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  1. I started a Facebook group for Customs and Concept models!Come join and show off your skills and what you are creating! https://www.facebook.com/groups/customsandconcepts/
  2. Got this model off ebay and did not have the instruction. Now im stuck till I find instructions!!
  3. ucntcme

    '49 Mercury

    Thanks for the comments! Makes me feel better since it fought me the whole time,had to repaint this thing like 4 times!
  4. I'm glad you got what look I was going for. Was trying to figure what color to do so I sprayed it flat black just to have a color on it and get an idea and noticed the body had that stealth fighter look to it! Hit it with one coat of clear and it was better than I thought it would be.
  5. Had no problem with the fitting, may have been one of the easiest kits I've done!
  6. This kit was old and all the decals and parts did not want to work right so I did my own version. Everything is stock except I extended the rear bumper to be closer to the ground, it did stop right under the license plate!
  7. Was gonna do the Transformer Camaro then just changed my mind!
  8. Nope it would not, The hinges were off a bit and did not fit right. I might have been able to fix it but I had already had some paint on it. You should be able to make it work but it will take a little work. Then again yours may fit just fine.
  9. Thanks, I'm glad you brought that up cause I know people thought I didn't know what kind of car I built!
  10. Just a Stock Build! These were the wheels that it came with but didn't fit with the style!
  11. Nice. Its one of those cars where it doesn't matter if you like it or not, you have to say its a good job. Nice work!
  12. Thanks for the comment. I just started with the '55 and was gonna chop the top then started getting ideas in my head and just went with it!
  13. Yep sorry , your right. Got the pics messed up. Should be the right one up there now!
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