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  1. I bought this a looooong time ago. Pre internet so I was using the instruction paint guide. Started it when my skills were pretty basic. I thought I could do it. I was wrong. So it has been partially built and the taken apart to paint correctly. This time, I got it out and evaluated. Decided to just carry on with what I had started instead of trying to repaint the entire unibody. I was missing some rear suspension parts also. In the photos, I forgot the side mirror and exhaust tip. I'll do those later but this is pretty much it. It's ROUGH. But looks okay from a distance. Doesn't really for work my current collection, so not sure it will even get displayed for very long. If building an EM kit now, take advantage of the internet to get your paint correct. And take your time. Lots of parts that have to go together correctly for it to all work. Be patient. It's rough but it's done.
  2. Here's a thought for you guy contemplating working hood hinges. Find a junker diecast from one of the mints or better diecast company and make those work. They are prebuilt. I haven't taken one of these diecasts apart, but they have some beautiful working scissor hinges.
  3. Yes, unfortunately stuff like that happens. Welcome to the board. This one might be a candidate fo the "purple pond" for a stripping and staring over on the body paint. I have two in the bath now trying to get them back to bare plastic. And I've been doing this for like 45 years. Sometimes it just happens. HPI GUY has a good video on you tube about spray painting with cheap paints.
  4. I've built that kit - builds up nicely. I also have three of the color variations of the Franklin Mint diecast - my wife's favorite diecast I think. Good luck with the build - should be spectacular when finished.
  5. Grumpy's Toys were such a big thing when I was a kid. I may do this one right out of the box. I know there will be inaccuracies and lack of details, but it will be a tribute to my childhood models and HotRod magazines.
  6. That would be cool. And a great little day trip for us. And there are a LOT of modelers in that area that could probably produce a whole field or more of cars. I know it's about more than the models though. CT was definitely an interesting character.
  7. Been a long time - not sure if I knew that or not. Was a nice kit for certain though. I built it and the Satco/aoshima 4Runner and Pathfinder as well. All enjoyable builds. This Mustang looks interesting to me, but hte paint scheme ruins it. So I'm looking to see if there is a decal set that excites me.
  8. Watch this video. I was having some issues with paint, so I went back to basics. I watched this. And it helped even though I've been building for almost 50 years now. At 4:06 he starts the painting process. Keeps his can moving pretty quick. He says something like " DON'T HOSE IT. Quick light coats. His techniques will produce a finish suitable for MOST models short of show cars.
  9. Amen to that. I had an 84 4x4. Slant six. Ugh. But it would go just about wherever it would physically fit!
  10. Nice! I'm working on finishing the Rally car now. I sterted it a long time ago with less skills and it is going to show in the finshed car unfortunately. but this kit is going to be finished. Yours is inspiring to get me to the next checkpoint. I'll finish the stage eventually. lol I wish I could justify starting again from scratch. These are such nice kits.
  11. Do you have the original Grand Cherokee that Tamiya did? It was a nice kit. I have a builtup I'll probably sell eventually. Wonder how that one sold for them? Yeah it would be nice to see some newer US cars kitted by the Asian manufacturers. They assemble so nicely.
  12. This kit (MPC Mustang) might be an example of Round 2 lowing the dust and rust off of existing tooling. If you read around on here, there are a lot of folks asking Round2 to do just this. So they do it. And now, many folks are jumping on the kit for not being up to 2020 expectations. How can Round2 possibly win? I would suppose, if this kit sells a lot, then they might consider retooling? I doubt it. But, they are working on some of the older kits (camaro, 63 Imp mentioned in this thread). So there is a kit from the archives that we as modelers can buy or not. They are giving us stuff, just maybe not like we want it. I did look at the review photos Tim has on his Fotki. I have built several Mustangs from Revellogram. I'm not that much of a Mustang guy so will pass on this one just because of the headlights. I gave away and sold a lot of Mustangs over the years. And don't really need another one in my collection, especially this generation, with the headlights in that setup. And I will not be modifying anything. Yes these cars were everywhere back in the day. I can grasp the 55 Chevy analogy. I do hope ROund2 sells enough to find something else that we haven't seen in a while.
  13. Yep, that occurred to me as well. However, I just don't do many trucks and had nothing to use there.
  14. Thanks guys! I have it between a Danbury Mint 59 Impala convertible and Franklin Mint 56 Continental. And it fits right in without looking like a cheap diecast. So to me, it's a WINNER. (The Winner by Bobby Bare springs to mind). Some folk might not approve, but hey, it's my collection, right?! 😜
  15. I was up there earleir this year. Not too far from home, 1.5 hours. I remember several models in the display case they have for Turner's memorabilia. I would HOPE they use them all. I would probably try to work the car display into something more cohesive than they have, but they are primarily a TRAIN museum. Cool idea about building them all. Hope the daughter continues to donate to museum. Thanks for building these.
  16. I am addicted to this guy's videos.
  17. Great work. But I gotta say the wheels/tires are the absolute most realistic I have ever seen. You nailed those! How did you get the chrome wheels so "right"?
  18. The model cars are my favorite part of the museum. They need to dust in there though. Models were clean but most other displays were kinda dusty and the train layout was horrible. With dust. The layout itself is great. Great work, btw!
  19. If you aren't attached to plastic, First gear makes/made a diecast 73 F100. Might be closer than converting a plastic. I repainted this one that I got lucky on for $11 +shipping. It was a horrid blue/gray. Has a nice engine, opening doors, hood, tailgate. Needs F100 and Custom badges. I printed some, but didn't put them on.
  20. Those are nice. I built one back in the day, but danged if i can find it. I *might* have given it to an uncle that was a GTO fan? IDK. They do build nicely.
  21. STOP IT! You're just trying to get me to buy more cars. Beautiful
  22. Those were beautiful cars. Nice build.
  23. Dang! I'm always amazed and impressed with your builds. THanks for sharing.
  24. Love the Cheetah. That, along with the Cobra Daytona, are sadly missing spots in plastic kit history. In my opinion of course.
  25. Friend of mine had a 1:1 imported gray market many years ago. THat was a very special car. Love seeing these. Maybe someday for the kit for me...
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