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  1. Decals, cool decals. Beside the sponsor decals for racing most the decals suck that come with the kits. Real nice flames not the hokey piles you get most times. Not to sound negative but the decals are my biggest gripe:) Hopefully, AMT reproduces some original ones for the old kits. Happy otherwise, well maybe somehow produce the chrome with out damage where you remove it from the trees RW
  2. I have always had the best luck with using Duplicolor white primer with the White Lightning. It took a couple of tries to shoot this color and make it look good. Very light mist coats and 1 semi heavy. When its cleared it looks awesome.Don't spray with a heavy finger, its hard to see your coverage. Once you get it figured out it looks as good as the other One Coat colors. It's a great lineup of paint. I wish they would release a few more colors Randy
  3. I looked at the box art again and noticed at least they would be pretty distinct in a box of tires .. thats if they actually match the box.
  4. Would anyone here be able to post a picture ( close up) of the tires found in this kit. I have two of the kits that were purchased in a mixed up collection. I'm not sure what I'm looking for exactly. The artwork/picture shows some kind of Goodyear tires I think. I'm not so sure Doyusha had anything but generic tires in those kits. I know its not a really common but I know there are some really sharp people here with thier knowledge of vintage kits. Thanks for your info guys Randy Webster/fanofratfink
  5. That is really nice looking. You have to like those big old Buicks with all the chrome and fins
  6. Steve That website is put together by Bob Black here in Omaha. At one time I gave him a crapload of old instructions/box covers to scan. He also has the cool Traditional rod & custom website/forum Randy
  7. Very,very cool. I will be watching this post till the end. Maybe go pick one of these up?
  8. Tim and Darin A BIG thanks for all your info and to Tim... Thanks for all the great pics. Randy
  9. Alright folks thats the same picture i was going by. Heres my question. I) Those chrome wire wheels: are they found in any other AMT kit possibly another one of thier T-buckets? I am missing one inner rim half. The front tires could be easily scrounged up from a dragster kit I assume. The rear rims look? like steel slots. And if they are those can be found in another issue of the touring car along with that Frontenac 4 cylinder. 2) Are those any particular brand or a no name slicks on the back. My build up has skinny pie cut slicks with steelie rims on it- may I asume the rear tires are the correct ones? What I want to accomplish is replicate the above box art. Just trying to get as close aspossible. If my first post confused you I apologize for not being clearer in my writing. That happens when you work 11 straight days at ten hours a day.
  10. Hello everyone I just picked up the old Amt double kit in the mentioned topic title. Does anyone here happen to know if the front chrome rims for the hotrod version of the touring tub can be found in any later AMT kits? I know the back rims (chrome slots? Right?) can be found in other t kits along with the hotrod tub racing 4 cylinder parts. The rear tires on my build up are a set of piecrust tires. Are these correct rear tires for the hotrod T? Thank you for any info you can reply or PM with. Randy Oh by the way I dont have the box so I cant really see anything on the rear tire rim combo. I found a few pics online but none to clear to see what I'm looking for
  11. Nothing but good things to say about Steve at Star Models!! I live a short drive away from him here in Omaha and go hang out at his place everynow and then. I see nothing but AAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++ customer service when I'm there. No ones more honest in his product descriptions.
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