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  1. Hey Josh, Very very cool, I'm liking this a lot......I want to see it run over something!! Mike
  2. This is me talking to J. Force, I worked V.I.P. security at Springnationals 2011 in Houston, he is a really good guy. This is Josie, my schnauzer, checking out my beginning photography experiments with a diecast. Yep, big guy with small dog, no problem at all. She is the best dog I've ever had, smart, kind, curious, just very matter of fact, glad we adopted her. She likes model cars too, if she had thumbs, she would build 'em.
  3. Great, now I have to pay I guess? Well, that means I need a part-time job!! Hey Dr. Cranky, I noticed a lot of your vehicles are rusted, and I have a buffer......oh wait EYEGORE would run me off. Never mind!! Mike
  4. A quick thought...I have the free version of FOTKI, will not pay for it until I see if it works. Could this be why some of us are not getting the URL message? Do we have to pay to share our photos? I just got done trying it AGAIN and that URL link just does not exist. Thanks Mike
  5. Hey Chuck, Thanks for info, but when I get to that dropdown, it does not say that, it says the same thing as Glenn mentioned above, and when you try to use that link, no luck, won't show the picture and then forum announces we can't use it anyway. There is just no "Image URL for use on other sites:" option showing, to me and Glenn anyway, when we click on the "share" button. What you are saying just looks so clean and easy, but can't get that option, and trust me, I have spent a good two hours experimenting over the last day to try and load some pictures. I have no idea what to do next. Thanks again. Mike
  6. I get the same thing Glenn does, but when I click copy and try to paste, nothing happens. Could this be because I have Vista on my computer? I used to know how to fix everything on computers, now I can't even post a picture? Chuck, exactly what steps are you doing to post? This is just crazy, don't want to use Photobucket, but FOTKI just won't work, have gotten several tips from members here, but for some mysterious reason, I can't make them work. Must be me, but I don't know how to fix it. Please hurry.....I have some glue bombs to post!!!! Thanks to all. Mike
  7. Hey gang, Sorry to bring this up again, I just cannot get FOTKI to post my pictures, following instructions from the good folks above who took the time to help me doesn't seem to work. I am not getting the URL message when I click on share, and when I try to move using any of the three options when I click on share, I get a message from our forum that I cannot use pictures, not authorized for our forum. What is wrong? I am stumped. I followed above information perfectly last night, spent a couple of hours trying to post, was able to get a thumbnail to finally post, but thumbnails are not the goal. Thanks again to all that jump in, couldn't do it without you guys!! Mike
  8. Stacey David's Rat Roaster? Yuck!! I'd rather eat rabbits.
  9. Hey, I just read jbwelda's comment, I used to strip it all off, especially all four side of windows, windshields, etc. when I made one little mistake, but since it is so thin, I just now find a logical place to cut and fix "bad areas" rather than pull off the whole thing. You really have to look hard to see the seams, try to put them where they would be on a real window, doing the whole window over and over and over........well, try just little pieces. Hope this helps some. Mike
  10. Hey Gang, My biggest hurdle is my lack of mechanical knowledge, I never really got beyond changing plugs and oil, so when I see an ultra-detailed car such as a rail or funny car, well I just love the look but couldn't tell you if things are right or wrong. So as a result, I hesitate to start on a few models I am hoarding because I don't want to detail them wrong. My second heel is pictures, I am so much better than a few months back, but still so critical of my work, that is why I never post completed builds or a work in progress, I have to kick myself very hard in this area so I can start sharing with everyone, it just seems I like what I am building but hate the pictures. My skills have improved so much since getting back into building a little over 3 years ago, and especially since I found the forums!! Just keep trying on different aspects, I never get that frustrated, it all seems like fun to me, so the work itself just seems to move along as a whole a bit at a time....paint, BMF, fit, finish, assembly etc. all seem to be improving, but until I can get past basic plug wires and etch-a-sketch pictures, well.........I'll just pretend I posted and you pretend it looks ok. Mike
