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  1. Interesting thread, I'm glad I found it. I have the body of the Autolite Hi-Per Special. I think I'll see if i can gather up parts and build the darn thing...
  2. curb

    Contest Rules

    I would like to see a Standard set of Rules applied to contests. obviously this would require a considerable amount of work and cooperation among model clubs holding Contests but once done, anyone entering a contest would know the rules. Obviously clubs would want different classes that would pertain to their club but I'm sure other clubs would use that class also. Is there a form that a club uses in judging? The Shelf Class....What is a shelf model? - one that has no detail or one that is partly detailed or one that is fully detailed? - Should the club that holds the Contest have a member that sponsors a class - enter in that class? And get First Place? Yes we need a Standard set of Rules so everyone is on the same playing field.
  3. The Hemi should work in the Streamliner. Just use the Potvin Front Blower asssembly. The engine cover may meed trimming at the edges but you'll have to check that out. I have the Streamliner(Cad powered) and Dragster(Allison powered) on the bench. I just finished the Fiat, Walt's Puffer A/A
  4. I finished this last month
  5. I use those little pill containers. the ones for a day etc. You can get a package for 7 or more days. I use them for small items like rear view mirrors,shifters, fuel pumps,etc.
  6. Any chance of you scanning the article and posting it on the Spotlight Message board? I've come across an interesting article on early carbs and intakes if anyone is interested I can post it on Spotlight.
  7. Hi, I'm Curb from Quispamsis,New Brunswick.
  8. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention the history of the Resin Dodge. Mastered by Charlie Rowley, originally cast by Tom Coolidge and now in the hands of Keith Sorci. Sorry if I've misspelled any names. I might add that I also have a 4dr crew cab version. Hope Keith starts casting these again.
  9. Been working on the resin Dodge ('66-'68) for some time. The interior is almost finished. Paint will be Testors Plumb Crazt Metallic.
  10. The floor pan has the '68 rear seat pattern molded in. The seat back is a '67. This is the same in the DieCast '68 Bullett Mustang. Which leads me to believe there are molds for 2 sets of interiors. I was in touch with Revell and the person i talked to said the mix up was in China and they would look into what could be done. I still suggest emailing Revell and voicing opinions. I paid $24.oo Canadian and was expecting the '68 interior.
  11. I've sent an email to Revell regarding the '67 interior in the '68 Mustang GT. And suggest those that read this, do the same. They should have the correct '68 interior as it was in the Bullett Die Cast. Does the new plastic Bullett car have the '67 or correct '68 interior??
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