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  1. 'Snowball 2'

    Got the Snowball in my hands last night. Opened the box and found a bunch of good work and some of ups finest handling in the world. The left frame horn and 3 wheels are broke off along with upper left control arm. Im having a hard time between paint of interior? Both need a ton of attention and im leaning towards body mods and paint right now to keep this project alive. Ill do a spoon test this weekend on some colors i have in the cabinet.
  2. 'Snowball 2'

    Im not sure on the exhaust. Im looking forward to this getting delivered to the house. Im either tackling paint and body or finishing the interior.
  3. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Im not making any progress been working on the 1:1 a little bit getting it ready for its new owner.
  4. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Got a little done over the week end. Got the seats figured out and whats gonna happen with em. Swivels are coming to mind. I snatched the rear suspension from the 37 sedan kit. Rear didnt take much to fit just a little masaging of the trailing arms and spacer for the chunk. Wheels from the copperhead snap tite. The front frame is geting a saw taking to it and replaced with some evergren stock. Dechromed the body and attempted to fit the front bumper. I dont think its ment to fit. Leaves a huge gap under the headlights that I vould pitch a small child through. Rear bumper gets split and molded in along with rest of the chrome back there. Also toying with hinge ideas and haven't settled on anything yet. Its screaming a full suicide hinge works package. Also gonna get some test shots of color before long.
  5. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Spent most of the night removing chrome. Ill make up for it in paint. Still a ton of body work to go. This thing has more waves than Hawaii. Maintaining the rocker panels without breaking them is a challenge. Gotta dig up a set of wheels motor and 4 seats.
  6. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Done inventory on parts. Total of 4 different kits in 2 boxes. Done quick mock up as well. The vert is gonna be a party wagon with some go. Wheels arnt final as I might find something a little bigger. So far its got a scratch built console that runs length of the interior. Seats are from the revell willys street rod kit. Contemplating suicide doors hood and trunk just to complete the party wagon.
  7. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Im crazy enough to tackle 2 of em. Ive got a promod chassis here somewhere. ....
  8. Nightmare Kits CBP - aka Masochistic Modelers Anonymous

    Im in on this. Revells old opening door 57. Lots of fit issues glue on chrome that is fragile and attachment points that are difficult to hide. Hinges are looser than..... well you can use imagination for the rest. There's enough parts to build 2 from my preliminary inspection. All have a long ways to go. One hard top one vert twins and totally different?
  9. My take on the Monroe Handler

    Big update. Got all the interior mocked up and most of the wheel tubs done. I still need to figure out rear suspension. I opened the taillights up on the body and ill uses The ones out of the firefighter kit. It now has a 05 mustang motor to go between the rails.
  10. 'Snowball 2'

    Id like it next if possible. I have no issue being skipped right now due to working on a few cars in the driveway. How close is the body to paint?
  11. 'Snowball 2'

    Sorry I hadnt been around. This year has been hectic and no i dont post alot on here. I do like where this going. I understand i missed my shot. I lost my account info for a while this year and when i first joined. If yall are still wanting more to finish id like my crack at it. If not no biggie.
  12. 'Snowball 2'

    Looking forward to it. has any motor work or chassis been completed.
  13. Finally, they look like a proper racecar.

  14. Monograms Ice T

    This one got finished. It has all poseable steering including the steering wheel. All scratchbuilt front struts, control arms and rack and pinion. Motor is a resin aries hemi i got in trade with a Ross Gibson intake on it. Valve covers are scratch built from various sheet and strip stock. Interior is all wood and fabric done with a light coat of grey. Seats from the 26 ford sedan delivery. Fully functioning tail gate. Machined aluminum specialties supplied the wheels and rotors.
  15. How many here build "Multiples " of a model ?

    Revell's 41 Willys. Ive bought 2 dozen of the kits built a few and cut up a few. I did buy a case on intial release.