  11. Hey Gang, I think Cruz is making an excellent point, leaving doesn't fix anything. I personally have commented where I would see fit, even though I hated to lower myself to that level. Now I am just avoiding the topics that get ugly, it is just sad they evolve the way they do. What is really a mystery to me is the fact you see the same dozen or so names always trying to one up one another and always trying to get in the last word, a pathetic gamesmanship that should not take place here at all. I just want to become a better builder, and I want to enjoy what others buit, whether a beautiful showpiece or a glue bomb looking for a place to blow up, I still enjoy it all. Just ignore the ones that need ignored, the rest of us love and respect this place, eventually someone might notice our "dirty dozen", and when they are gone, it will be a little bit better and a lot more fun. Just a thought..... Mike
  12. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY.........!!!!! This will be so much easier than mailing everyone sketches!! Thank you for replying fellas, so much to learn here, guess the last step in my personal journey is learning how to post. I appreciate you all taking the time!! Mike
  13. Hey Allen, Like everyone said, your family and your health are the most important things, you can work through the rest. Please let Danno know your General Lee is safe. Who is Robert? Is that you or are you Allen? I am not sure so I wish both of you all the best. Best wishes to you and your family and neighbors. Mike
  14. Hey Gang, Been trying to post some pictures from Fotki to here, got one posted so far, but will not let me move it around or add text above the picture. Know I am supposed to open Fotki with one link and forum with another link, but not sure what to do next. I used the image link on the "posting a new topic" window to add that picture, but not sure that is correct way to add. I know I am missing something simple and obvious but hoping you will show me what that is. Have looked over Clay's great pinned topic on posting, but seems to be a little complicated for me and also seems a little different because it is Photobucket. As always, I thank in advance all those that care to reply! Mike
  15. Hey Andy, You are going to have fun, take all the cards for your camera you can find, 'cause you just might fill all of them up!! Try to find the best ear protectors you can, you will not believe how loud it can get, especially if you get down to the pit area. When you buy your ticket you basically get a pit pass that will let you stand right next to the cars as they get prepped between runs, and it gets LOUD!! The drivers are usually very cool about pictures, autographs, etc. but once again, it gets LOUDER than you could ever imagine. I work V.I.P. security at certain events in Houston, here's a shot of John Force for you at Springnationals 2011 just so you can see for yourself how close staff and the public get to the drivers, crew chiefs, etc.. Lots of the big names will be there, wish I could get up there for this one, maybe next year. Have fun Andy, let's see the shots, especially the Mopars!! Mike
  16. Hey John, Very, very sharp, moving along nicely, this is going to be one cool ride when finished!! Mike
  17. Hey John, What do you use for filler? I have tried super glue for small areas, but mixed results. Just curious. The roof looks great, this is a cool, cool ride. Thanks. Mike
  18. Hey gang, I can't seem to get notifications of the topics and posts I am following, I have tried to reset and double check my settings again and again but no luck. I am stuck, any clue what to do next, I know all the appropriate boxes are checked. Moderators? Administrators? Negotiators? Instigators? Oh, and while posting this new topic I am wrestling with the "Topic Tags", it seems to want to limit the number of characters I could type into the box, plus there is a message of "select a minimum of ten tags." What does that mean? That is very generous on Gregg's part but, hey I only want one tag, I'll share the other nine with whomever wants one. Thank you for your help. Mike
  19. Hey John Mama mia, datsa spicy 'vette!! Very nice, can't wait to see more. Thanks for posting. Mike
  20. Hey Gang, Just curious about which site you find is the easiest or the most sensible site for hosting and posting photos. Seems like Fotki and Photo-bucket are the two most popular, are there any others you might recommend? Any quirks with the sites? Your opinions and experiences sure would help me.....and maybe some others....out. Thanks in advance for those that reply! Mike
  21. It's supposed to be fun, but that point seems to be missing from most of these posts.
  22. Take a picture with the lady wrestler holding your car!!
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