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  1. are you sure you ain't foolin us with pics of the real car? this look beautiful!!
  2. wow! love the stance and the look! you captured it beautifully!
  3. only one comment....the window net....me personally, I would have went with a black or maybe even a brown to set off the beautiful white and yellow paint job. I think it's flawlessly laid down and such a beautiful job with the decals! I wish I could lay one down like that!!
  4. vamach1 .... are you thinking about selling the Mustang kit? I understand the shape that it's in....my family raced a mustang (similar body) and id love to get ahold of the kit....BUT!!! I don't want to step on anyone's toes....if you've already made a deal, then I fully understand!!
  5. I've looked at I can't seem to find this one anywhere on the Round 2 site. Anyone know if this is actually going to be released?
  6. The only thing I can see that distracts from the excellent builds is the computer hookup on the orange car.....its WAY too thick! Working in the IT world, that cable would be about 3 to 4 inches thick in 1:1 scale. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I would have used black spark plug wire to replicate the line....other than that one item, the cars are both awesome to see!
  7. I want one to build a mini stock that we normally see running on tracks all over the country.....four cylinder engines, hoosier racing tires, stripped interior and tons of fun! my son and I raced a mini stock for about 9 years....what a blast!!! I think I might need 2 or 3 if they are actually going to be released....
  8. like the silver chassis! brings out your talent with scratch building the cage....personally, I would look at a red or yellow (with the opposite as the trim color)....that would highlight the chassis....overall? excellent build! great work on it!
  9. looking great! what color are you thinking for the chassis? to me, color is important because it can either hide or enhance the looks of the overall car.....a dark color chassis and a dark color car body lends itself to hiding details that you may want to bring out. likewise, a light color chassis and a light color body could show the mistakes that we all tend to make, no matter how long you've been building! it takes me a while to decide what colors I want to lay down.
  10. Now that I understand! Until Hobby Lobby opened in my area and I started gathering materials, I was locked into using what I had available. I wasn't going to mention the tubes. But, the structure of the cage is sound and other than the size, which I can overlook, it looks great! The headers? I'm starting to work with solder and making my own (and I've been modeling for over 45 years!)....but with my military career (20 years) and moving an average of once every three years, I was left with building box stock. Now i'm retired and getting the hang of aftermarket detailing! Look forward to seeing the completion of this build and your future builds!
  11. had two of the dodge truck kits (sealed) when my house burned to the ground...can't even find them now....same with two Chase Elliott sealed kits...lost everything....insurance was great and paid for everything that we lost and paid for a new home to be built, but nothing can replace those kits that I had collected or built.....
  12. I look back at the races in Talladega and Kansas and see where anything and everything can happen. Both races showed good and bad about the cars. Think back to Dale Sr.....roll over, body looked like a junk yard had barfed, and what's Dale Sr's reaction? "Are the still tires up?" That's what brought fans to the track....Today's racing might not generate the same fan base as years ago, but I think it's on a coming back....slowly, but coming back. It seems that NASCAR and the manufacturers are looking to return to the "win on Sunday, buy on Monday" theory. The bodies are coming back to look more like the show room cars, but still sticking with what works with aero and safety. Still waiting to see more about what the Gen 7 car is in it's final form. One part that I don't think will fly is the air cleaner.....it would take way too long for teams to pull that off during a pit stop to get to the throttle body. I think they will go back to the negative pressure area at the base of the windshield to draw air in....
  13. its true that the fan base is way down. but I don't think it's a fault of the racing or the racing organizations. racing is down everywhere. the economy is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and that effects everything. people can't afford to travel to the races like they used to. even with gas prices down (except in California!), people have to make a choice on going to the track or eating. the economy is on the rise, but after years of being in the crapper, it's affected people's life style. take mine....my son and I wanted to continue to race, but prices to be competitive kept climbing while our pay didn't. I hated it when we weren't getting beat on the track, but in the wallet. this is one of the problems I see. the other is that when you try to levelize the field, those with deeper pockets are going to come to the front. the gen 7 car is, al least right now, just a test bed for what is coming. don't look too much into a "spec engine" because Toyota, Chevy and Ford are not going to work together to develop a single engine for all. Same with the body...toyo wants the camry to be like what is on the showroom floor, chev won't change the Camaro to match the toyo and ford is going to take their mustang and go home because they won't bend to toyo and chev's will and make it one body for everyone. personally, I like the racing better now than in the past...the COT was actually the waste of a car (WOC)...the only thing the COT proved was how not to build a race car. the use of composite bodies may seem like a waste, but I see it slightly differently...I see is at a way to curb the saying of "if you ain't cheating, you ain't competing". everyone talks about losing jobs and cars are being wrapped and not painted....well, I guess that might be true. but after seeing the race at Talladega yesterday, i'd say that the teams are doing alright for themselves. just my opinions, but i'm going to take a wait and see position. it ain't time for the fat lady to sign over the demise of nascar yet....
  14. gonna reserve judgement on this until I see what the actual car is going to look and see what improvements are being made.....but I do know that the rims won't stand up to the hits and stresses that the cars see in the current model. these aren't racing rims, they look like the rims you get from one of those rent and ride stores....the other thing is the tires...low profile might seem like a good idea, but I see more tire failures...places like Daytona and Talledega? I see them rolling off the beads....but maybe not! have to wait and see...
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