  15. Well, I think I found a solution to my problem. It appears that the roll cage is the same in the "whistler" kit as in the Revell Trans Am Camaro. I have an old Rain-X Camaro that I stripped the parts from. It was one of those "new in the box" ebay buys. What they meant to say was "body painted purple, and decals ruined". Now it finally has a purpose. This turned out to be a darn negative sounding post. Sorry. I am glad to be back in business. Hopefully some progress pics this week. Cheers, Greg
  16. Bad news!!! After stripping the paint on my frame and chasis, I left it out to dry. Unfortunately, one of my co-workers (I did this at work) decided to smash the frame and roll cage with a racketball racket. I will have to figure something out, besides kicking somebody's rear, that is. It is way too destroyed to use. I have other Foxes, including racers, so I will start again. Greg
  17. Hey guys, I haven't done much lately, positive anyways. I tried to cut corners and used a rattle can on a hot humid day (every day here) to lay down a base for a bunch of alclad needing parts. The parts look horrible to say the least. I've got a lot of sanding and stripping to do. A Gulf scheme? How cool! Looking forward to that. Whale, you are amazing. Great progress! Cheers, Greg
  18. I now have a pink stang. I sprayed white primer on the red plastic, and wah lah, I have a pink car. Surface prep, and modifying parts have kept me pretty busy. Moving in the right direction, though. Cheers, Greg
  19. I can't remember if it was MM&FF or 5.0 mag, but one of them had a chilli pepper red SVO as a project car. It was a short lived series, but cool, none the less. Depite my issues with red plastic, I'd probably paint it red anyways. It was a great looking car. The S197 wheel offset works well with the Fox, so they put the take-off bullits, and the optional '06 wheel (the one that comes in the Revell '06 kit) on it. They looked real good. The option wheel looks better on the SVO than on the S197 it came off of. That gave me some inspiration for building one. I think when I get to it I'll build it like I would build that project car. Upgraded turbo and intercooler, coil overs, tubular rear control arms, full length sub frame connectors, maximum motorsports type stuff, and etc etc. Darn, there I go daydreaming. Cheers, Greg
  20. You are a glutton for punishment Tony! I love the old Revell and Monogram cars, but hate the colored plastic. The SVO is a pretty cool car. When they re-release that kit later this year (supposedly), I am going to pick one up. It'll be more expensive, of course, but it won't be red. I look forward to seeing both of your builds. It looks like this Community Build is going to have a lot interesting stuff. Cheers, Greg
  21. Hello, slow going so far. I've been spending quite a bit of time on just trying to clean up the parts. The hideous red plastic has moderate amount of flash, but the mold lines are frequent and prominent! I am still kind of in the planning stages too, trying to figure out the level of modification I am going to. I should have some photographable progress in the next few days (hopefully). I hope everybody has a safe and festive Independence Day weekend. Greg
  22. Hello all, I'm finally going to get going on this. I chose the Revell Whistler Mustang. A nice bunch of RED plastic, and I mean RED! I'm not sure how much after-market I'm going to use, but at least seat belts, wiring plumbing and a few odds and ends. Regardless, I'm not going to go crazy with it. Cheers, Greg
  23. I just read about this in the San Antonio paper. Unbleivable! Just an hour and a half away! To the naysayers, yes Texas heat is bad, but spring here is awesome most years. The area is beautiful, and it is within a few hours of 3 of the ten largest cities in America. Not to mention all the rich Mexican nationals that come up here all of the time. The course is being specifically built for F1, so I'm sure it will fare better than a roval or a parking lot. I hardly ever post here anymore, and all the glass is half emptiness of this place reminded me why. USGP Austin will be great. Cheers, Greg
  24. Bravo Moebius! I don't know about the Chrysler, but I think the Hudson will be a big success. It seems that everytime I read a "most wanted" magazine poll, the Hornet always does really well. My usual subject matter isn't even close to a Hornet, but I will buy at least one. The Hornet, in my eyes at least, is much more interesting than a Galaxie Chevy. For one, it has a race pedigree. It is also a unique part of American automobilia. No offense, the Galaxies are nice, but to me they are just another old car. As for the PL kits, at least they tried. And they covered much wanted subject matter that was much cheaper than resin, and easier to work with! Last time I looked, they seem to fetch good prices on ebay. By the way, thank you for all the good info guys.
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