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  1. JoshaWaRX added a topic in Under Glass   

    '69 Yenko Camaro
    Well Guys shes finally done. Here are a couple shots of her out in the sun and a couple shots in the photo box.

    Thanks for lookin!
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  2. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Yenko Camaro Wip   

    Here are a couple shots of the body. I have a coat of clear down as well as the decals applied.

  3. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Yenko Camaro Wip   

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Heres a couple shots of the body, post BMF and Pre-clear. Took me a couple hours but I am getting a little better at doing it. (This being my first BMF job)

  4. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Yenko Camaro Wip   

    Small update:

    I got the coats of Orange on the body. The can sputtered a bit (Model Masters Rattle can) and I have some rough spots to finish up.

    I also have to do something about the Camaro emblems on the body and hood.

  5. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Yenko Camaro Wip   

    That is a very sad story indeed!

    As for the color, I plan on going with Huggar Orange. I haven't decided if I want to go with the white decals or the black, but since the interior is black I may go that way.

    Also one quick question, Where would I find a set of rims/tires that would make this look a little more authentic...more like the ones on your Camaro.
  6. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    I've used DOT-3 with great success. At wally world you can get their super-tech brand pretty cheap and it works very well. It doesn't give off too strong of a smell but I would still recommend using in a ventilated area. Also if you go the brake fluid route, wear plastic gloves, or else it will dry your skin out something fierce.
  7. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Yenko Camaro Wip   

    I also have the majority of the interior tub done. It is painted in Dupli-color flat black and highlighted with Tamiya smoke.
    Here are a couple pictures:

  8. JoshaWaRX added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Yenko Camaro Wip
    I have a pretty good start on my Camaro so I might as well get a few pictures together for this WIP.

    The fist couple here just of the engine.

    I had a few problems with the headers and their placement, but that has been fixed and the motor mounted into the chassis with a bit of fuss.
    Here are a couple shots of what I have done on the Chassis, the motor is mounted and the suspension and exhaust are also painted and mounted up.

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  9. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic What Do You Do First?   

    I build the engine first followed by the chassis. Then once I have a completed rolling chassis I move onto the interior and lastly finishing.

    I do the body work here and there throughout the entire build, and then usually finish it up last. I do this so that I can take advantage of what mother nature gives me.
  10. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic Don't You Hate It When..   

    I just had one of my front shocks fall from my tweezers. After a very extensive search, I discovered that the shock has actually fallen into the printer sitting under my desk.
  11. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic When To Apply Bmf?   

    What do you use to rub off the paint/primer without damaging the BMF?
  12. JoshaWaRX added a post in a topic '66 Shelby Mustang 350h   

    Thanks guys. I really learned a lot with this build and will be sharpening my skills with my next build.
  13. JoshaWaRX added a topic in Under Glass   

    '66 Shelby Mustang 350h
    Here is my very first kit, all done and completed!
    This is Revell's Motor city Muscle Shelby Mustang 350H kit, and it went together pretty nicely.

    One thing you may notice is the chrome trim is missing around the windows. This is because I had no idea what BMF was when I started it. Anyway on to the pics.

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  14. JoshaWaRX added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Shelby Mustang 350
    This is my first ever build. I am still working on finishing it up but I have some pictures from various parts of the build.

    And heres the 3 stages of painting the body

    I'm still working on wet sanding and polishing some of the imperfections in the clear coat.

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  15. JoshaWaRX added a topic in General   

    Hello All
    Hello Guys,

    I've been a guest on the site for a couple weeks and decided to go ahead and join.
    I suppose I should at least give a little background info, so here goes. I am currently attending classes in Wisconsin and am working on a General Business Administration degree. I recently became a parent for the first time and now have plenty of time at home (rather than out on the town ). I have only been modeling for the better part of two months, but I am totally hooked.

    I am currently working on:
    '66 Shelby Mustang - Hertz Edition
    #99 Exide - Ford Taurus Nascar
    '05 C6 Corvette

    Ill get a couple of pictures together and get them posted in the near future.

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