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  1. Hi Chuck I'm interested in discussing the 1972 Pro Stock Vega wagon that you posted a picture of several years ago (Murrell-Westergaard-Murrell).  Do you have an further details on it?


  2. See ya all later its time for me to move on , the group was fun take care Chuck
  3. If anyone remembers the Mickey Thompson and Eastern Raider Pintos from Revell we remember how hoakie the chassis was and how the car built up . I have added a side spill plate to the bottom of the body and shaved away the original one away that wrapped way under the body and made mine tapered from 5mm to 8mm and the Challenger chassis from the model king fits the wheelbase perfect.I also raised the radius on the front wheelwell with my dremel just a bit .Also I removed the grill Revell put in and replace it and the headlights with flat plastic . Here is my mock up so you can see what I did . I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of it so far . Now I can call it a MPC F/C LOL thanks Chuck
  4. Well I finally got some time to work on models again so I've got my 4 MPC funny car bodies almost done . I built a mock up chassis from the MPC kit ,but I'm not happy with them with because the rail to the inside of the chassis are flat and not round , the MPC axle is to big in diameter also . So I think I'm going to scratch build my chassis off of the Aurora funny car chassis design and you a cut version of the Revell front axle after I cast me some , This way I can have posable steering in the front and try to keep everything the right size or at least eye pleasing size . Here are the first 4 bodies almost done and I'm starting with these cars first . They are casted from the Black Magic body 1 from the Barry Setzer body and 1 from the Motown Shaker . I redrew all of the decals to fit the MPC cars since that's the only ones I'm going to build , because they look to be in the right scale when sitting next to a MPC Pro Stockers thanks Chuck
  5. yes you are correct sir thanks Chuck
  6. LOL Jim , I caught the Erson after I posted it but missed the Stewart Warner , thanks for catching that for me thanks Chuck
  7. Here is a rough start on the decals for the new body . Still have some tweaking and drawing to do to finish them Chuck
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