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  1. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R R-34   

    Looks sweet! I like the family pics!
  2. JohnnnyKaye added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Two New Black Bodies
    I haven't done much in the line of completing a kit lately. I've about five projects in the works but the '57 Chrysler and Fourth generation Honda Prelude are the main focus right now and even these two are slow going. I recently moved and have been relegated to sitting on my bed or standing over a bookshelf to put some parts together. However I couldn't be happier with my ability to spray paint at my leisure (three coats per body with a sanding between coats. Yes! I'm honing my painting skills too.)... where before I was painting in the Florida summer heat, only on weekends, on a patio with no room to move around.

    In any event, the Prelude is being built to match my 1:1 daily driver. I was lucky enough to find a Fujimi Prelude kit ($40 on evilBay, but it was worth it due to an apparent rarity of the Fujimi kit). There is some modding that needs to be done to closely replicate my car. The interior center console and fender marker lights are about the biggest mods with the interior being a little more involved. The wheels are the biggest obstacle in the fact that no kit I've seen nor aftermarket rim seem to come close to stock Si alloy rims.

    The '57 Chrysler 300 has been completely "dechromed", painted flat black and will be dropped a few scale inches. The trunk will open and be fully... err... detailed. I'm going for a more "mid-restoration" rod look but I'll see what happens as it progresses.

    A little inspiration.

    Thanks for looking. More to come in the future.
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  3. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic Tires for the Extra Wheels from Revelle Tuner Series Kits. Any Sugestions?   

    Thanks for the info. Definitely gonna check out ScaleDreams.com!
  4. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic 06 GT-H Stang MINI STYLE   

    Super sexy street machine!
  5. JohnnnyKaye added a topic in General   

    Tires for the Extra Wheels from Revelle Tuner Series Kits. Any Sugestions?
    I picked up a set of Hoppin' Hydros Low Pro's tires for a cheap price today at my LHS. After bringing them home and matching them up to the rims, I find they don't fit...So no big deal that they don't fit the extra rims that come with Revelle/Monogram's Tuner kits. But I'd like to know, does anyone know of any aftermarket tires that I can use with the extra rims from the tuner kits?
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  6. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic G-Bucket Updated 3May11   

    I can't wait to see the final product... cool idea too!
  7. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic Acura Integra   

    Looks good. The black rims turned out great. Revell definitely did a good job in molding the Honda kits. I've built a few of my own...

    My link
  8. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible "Scarlet Chevy"   

    Looks great! I'm diggin' the black on red scheme. I'm wondering about the continental kit... did the tire cover come chromed in the kit?

    Here's mine. My link
  9. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic My Show Plow   

    Looks great.
  10. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic First Build   

    Looks good. Looking forward to seeing this all done.
  11. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic Ferrari 599 GTO - self-done conversion   

    Very aggressive looking and hella purty! Excellent job!
  12. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic 1964 Ford Thunderbolt   

    Looks absolutely stunning! I've always been a fan of this kit.
  13. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic "Draguar" MkII Jaguar   

    WOW! I've come across some off-the-wall-awesome builds, but this is tops! The jaguar hood ornament is in for a hell of a ride. Props on the flame job too.
  14. JohnnnyKaye added a post in a topic '65 Convertible and '67 GT Mustangs   

    Yeah, had to move them and re-edit the post. All good now!
  15. JohnnnyKaye added a topic in Under Glass   

    '65 Convertible and '67 GT Mustangs
    These two kits are always parked together in a 1:18 scale display case. Thought I'd take them out for a photo op. They are both AMT kits and I built them about 12 years ago. The Burgundy Convertible has the dealer-installed A/C (picked up the A/C idea from one of my reference books). I scratch-built the compressor from styrene and the vents below the dash came from a kit (forget which one though!). I added the grill lights using a set of leftover marker lights. The '67 GT is all stock and is one of my all-time favorite cars.

    Thanks always for looking!
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