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  1. no greg you didnt miss anything. this was in reference to his previous comments.
  2. nothing negative about wondering where all of our hard work went. as far as being negative you might clean off your bench before trying to clean mine. if thats the case then why are people doing suspension work and tubbing the interior? same reason i did what i did, to tie it all together. as for the 8 month delay, no progress has been posted. this build is following the exact path as the first snoball.
  3. Its kinda funny ,Jason how you have been putting me on a "list" but wont reply to my comment. I dont see where i did anything out of line, especially seeing you ask for more people to finish the body work. almost makes me wish I didnt have a part in the build after the way you have been treating/acting towards this build and everyone involved with it. I know what we can do, Lets get it all boxed up and send it to jason to finish... seems like what he has wanted from the start. that way we wont have to listen to all the attitude and whining from him.
  4. I got the f150 cab and int. in a trade. minus the bed and a bunch of other things. thanks for the comp's and comments.
  5. for a mazda all you would need is to fab up a grille/facia and the bed sides. my 1:1 ranger http://memimage.cardomain.com/ride_images/1/985/561/2460280190_large.jpg
  6. 80's Bronco and 90's f150 baking soda mud. just for fun.
  7. also the clear twist ties they use to secure new toys into the packaging, makes great oil lines. I get to stock up every xmas. also great vent/fuel line also pcv/ crankcase evac line/tube. flexible, paintable I love this stuff. almost wish i could get it by the spool.
  8. Looking "real" good there Rom! Waiting on your next progress report.
  9. Realistically, i only did some bodywork. Like I was assigned. Then you wonder why ppl are or have lost interest in this build. Great attitude to have.
  10. wow! I thought this one melted. LOL! nice to see it again.
  11. Any updates on this? seeems like a lot of wasted work for some of us?
  12. or you could just turn down your air pressure a tad and maybe get a little closer to your subject while painting?
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