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  1. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Deleted   

    That is a 1940 Merc
  2. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic 1947 Ford Coupe "Gu Hun"   

    One thing you may want to know, the drag car on the R&K magazine is a business coupe, and the model kit is a club coupe. The business coupe was a 2 seater car, with shorter doors (used the same door as a 4 door sedans front doors), and the club coupe had linger doors (same as a 2 door sedans doors). If you want, I have a spare 1:1 business coupe door here I can measure the length of, if you wish to go through moving the pillar, and relocating the pannel line. But really, its a completely different roofline all together. Perry's resin does sell a nice (at least it looks nice on their site) business coupe based on the R-M convertable kit.

    But if you need any reference photo's or measurement, i have a 47 business coupe (its at the interior shop now, but i can measure stuff when I go to visit it), Im happy to help give you reference material.
  3. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic My new spray booth   

    No fun if you can't sniff the paint coming from the air brush!
  4. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic What kind of music.....   

    I was brought up on Buddy Holly, Elvis, Carl Perkins, The Beatles, and in my 22 years, I have never really left that. I guess I never have been very trendy.
  5. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Cobra Colors!!!   

    Is it laquer or Urethane Cruz? I was at my paint jobber last week buying some supplies for my 1:1 project, and I found out that it is still legal to buy and sell laquer in Maryland! But Nyquist near me doesnt stock it, so they cant do custom mixes of small ammounts in house.
  6. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Aluminum Parts   

    Hey Cruz, you know where you can always get those complimentary aluminum parts dont you? I do expect to see you at the next meeting! egg nog!
  7. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Aluminum Parts   

    You may want to read through this thread before ordering from Arrowhead.


    The Arrowhead parts are just okay IMO. They are somewhat simpistic and elemtary, but moderately priced, that is, if you ever recieve your order.

    Model Car Garage sells a lot of turned aluminum parts, they are more money than Arrowhead, but much nicer parts, with better detail and scale accuracy.

    Parts By Parks does nice stuff too, and if Scale Repro's plus is still around, their work has always been pretty nice.
  8. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Cobra Colors!!!   

    I have always loved Leon's work, and I know his product line and business practices were very well respected, but him going out of business is not the end of the world. There are still companies out there who sell similar products.

    Model Car World, and Rainbow products still make laquer paints in factory colors for modelers.

    If they dont have what you need, you can go to any paint jobber, and they can mix you small quantities of any factory paint code you want. Finding a shop that sells laquer may be hard, But Sherwin Williams and Dupont may have lapuer, depending on your location.

    Also Urethanes happen to be really nice to work with, but will cost more. You do need to buy a hardener, but a $35 2 quart bottle will last for MANY bottles (but does have a shelf life, but I have used it for about a year after it was oppened). Any paint shop can mix any factory color you desire in this urethane, and they are used to doing small quantities for shops doing touch up work on 1:1 cars. Enough paint to do a few cars should run about $30. You can apply urethanes over lauqer primer if you want, but urethane primers are not too expensive. The best part of this type of paint, is that it cures very fast, as it is a catylised resin based paint. You can color sand it a day after its painted, and it will be like color sanding Laquer that you had to wait weeks to fully cure.

    Again, its a shame to see Leon have to close his doors, but there are other alternatives out there.
  9. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic '71 Charger R/T 383-In color 11/24/06   

    Has Larry Booth been selling his left over brown paint again?
  10. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic MAMA Meeting pics   

    Am I old enough yet?
  11. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic Has Letsgetsmall closed down or....   

    www.edeuce.com Now I dont want to start any waves (imagine that coming from me!), but I do know that the bodies he is casting are from molds made from George Z's bodies, with no permission recieved to do so.

    Im sure several comapies out there have 1/8th scale parts, but Replicas & Miniatures Co. of MD does have some neat 1/8th parts in their line.
  12. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic more progress on my Rat Rod   

    Just to clarify guys, this is Irv Arters build, not mine, I just offered to make a part for his project.
  13. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic more progress on my Rat Rod   

    Absolutely. Perhaps some dont get my sarcasm (sp?), but as you said, its all in good fun. I sent you an email about the gas tank.
  14. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic more progress on my Rat Rod   

    Im gonna keep my mouth shut (and hold my breath, for a REALLY long time)

    No seriousely, nice work on the steering.

    You want me to run you off a tank like that from aluminum?
  15. Chad Shapiro added a post in a topic News from The Model Car Garage