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  1. How complete is the Revell '56 Chevrolet Bel-Air you have and are you interested in getting rid of it? I'm wanting to build a model of my first car and that is the only Bel-Air sedan that was ever released. I do have a pretty decent collection of kits, maybe I have something you're looking for? Thanks for your answer, Del.

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    2. horsepower


      Sorry for taking so long to back to you. I have been having some real problems physically for awhile now and don't get to get on here every day like I used to. I am kinda in a bad position right now, we have had our only vehicle totaled in an accident in June, (one of the reasons for my physical problems) and money is short and the best I could do would be $50 with shipping costs to 96003 zip code. Thanks for your reply even though I wasn't as quick I do appreciate your response. I understand about your reason for not trading, I have a 20x40 shop that is filled with my model cars and a few control line airplanes. My wife keeps saying I have around 1500 or more kits why don't I start building them instead of buying new ones. Wives, why can't they get it!😉

    3. George Bojaciuk

      George Bojaciuk

      I decided to keep and build it. Being that the kit is like new.

    4. horsepower


      Cool, not a problem at all, I do have a couple of others that still have the chrome I need left on the tree. But I haven't decided if I want to build the original kit or just smooth off one of the Del Ray kits and put the Bel-Air trim on it. If I do that I will probably strip the chrome and glue it to the new release and just foil over them after paint. The only thing left to find is a set of 14" Chrome wheels for the front. Thanks for getting back to me, I do appreciate it. Del

  2. Dave, in case the email I sent you doesn't make it, I'm curious about if there are any plans to release the short bed F-150 other than the limited edition release from Model King?

    Thanks for your answer, Del Streetman

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