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  1. 1 hour ago, Plowboy said:

    I think the problem with Meng kits is they're overpriced and not done very well. The F-350's are commanding prices on ebay that rival the old annual kits. The last one I had on watch brought  $189.00 plus shipping and it was opened. 

    Overpriced, perhaps. Not done very well, disagree. I bought all three kits at their respective releases and while the prices were on the higher end for a 1/24 passenger vehicle kit, I would say overall that the price matched the content quality. I know that Meng had some discrepancies with the actual vehicles they were based on, but nothing that couldn't be easily corrected. I just wish they had continued making kits in this product line, since they were making kits that no one else had made yet.

  2. 1 hour ago, monza77 said:

    Is this one of the 1/16 trucks made when Revell was owned or tied in with Ceji? I bought one, it was the monster truck version  with huge 2 piece tires, triple shocks, and a glass t roof. I was so put off that I never built it, but probably still have all the parts somewhere. I now remember that the cab was terribly warped and I really disliked the non stock grill. I do believe there was another version that had a stock grill but it never made it to our local hobby shops. 

    Yeah it’s their 1/16 kit. The monster truck version was the most recent, and I’m not sure if the molds were modified for it. I would like to see more of the 1/16 kits return, and I would really love to see Revell rerelease one of their 1/12 GM kits this year.

  3. One thing I found:


    67-68 Z/28s had a "deep-tone" system; no resonators. It was optional with other engines.

    For '69 Z/28 and L78 initially had chambered as standard equipment. When it proved to be too noisy Chevy issued a recall notice. Z/28s reverted to the deep-tone system; BBs went back standard dual exhausts. The deep-tone system was still too noisy so another recall was issued to retrofit Z/28s to standard dual exhausts. The second recall adds resonators only to the Z/28; BBs already had them.


  4. 2 hours ago, Snake45 said:

    That's because the Yenko that they based the original tooling on had it. It wasn't standard on Yenkos, rare even there. Been kinda cool to have it, though, and if you wanted standard pipes, I think they were available in the AMT '68 Camaro and '72 Nova kits (I'd have to check). 

    I always thought it was strange that Monogram also gave their 1/12 Camaro the chambered exhaust as well, rather than the more common dual muffler exhaust. I'm sure it was the same or similar case, where either their reference car had it, or they decided to just use it and have their kit be a "fully optioned" Z/28.

  5. I'm starting a new thread for this kit that I am looking to trade away. I have updated pictures, and have reattached the parts to the body that had broken off. Everything appears intact, and all of the parts are accounted for. No box, and as you can see the parts are all off the sprues. They will be properly packaged for shipping.

    I am looking to trade for:

    -No Racecars

    -Any 1/12 kit

    -Any 1/16 kit 50's and newer (with the exception of the Revell '34 Ford Coupe Street Rod)

    -1/24-1/25 cars newer than the mid-60s

    -1/24-1/25 trucks/vans/SUVS 60s and newer





  6. I'm not into race cars at all, and I don't care for most cars older than the 60's (I'll make exception for the 1/16 and 1/12 scale kits, though still nothing pre-war unless it's a hot rod-type). I do like to build mostly 70's and newer cars as well as 60's and newer trucks/SUVs/vans.

  7. 6 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

    I'm surprised they were able to find that many 67 4dht's left to fill out the shows. As well as clean 80s era chrome pinwheel type rims for them all. After 50 years, It's not like that many people collect 4 door hardtops. They're not 69 Chargers or 78 Trans Ams, after all!

    The wheels you can easily still buy from US Wheel and probably a couple other brands. As for the bodies themselves, I'm sure there were plenty sitting in junkyards down south that they just patched and threw some paint on, since no one wanted to buy them to rebuild back then. I've noticed in some junkyard videos that they tend to have more of the 4-door, lesser loved vehicles.

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