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  1. greasezerk added a post in a topic David's '69 Chevy Nova Stock   

    Well your doing a fine job so far, and if your not to finicky about the details, then don't worry about it! Just have fun, and build it for your self, if your happy then that is all that matters. It is lookin good so far! I like that color, it looks almost black in the right light, right? Or no? I did a car that color, and it was like that. The front end on these just seems to sit to high to me. Take care.
  2. greasezerk added a post in a topic David's '69 Chevy Nova Stock   

    Well since zuki beat me to it on the exhaust manifold, i wont say it again! But if ya have not built this kit, watch out for the rear tire-wheel alignment, it does not fit even in the fenders, front to back. I also had a little trouble with it hitting the inner body. The front inner fenders-engine bay can be a little tricky to get to fit right , i have built 3, and 2 of em were a little tricky. just make sure there pulled up tight to the interior, the gap there needs to be tight. The front end sits a little to high, but easy fix, if ya want to do it. Just move the mount up a little on the spindle. But maybe ya already know this? Or don't care. Either way is fine. I am no expert! Keep up the good work!

    I like the color, and the build looks good so far!
  3. greasezerk added a post in a topic The Big One   

    The new cab looks ok, i guess i am the only one that liked the old set up! The new one looks to , well everyday-factory type, not original. I liked the first set up way better, it looked more custom, more your way i guess. My way also! But either way, good work. Keep it up.
  4. greasezerk added a post in a topic WIP.....69 Daytona Pro Mod..Updated 10/28/10   

    Nice build so far wayne, awesome that he wants it! I got a question, the rear shocks, are they going to be coil overs? Maybe ya have not got to it yet? If so forget my question! Keep up the great work!
  5. greasezerk added a post in a topic "Zachary" Eldorado F/C   

    Wow!!!! I am just amazed at how clean your builds are! I sure enjoy seeing them!
  6. greasezerk added a post in a topic Dodge Magnum R/T   

    Nice build. I did one of these and had a few issues with the doors hitting the dash did you have the same thing? I got it fixed, and also got it so the doors fit flush, mine were not even close.
  7. greasezerk added a post in a topic El Gringo   

    Nice job, i can see ya put a lot of work into this and it shows. I like watching your builds, truly inspiring.
  8. greasezerk added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro SS 396   

    Wow! Nice build! Looks great! I really like the over spray on the chassis, how did ya do it? It looks perfect! Nice job!
  9. greasezerk added a post in a topic Korben Dallas' Personal Cruiser   

    Nice job, thats pretty neat!
  10. greasezerk added a post in a topic 57 Vette   

    Always like seeing your builds space! This kit is a bear to get the front end to work right, but i have no dout you can do it!
  11. greasezerk added a post in a topic 55 Chevy   

    Nice start, i am interested. I will watch, like to see were this goes, and see the scratch build engine.
  12. greasezerk added a post in a topic 80s Ramcharger 4x4 rock crawler...GETTIN CLOSE.   

    Looks pretty good, keep it up. Those tires are the 46 inch truxus super swampers, not the 50 inch irocks, or rather 49's. They have 44 inch boggers, 46 inch truxus and the 49 inch irocks.