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  1. Ok. So here's the deal. I've got 6 models that are in various stages of completion (or un-completion). I've made a promise to myself that I will finish these 6 kits before opening and starting a new one. I know to some of you, this sounds quite strange as many of you have alot more started-and-not-finished kits like this than I do but I want to push myself to get these finished up. I don't like having more than a few going at a time as it not only gets confusing for me but also a bit counterproductive. Some of you have probably seen my '40 Ford Pickup that I'm working on. It only made sense to work on this one at the same time and I'll explain why later. A good buddy of mine has a 1:1 '69 Chevelle 300 2 door post car that he's had since high school. He's a hard working, blue collar guy with a young family and (you can fill in the blanks here) doesn't exactly have the money to put his car together the way he wants to so it sits under his carport with a cover over it....waiting for that "someday". I went over to his house one day and through some bs'ing, he learns that I build model cars and he goes on to tell me that he has a model kit he bought to try to build a replica of the image he's got in his head for what he wants his car to look like someday. Problem is, he doesn't know how to build models. I had no choice but to offer to build it for him. Next problem is, he's got a 300 model 2 door sedan and the only model kit out there that's close is a Super Sport 396 2 door hardtop (that's a horrible kit to begin with). Nevermind that. We pulled back the car cover and I took several reference pictures, grabbed his unstarted kit along with his wants/choices/desires for what he wanted his car to look like and I was on my way. A couple of years have passed and this is still an on-and-off again project and I need to get this finished up for him. Now I can explain what this has to do with my '40 Ford Pickup.....as luck would have it, he wants it painted Yellow which is the same color I always had in mind for my '40. So, I was able to order enough paint to paint both models and I will be painting them at the same time. Watch as I try to convert this SS 396 Chevelle into a 300 model 2 door sedan and try to give my buddy some inspiration on a shelf.
  2. Got any pics of those? I've always wanted to see one put together. I'm currently working on the '54 Sedan Delivery. I don't think it's quite as bad as the '55-'56-'57 as far as difficulty. The other ones I hate from that era....the '41 Willys coupe, the Henry J and the Anglia Gasser just to name a couple.
  3. Hey Charlie- Where are you seeing that? I went to his website a couple of days ago and today after you posted that and I see where it's listed as "coming soon" but that's all I saw. I did see the Wagon body also. I sent him an email but I just haven't heard back from him yet. Could you list a link?
  4. That is so funny....I absolutely HATE that kit. That was my first model ever when I was 8 years old and my dad helped me build it. We had the same problems. I tried to build another one later in my teens, when my skills got better but I could never bring myself to finish it. It just didn't look right. I have one now....but it's a parts car!!
  5. '36 Fords are so cool. This one is looking very nice!
  6. I'm also in the middle of this kit, although mine is the Seafoam Green one from the 80's. I agree with someone else, the panel scribing was a bit sucky. I had to dig out the trunk and the fender skirts mainly. Getting the door gaps was a bit much too. The rest of it looks pretty darn good. I'm also customizing mine so I had a little extra body work to contend with. Shaving the door handles was more tricky that others I've done with it being part of the chrome/body panel. Should look cool when done though.
  7. Very nice! I dig your trick on the bags!!
  8. You've got my attention so far....
  9. That was hilarious Alyn! Will somebody please clue me in to what it is you're talking about or throw up a link or something.
  10. I don't know what else to say. Mark said it very well. I also (as I'm sure many people) don't care for that body style. I always felt that when the muscle car era was over and everyone was being shut down by the government, they weren't having fun designing cars anymore, everyone gave up, and it shows. I think Mark used the term "stodgy", which is perfect. While none of these cars were out and out "ugly", they were just.......well, stodgy. You on the other hand, were able to build upon the car's weak points and play upon it's strong ones. I could type for hours but the point is.......You took a stodgy car and made it into a mean-looking street machine/muscle car that shoulda been. VERY nicely done. That model is all sorts of SICK and someone needs to build a 1:1!!! Nice website and collection of models too by the way!
  11. Could you imagine just spraying people to get them out of the way and not get your ### kicked!??
  12. I really enjoy your builds and this is no exception. I'll be watching this one!
  13. That's gonna be sweet. I'm watching this one!
  14. I'm blown away at your paint jobs. If that car was only good enough to get a 2nd place, I'd hate to see what took 1st place!
  15. Sorry to drag this one back out but I was wondering if there were any new developments with a hood or am I going to have to make one like above?
  16. This is my favorite of the ones you've posted so far. I'd be happy to have this one on my shelf.
  17. I'm really diggin' this one. Very clean. Nice work!
  18. Lowriders are not my thing but I still know talent and skill when I see it. I can appreciate the work you've put into your models. They're very nice!!
  19. This must be the Revell kit?
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