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  1. THAT's not a small challenge! While I agree the outside looks great from what I can see, I also see inconsistencies in thickness on the inside. You definitely have your work cut out for you. I'm not knocking the person that did this, but a few minutes more would have knocked the casting out of the park.
  2. Excellent! I love the Areo Coupe....one of the best race cars!!
  3. I check Mike's all the time...with Salvinos having the molds for the older kits, I think it would make sense for them to produce the kits and not have to undergo all the licensing issues with decals and such. Saving this money by not including the decals, maybe they could pass the savings on to us. Then we could go to Mike's and get the decals that we would like to have. All I'm looking for is a decent kit at a decent price. I love modeling, but the way the prices keep going, it's not to far off in the future when I will have to call it quits. When kit prices start getting outrageous, then it's time for me to look in a different direction. I can see a "plain jane" kit going for like $20 to $25 and that would be a reasonable price. Plus, with the way their other kits are looking, they can ask for the slightly higher price because of the agreements that they need to market the kits with decals and sponsors. I'll support any company that supports the modeling industry to reign in the costs and still provide modelers with a good product. But like a company that I used to do business with, when I order a piece for $10 yesterday and today it's up to $25....that's when I stop doing business with them. I'll fab my own parts/pieces to save the cost of what they want.
  4. My thoughts? Just keep producing a good kit at a reasonable price. Living on a retired budget, I want to keep modeling, but as with everything else in the world, inflation will hit us where it hurts the most...in the back pocket. I love the "old" school NASCAR kits. One I would like to see is the Aero Coupe Chevy....that's a great looking race car! Without going into great detail, I would also like to see kits that are generic in nature...no decals, just a plain white kit for a good price that I can get my own decals for whatever driver I want to replicate. Seems that would in a way keep costs down....just my thoughts!!!
  5. looking good so far! Keep up the good work!
  6. are you sure you ain't foolin us with pics of the real car? this look beautiful!!
  7. wow! love the stance and the look! you captured it beautifully!
  8. only one comment....the window net....me personally, I would have went with a black or maybe even a brown to set off the beautiful white and yellow paint job. I think it's flawlessly laid down and such a beautiful job with the decals! I wish I could lay one down like that!!
  9. vamach1 .... are you thinking about selling the Mustang kit? I understand the shape that it's in....my family raced a mustang (similar body) and id love to get ahold of the kit....BUT!!! I don't want to step on anyone's toes....if you've already made a deal, then I fully understand!!
  10. I've looked at I can't seem to find this one anywhere on the Round 2 site. Anyone know if this is actually going to be released?
  11. The only thing I can see that distracts from the excellent builds is the computer hookup on the orange car.....its WAY too thick! Working in the IT world, that cable would be about 3 to 4 inches thick in 1:1 scale. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I would have used black spark plug wire to replicate the line....other than that one item, the cars are both awesome to see!
  12. I want one to build a mini stock that we normally see running on tracks all over the country.....four cylinder engines, hoosier racing tires, stripped interior and tons of fun! my son and I raced a mini stock for about 9 years....what a blast!!! I think I might need 2 or 3 if they are actually going to be released....
  13. like the silver chassis! brings out your talent with scratch building the cage....personally, I would look at a red or yellow (with the opposite as the trim color)....that would highlight the chassis....overall? excellent build! great work on it!
  14. looking great! what color are you thinking for the chassis? to me, color is important because it can either hide or enhance the looks of the overall car.....a dark color chassis and a dark color car body lends itself to hiding details that you may want to bring out. likewise, a light color chassis and a light color body could show the mistakes that we all tend to make, no matter how long you've been building! it takes me a while to decide what colors I want to lay down.
  15. Now that I understand! Until Hobby Lobby opened in my area and I started gathering materials, I was locked into using what I had available. I wasn't going to mention the tubes. But, the structure of the cage is sound and other than the size, which I can overlook, it looks great! The headers? I'm starting to work with solder and making my own (and I've been modeling for over 45 years!)....but with my military career (20 years) and moving an average of once every three years, I was left with building box stock. Now i'm retired and getting the hang of aftermarket detailing! Look forward to seeing the completion of this build and your future builds!
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