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  1. I just got a 06 silverado with 30,000 miles. Two days later the blower stopped working ( have a 05 and two other 06's with same problem,but some speeds still work and they are the crews trucks) as I live in my truck 10 hours a day I looked it up on Internet it is a wide ranging problem with a "special warranty replacement" for 10 years 150,000 miles.

    Anyway the blower draws too many amps and shorts the resistor and module. The dealer I took it to yesterday replaced the resistor and module, I smelled burning wires today (same thing ten days ago when it stopped working) so I think it's going to happen again since they really didn't correct the cause which I believe is covered and should've been done.

  2. I will pay on Friday, im getting a Goon Monaco off him, that i wont for £7.50 (im down to 3, plus a TJ hooker box lol). Last week i won a Lindberg Crown Vic, AND a AMT 77 Ecoline van you guys told me to look out for. Much earlier boxing of the Phantom one i believe

    Anyway look forward to getting this ambulance, i will have to look around for some decals, I know nothing of the kit so any info you guys can offer would be great. I looks similar to ones i saw on s1 and s2 of CHiPs.

    Seen on US ebay a guy selling internal items etc in resin.

    Ok my wife is going to kill me..........I couldnt really afford it but i couldnt miss it (he had it at BIn for £35 for a week, and by chance i was going to message him asking if he would take less and then bam by luck its down to £25)


    That sounds like a fair price. $60 US dollars shipped? Looks like that is the molded in red version.

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