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  1. azscotty added a post in a topic AMT 68 El Camino   

    The Air Force El Caminos were in fact 1968 SS 396 cars. They were painted the Air Force standard Blue paint (yes it was a shiny paint job), and the white roof came later here in Arizona to keep the car a bit cooler in the sun, as they didn't have any AC in them. They were always kept really clean, and always looked nice.  They later had a an RV style roof AC unit added to them. Visibility had nothing to do with the roof being painted. Here is a good Black and White picture of one that was in Viet Nam back in the 70's. This picture was taken by the guy who took care of the car while he was there with it. They used these up until around 1973 or 74 when they got the newer body style El Caminos when they left Tucson, AZ, and moved out to CA. The last few pictures are from a yearbook that was done for the 100th SRW wing at Tucson, AZ shut down in 1976, when the wing moved the U2's out to Beal AFB in California. I worked with the wing in Arizona from 1971 until we shut down in 76 after the war ended. 

  2. azscotty added a post in a topic Looking for '69 Chevelle hood   

    Where did you find one ??? I've been looking for one too .