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  1. super clean build! nice work
  2. Agree, anytime I try to suggest using craft supplies they all say oh but to get the best results you need to use such and such name lol. Or they don't take my work seriously for some reason. Really they just rebrand exsisting stuff that can be found for cheap. They are great for the hobby and all but I'd rather spend my money on my nice mustang gt sitting in my driveway not some pigments for my models lol.
  3. I just use craft acrylics and cheap artist oil paints. I don't use any fancy techniques I just kind of build things up in layers. I clear coat with duplicolor gloss in between each painting stage and in the end I just spray it with liqutex Matt varnish. You don't need to spend a fortune on gimmick products.
  4. dug this one out of the box and did a bit more oil painting on it.

    2017 builds

    started way more than I finished like normal lol
  6. some progress on this one.
  7. my thinner is this, 50% blue windshield wiper fluid / 50% water and a few drops of glycerin, then I use that 50/50 with the craft paint. some colors need more some need less really just gotta mess around to find what works for you and your airbrush setup. if you like to make super shiny builds i would stick with normal spray bombs
  8. thanks, those decals come in the kit and It has another option of "reds orchard " in red lettering
  9. Thanks, for oils I just use 2 colors mainly white and raw umber, also some paynes grey to add in shadows here and there and on any chrome parts. I never thin my oil paint though just use neat for the tube and clear coat over every step with duplicolor acrylic enamel gloss spray bombs. No drying time needed.
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