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  1. You might want to get into the habit of test fitting, putting completed sections together with white glue to see if there are any problems before you paint. it's a pain, but it does save time. Break it back down but setting in warm water for a while. It's just a suggestion though, I wish I had started doing that when I got back into building. It was hard to get into that habit after I already had a routine.
  2. Thanks Mike...I'll keep that technique in mind and just get rid of the cans. I was more disappointed at the fact that when I needed white primer, I had 5 cans I couldnt use! Again, Thanks!
  3. "Young Man" hehe thanks..it's been a loooong time since I was called a young man..these days all I get is "Sir"...even my girl calls me Sir from time to time! Anyway...decant them? I can hear the primer moving around in there..the bearing as well. When I try to spray...the nozzle get's clogged with that thick pasty stuff. I've read , somewhere here, that i can release the propellant by puncturing the top...then, make a hole at one of the low spots on the underside. I considered that...but is there a way to tell if the propellant has really diminished? Puncturing that can if there is still propel in there is not something I want to chance. Or Should I just send'em off to the local waste deposit depot? It's not like i,m losing much cost wise..they were after all on sale dirt cheap.
  4. Thats too bad...I bought 10 cans on sale 4-5 years ago lol ahh well
  5. pull off the nozzle and let it sit in some thinner for a while..works for me then again...it probably isnt the nozzle as they've never been used...I have cans of Plasticoat primer that were never used. Just last week i went to use one, and the only thing that came out was a gooey off-white substance that clogged the nozzle. Nothing I did fixed it
  6. lol i know...it looks kinda naked without'em..the little pieces that connect to the body broke off at some point...havent gottem around to fix'em...i forgot all about them by now to be honest. Maybe this weekend!
  7. Man I've built so many of those cars, in different variations... I too thought it was a phantom. I searched the net and old mags but couldnt find it!
  8. We have a place here called Tool Town..they have the little cans for a buck..I must have every color Duplicolor has just because of that
  9. I canNOT paint with hobby rattle cans...DupliColor paint though? It's perfect every time...beautiful after the clear is applied..thats just me though.
  10. I stopped playing WoW in December. Started right after Burning Crusade launched, I'd still love to check out a BlizzCon one day though!
  11. That would explain why they usually go for such a huge price on ebay.
  12. yawn I would have stopped responding to this stuff long ago Doc
  13. Not sure if Shabo is still in business..but they make/made a great dry transfer. As for decals, slicks has a sheet, goodyear, firestone, hoosier and M/T I think. Get'em while they're still available though as they've closed shop.
  14. They do look a little raised, probably because he uses a slight drop shadow behind the emblem
  15. Hey Virgil!! You know what today is don't ya? Thats right...Season 2.5 of the walking dead! A full season 2 recap starts later today, followed by 2.5. Get your tissues ready..we're gonna see what happened to that little girl again!
  16. either that or he can make his PHONE NUMBER bigger!!! Maybe both!
  17. Thanks for that reply about the filters. People keep asking about emailing him..I dont think he answers emails....sounds like an older guy, on the phone anyway, if thats the case he probably cant be bothered...calling him is the way to go
  18. Give him a call..when I called he answered on the second ring.
  19. Theres a nice article of the Freight Train in the last issue of Hot Rod Delux magazine...it's on the cover with the magazines usual 'eye candy'
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