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  1. Color Help for New Revell Kits

    most are an aluminum color. maybe a bit darker and steel...very few paint the engines any more. At least the ones I've seen haven't been painted. Model Masters line is best!
  2. Lowering Revell Nascar kits?

    dropping the suspension can be made several ways and we all have our "secrets" about how to do it. some cut a little here and there until they get the look right....some drill holes here and there....some take a whack at it with a buzz saw and hope for the best! only thing that I can really say is to look at it in mock-up, and see where you need to adjust a piece or drill it or cut it until you get the look and feel that you like. my wife says that I can't leave a model alone and "just build it"....just do your thing to get the look you want....when I finish a model, truthfully, it's for my pleasure. I don't enter contests or post a lot of pictures, but I do love to build them!!
  3. Lowering Revell Nascar kits?

    nah....it's all bout what you want to make it look good....as a former racer, yes, it's 4 inches at rest, but then again, if you really look at the cars at rest, the front tires are "leaned" out at the top and that looks silly on a model. The chassis and suspension even itself out at speed and that's the look that most of us like to see in a finished model. looking authentic has it's merits, but getting that low to the ground, mean look...drop that front down to almost touching the ground! I'm not blasting you dwc43...its all about what the modeler wants to see in a finished model....as someone said on here or another board: instructions are one mans opinioin of how he wants the model to be be....or something like that!
  4. Racing Kart in 3D

    astroracer.....are they in 1/24 or 1/25 scale? the tires that you have on the wagon are exactly like the tires I ran on at the asphalt track I raced at!
  5. Racing Kart in 3D

    Here's one for the 3D printers and other after-marketers out there.....I raced a kart for a few years on a paved track here in Georgia. Did pretty well finishing fourth in the points a couple of seasons....missed the championship by 19 points when the hauler broke down on the way to the track..... my question is simple.....who wants to take on the task of making a current type racing kart to scale (1:24/1:25)? I bet that it would sell.....I figure it would be easy to do because almost all of the things required are on line to scale down. parts? chassis, four tires, seat, steering wheel, one cylinder motor and a body...as there are literally thousands of racers out there in the competitive world of oval track kart racing, I think it would be a seller.... I haven't seen anyone take up this type of model, not have they looked into legend cars or bandelero's....which I think is a crime as these are grassroots type racing.....look at Chase Elliott....I was in the pits working on our race cars and karts when he was racing with us in legends and late models....and see where he is now? I think it's a missed opportunity that should be looked at.... I'd love to build a bunch of them to match what my son and I raced!! Last thing....I'm still looking for a four cylinder ford engine (complete) because that's what we had in our mini-stocks.....
  6. Fictional Wrangler Goodwrench No. 3

    why dream it? I've sent stuff to race shops in the past and gotten answers.....send a couple of pics to Richard Childress....who knows? he might sign one and send it back with a word of thanks....or he might just look at it and saw "BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! we need to do this!"...take a look at rcrracing.com
  7. I like it....wife says that I can't build a model without cutting it to pieces, gluing something odd to it, painting it an outlandish color....or simply messing it up from what the box looks like....that's me....a modeling outlaw! love the color...but really, shine it up....only way to go!
  8. Freaky Fast Ford Fusion Finished.

    adding my two cents in.....great looking build....nice and clean....the added extras really make the whole thing pop....give yourself a pat on the back...nicely done!!!
  9. Freaky Fast Fusion (wip)

    actually, it was a nascar decision on the body style.....before it was a production model sedan, but realizing that they needed to open more doors to manufacturers, so an influx of cash is what prompted the change. nascar could have said no, and Chevrolet would have been allowed to stay with the SS body for five years while another body style was in the works. but, seeing that the trend is for sleek, aero cars on today's highways, the Camaro was the obvious choice to start a new trend. I really see dodge and either Nissan or Honda come on board. with all the publicity that Toyota gets in nascar, I know that other manufacturers are worried that it will take away from their sales.....what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday.....
  10. Darlington throwback paint schemes

    I love the throwback schemes....,
  11. 1964 Pontiac GTO Is Complete

    like they say, hindsight is 20/20....had a 65 mustang fastback...wife bought it for $500....sold it for $650 before going to England (we drove my 65 goat home from texas, before we left....sold her car because we were both active duty air force. never saw the car again, but like always, thought we could get another one when we got home....should have put both on them on blocks in my dad's garage....still shed a tear today after seeing what they are worth now....
  12. Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster

    I see so much potential in this kit...using a modern rail and adding the wedge....reforming the wedge to my own tastes....reducing the wedge to give it a sleeker appearance....so much this kit begs to have done to it. You want accuracy? Not to step on your toes 202p51, but modeling is supposed to be fun...your "upset" because the shifter isn't right or the body isn't exact or the inaccuracies aren't to your liking, then the fun is gone.....
  13. Drag race car trailer

    Built one of the 44 foot tri-axle trailers a few years ago...excellent kits....with one exception! After a short while, the tires/rims start to "seep" out a yellowish color goop....like the plastic draws it out of the plastic the tires are made of. Makes the whole thing look crappy. I would suggest changing the tires/rims to something else before you finish it. other than that, its a great trailer and I'm looking at getting another one. The first one suffered a traffic accident on the way to the track (meaning my grandson got his hands on it when he was about 5!)....
  14. 1964 Pontiac GTO Is Complete

    you ain't gonna believe this.....in 1974, I bought a 1965 Pontiac GTO....the exact same color, interior color and 389 tri-power setup! boy does this bring back memories. Shortly after I bought it, I enlisted in the Air Force and in 1975 I left for London, England. After being over there for a couple of months, my dad called....someone had stolen my GTO and after a high speed chase, tried to molest a concrete bridge.... nothing was left that wasn't beat, bent or destroyed beyond recognition. I paid $500 for the goat and figured "oh well" insurance paid me $750 for the car and I can get one when I get home in 1978.....right...so much for wishful thinking! you've done a great job on this one! Give yourself a pat on the back! Excellent work!
  15. Revell Nascar Fusion?

    there was talk about going to a 16 inch wheel at one time, but the lead time for goodyear to produce a tire and to have enough for the all the racing series that use the tire wasn't in the cards...at least that's the last thing that I heard about it...