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  1. Nice history lesson. Watching Corvettes in the 24 Hrs of Daytona, too. Thanks
  2. I have the Hotwheels version of Simpsons and Jetsons here in my office. No Fintsone mobile, though. Nice models.
  3. I love those ICONS cars. I have the gray cobra, the blue cobra. My wife is a 65 model, birthdate is 4/27. Initials of maiden and married name are S/C. So it seemed natural that we have those - she claims them as her cars. LOL. Also have the 67 GTO - it was ridiculously cheap, like $15 delivered - missing box and side trim on one side. And the GT40. They are very nice models on par with the Mint offerings. On WIX, I also have the Challenger set - not sure who made the 1/24, but it is NICE and no vinyl top like the Mint version in B5 blue. The 1/18 is highway 61 and I've read the 1/24 may be hwy 61 as well.
  4. You asked for more on the signage - here's the whole story. I really was hating how the truck looked - it needed some sort of signs on the doors. So I had washed it up on a cruise in day and was looking at it, trying to come up with something. My grandson calls me Opa. So I thought "Opa's garage" might work. I've worked on every family member's car at some point, so it seemed appropriate. Figured if it didn't work out, I'd change it. When I wore a younger man's clothes, I did hand painting of signs back in the 80s. I had already ordered lettering brushes for whatever was to be put on truck. I found some exterior white paint, drew it out with a china marker and just painted it that morning. It gets lots of compliments and I've even had people looking for me at cruise ins when they see the truck parked and I'm not with it. They know I'm there and tell me they saw the Opa's garage truck. Family loves it. The exterior house trim paint is nowhere near the right paint for a nice sign, but it goes on thin and translucent. Plus a little wiping with a damp paper towel gave it a nicely worn look. And my rusty painting skills lended to it as well. Same process for the model. Tiny brush and white acrylic. The sides don't match really, but it doesn't matter on this one. It fits in with the feel I am going with on the truck. Not really a rat rod, but more of a survivor vibe. I can touch it up or wetsand it off if I ever want to. But I think it will always have those signs. I'm thinking of adding "Always time for beer and a nap" down the bedsides like that is the shop slogan. I have a clock that a friend made me that says that.
  5. Photo of my 1:1 for reference.
  6. I picked this up from eBay from France. This is one of only a few Bullnose generation Ford trucks. They have a couple variations, but this is close to my real truck. It says 82 on base, but is a dead ringer for 80 or 81. Mine is a 1981. I lettered the doors and painted the tailgate letters to resemble mine. Color is off from mine but repainting would cover the hood and fender tampos.
  7. I'm catching up on MCM. This is a nice model. I got one in a bundle at some point with the intention of flipping it. But once it came home, it had to stay. I think mine is missing a spotlight, but no one knows but me and you can't tell up on the shelf. The 55 and 56 Fords were great looking cars. I have this one, the pink/white and purple/white 55? coupes from FM and a black/white 56? coupe from DM - I think those are 55s? Diecast.org kinda knocked on it for weird trim shapes, but it looks great in a case on the shelf. Thanks for the history lesson again.
  8. NICE! I have the limited black one that a buddy found for $8 (!) at a consignment shop, no box, papres, accessories. I also have a Junker green chevy that I needed to fix the GMC with. That burgundy is beautiful. I grew up with a green Chevy at my grandpa's farm so it seems like I see more green real ones than any other color. I didn't realize that both Mints did a GMC. I'm not even sure which one mine is? it's the black one. LOL. And thanks for the history lesson. These were called "Advanced Engineering" or something like that? Looked it up - Chevy was Advanced Design; GMC was New Design
  9. randyc


    That JL Duster is plagued by the same molding issues as the AMT plastic - the rear quarter window shape. I think the Ertl American Muscle 1/18 has same rounded windows. I don't have the JL, but have a 1/18 and built the 340 and street machine Dusters. That's one that is near and dear and the shape of that window bugs me. LOL But that Hemi is sharp - nice job. I really need to get back to my models.
  10. Love that one. I have the Monogram 1/32 slot car of this and the Spirit of Riverside I think it is. Love that era of racing. No computers except between the ears. Just trial and error.
  11. Love your builds and the little history lessons that come with them. Thanks - that's a beauty.
  12. Looks good. As you said, it's a shame it is not accurate under the skin. My real 81 doesn't have a serpentine belt either. I'm thinking this may be a glued hood build. Maybe photo reduce my mismatched dash panels (black weave around the instruments, wood grain at radio). Plus I need AC vents. Lots to think about doing.
  13. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Actually put knife top plastic the other night. Spent some time cleaning parts, cutting spare off, scribing cowl and fender lines. Started looking at Bronco body to see where it will have to be cut.
  14. Yep, I remember this one. Some folks gave you a hard time over the wide whites and red wheels. I love em. BUT I also decided not to go with that combination on mine from those photos. BUt that is a spectacular truck. I'm on 3 of the bullnose FB pages and Gary's garagemahal site. And just an update - found my old duallie for the front 2wd suspension. And a fellow member has offered to trade kits so I can have a Bronco body. Woo Hoo. Not a forgotten project but still gathering parts.
  15. That dash is what makes the difference in a replicas and models. This is a replica. At least in my world.
  16. Wow! Thanks folks! It is as close as I could get to my wife's. I intentionally went a little light on the paint because indoors paint looks darker than outside. I made several trips to the car to get details as close as I could. Fun to build stuff like that.
  17. Love the bike models. Those are always fun to build. The 57 Mint car is pretty nice. I've flipped several of them. They are pretty easy to sell if you can find dirty ones to clean up for cheap. And they are a good looking model to hold onto. Jag is nice model as well, just not my thing. I've flipped one before. Not a lotta value to them unless you have all the stuffings.
  18. THat's cool! Are you building you real truck? I've seen that truck on FB or Gary's Garagemahal or somewhere.
  19. Pick up a GOOD dehydrator. I was gifted a cheap one that runs at 165 degrees and non adjustable. Way too hot - when I use it, I leave the lid off or adjust the lid to keep the temps down. And never leave the plastic in there unwatched. I used to have one that I'd throw the plastic in and let it go unsupervised for days. I wore it out. New one, no way. Spoons ok, if you trust that the plastic is same enough as kit - good for color testing - I don't trust them for compatibility. I've mixed brands and used cheap paint for years. And yes you are taking a chance there, for sure. Do so at your own risk. Also I've bought a new can of something I've used for years and the mfr might change the formulation, which throws your paint job out the window anyway. And the kits I referred to in the purple pond? One did not strip and other took a long dang time to get all the parts clean. I built the one that paint wouldn't strip as a barn find Morgan and the other I haven't been back around to and it's been well over a year. Nice finish Dave.
  20. Wow! Thanks from a year later. Wish I could find a hyundai Kona to match my real one.
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