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  1. 32 minutes ago, alan barton said:

    Love it!  Nice to see a channelled car without a "broken" chassis for a change!  I have a spare 1/8th scale Deuce waiting for exactly this approach.  The scoop is sharp also - I don't recognise that part!



    Thanks! The scoop was for the 6 carb setup on the exterminator dragster.

  2. 1 hour ago, Mr. Metallic said:

    I think they look great. 

    That's one sweet little hot rod you have their, even though it's a little bigger than most of us are used to. Did you follow along the channeling how-to from the first 2 issues on R+C Models or just do your own thing?

    The Big D, well played 🤭 

    Thanks.  I just went with what I know from being a car guy. It's all pretty obvious when you get into it. 

  3. I stripped the chrome skull shifter to find swirly recycled plastic underneath. I convinced myself that it looked like woodgrain and gave it a coat of rust tinted Detailer. Ill take the shine down with semi gloss.  Since it's a t-bucket I thought a nod to Norm Grabowski would make a nice Easter egg. In addition to his rodding contributions, he was a talented woodcarver. His exotic wood skull shifters are pretty pricey





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  4. On 7/12/2022 at 7:42 AM, espo said:

    Great looking paint finish. I like the blue dot taillights and the quick change rearend. Think about scuffing the tread on the slicks?


    They're scuffed. The Lindberg slicks are a different plastic, PVC, I don't know. But they don't sand worth a damn. I rounded the shoulders slightly and flat cleared them, too.

  5. 10 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

    Very nice 57. I like the color and the theme. Is this the Atlantis body? Do the doors open? Is the blower belt separate or is the while lettering on it a decal?

    Thanks. No, the Atlantis kit is a little rough. I was seeing more things that needed work than I wanted to deal with.  It  was not the best 57 kit when it was new.  Mine is the Black Widow 150 with the straight axle from the Atlantis kit. It's a solid body. The motor is the from the AMT 37 Chevy. Standard model car blower drive, one piece belt and pulleys with a decal on the belt.

    The shackles on the rear and the trunk decal, that I painted over, are the only other things from the Atlantis box.

  6. 1701922192_IMG_20220518_0510363.jpg.1200a483db2b86f80adf097f8cc8e2c3.jpg It started as the gasser version of the new Atlantis 57 Chevy release. After a parts vault search, it turned into the Black Widow with the suspension from the Atlantis kit. Plus the BBC from AMT's 37 Chevy.





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  7. The rest of it. The bumpers and windshield are missing too. If I can find the doors and hood, I can bring it back. Color matching is most of the issue if I can't. It's Testor's Silver Blue Met but this many batches later and who knows about matching. The bumpers were painted body color but I'd leave them chrome this time.


  8. This is the first issue of the Revell  Chevelle, a combination of both both versions. I haven't found the doors and hood yet. Restore? Yes, I should. It was a nice piece when it was fresh, but many years and moves since and . . .

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