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  1. Yes I found this on youtube. Thanks but I'm going to be drilling the end of .080 hex rod so i can make my own A/N fittings.
  2. Does anyone have a technique for drilling perfectly centered holes in styrene hex rod?
  3. Works just as well with spray cans. Acrylic, Enamel, Lacquer. No one outside the room you're painting in will smell anything
  4. I bought a Pace 24inch Super Mini a few years back, and as far as I'm concerned it's the best purchase I've made. I used to have a bathroom fan set in a large bedroom cabinet. My housemate always complained that he could smell everything from upstairs. After I got my Pace he couldn't smell anything. he though I stopped building for the longest time. It'll suck every fume and every bit of dust floating around out of that room. Best $300 ( price has gone up since my purchase) I've ever spent.
  5. Every single time I come to this forum, I have to request a new password because my previous one isnt recognised. No I'm not typing it in wrong. I use KeePass PasswordKeeper. It generates and saves password. I copy from the MCM entry i have saved to the database and paste it to the Password field. Each time it';s not recognised. Anyone else have this issue? --- Mike
  6. Ordered this from Amazon, if it's passable I'll order the others 30AWG Flexible Wire
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestion guys. I really appreciate it. If you're referring to Hoby Depot, run by Graham and Mike, that was on Notre Dame Ave. And yeah, it was a great shop. I went in 4-5 times a week. More often than I should have really. Mostly to talk with Graham. That guy knew everything, especially about 60's and 70's era drag racing. The stories he told me about drag racing down town and at the airport in the 70's were great. Unfortunately, Mike passed away and his dumbass son didnt want to keep the shop going. Sure there were afew places that sold kits and paint here in town, but they werent geared to model builders, One on Lasalle is mostly fantasy board games, the other on the Kingsway and Falconbridge road, while they have a good selection of kits , they're mainly catering to the RC crowd. Hobby Deot was the only hobby shop for hundred of miles around. I was told it made good money by both Graham AND Mike. I was in there so much, and alway bought something when I was there that they charged me what they paid lol while they did make a good profit they didnt make any money off of me. I spent thousands in that place. So much so that when i had to sell everything last year because I fell on hard times, The guy who bought it all got 500 or so kits in the deal!
  8. Do any of my fellow hosers know of Canadian Hobby shops that have online shops? I know of Great Hobbies, and found a few, but they mainly deal in Railroad and RC. I'm looking for a shop or shops that have a good selection of paint. My LHS closed down a few years ago, and i had to sell off everything last year, so I'm pretty dry when it comes to the basic necessities. Any help would be appreciated. --- Mike
  9. Welcome...and while I'm here.. Scream for me Long Beach!!! Scream for me Long Beach!!
  10. Here's something that happened today, and happens way too often. Standing in a long line at Tim Hortons, all I want is a coffee. The line was moving fast, until the girl in front of my went up for her order. " Hmmm, I dont know what I want" , and spent 5 minutes deciding what she wanted. What the **** moron ??! You just spent how long in line, staring at your phone, you couldnt decide what you wanted then? That, is what irkd me today. And the day is still young!
  11. They pretty much held their users pictures hostage. Isn't that lovely. Wow.
  12. I've been away from the hobby for quite some time, i had no idea they tried to pull that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. Thats insane. Even so, the missing pictures thing was happening way before that. But now that I understand PB are run by worshipers of the Money God. To hell with them. Did people turn to an alternative? Is there even an alternative?
  13. Ill tell you what irrked me today. And almost every other day I come to this site. People who post their WIP images, or nice, close up shots of scratch built detail, then later on, sometimes not so later on, move the pictures from their hosting site. I have at least 20 builds I had bookmarked for reference, I went to take a look through one of them just now and all the pictures are gone. I decided to check my other bookmarks..all of the images are gone from those as well. Is it so hard to leave those pics where they are? Everything I've ever uploaded to photobucket is still in the same spot as the day i uploaded them. Whats the point of posting the damned things if you're just going to move them. Leave them alone...it's not that difficult.
  14. I've been searching out companies that make and sell strictly wire. One of them being here. This one is just a directory but i searched for .012 diameter wire and came up with a bunch of manufacturers and distributors. These are probably the places aftermarket guys buy their wire. They more than likely wouldn't sell you 3 feet at a time, you'd probably have to buy a spool but basic hookup wire probably wouldn't be that expensive as opposed to basic braided wire. that would probably be a little more expensive. Nothing says you cant sell a few feet here and there though.
  15. My uncle had one. He wrecked it. Wrapped it around a telephone pole 7 months after he bought it. When I see that I imagine the front end concave with the engine pushed right up onto the front seat
  16. I have one of the older original AMT kits. Holding off on building it because I want to completely build that engine up, as well as maybe open up the trunk and add a fuel tank and optima battery. Never did that before but thats how I see this kit when I look at the build on the box! Sublime Green or Go Mango...not sure yet. Leaning towards Go Mango though. \m/
  17. Hi everyone. I've been away from the hobby for a while. Had to sell everything, and I mean everything. I'm slowly starting for get tools and a few kits together as I want to get back into it. One of my fav places to buy kits was Jims website. Is he no longer in the business? Also, if you guys can share your fav sites for buying opened unbuilt kits, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Mike
  18. I know. I could have commented earlier. I havent been on here for a year or so, lost the urge to build. Too many things going on that have taken the desire to do many things, not just modeling. Havent touch any of my guitars in 3 years..but anyway..thats too off topic.Do you break to do a quick build here and there? Or is your time devoted to this build? My apologies for being quiet. I do love your work. All of it, not just those sexy fuel line curves I'll chime in more often.
  19. thankss people. I always let the booth run a good 10 minutes before I spray to swap the air out and let the booth pull dust out of the air. As well as letting it run a few more minutes afterwards. It's a Pace 24" Super Mini and it moves alot of air. I can light a cigarette and hold it a foot away from the front of the booth and it just draws everything in. My housemate used to complain that he can spell when I'm painting. With my Pace he has no idea..he cant smell anything. I'm confident I'll have no issues...unlike when I had a bathroom fan in that cupboard. I love my Pace. \m/
  20. The time of year is upon us when heating the house is a necessity..I have a question. I have a Pace paint booth..next to the window ,so i can easily vent outside. Under the window is an electric baseboard heater. Is there any danger of a boom while painting this winter? I'll add a pic below to show how close it is. The window is just out of frame, and the baseboard heater is, obviously, right under the window. I'm having trouble with the pic..if you could just click on the link i'd appreciate it <img src="http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h165/EvilAppetite/WorkArea/DSCF10431_zps6qyunyrm.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo DSCF10431_zps6qyunyrm.jpg"/>
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