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  1. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Freaky Fast Fusion (wip)   

    actually, it was a nascar decision on the body style.....before it was a production model sedan, but realizing that they needed to open more doors to manufacturers, so an influx of cash is what prompted the change.  nascar could have said no, and Chevrolet would have been allowed to stay with the SS body for five years while another body style was in the works. but, seeing that the trend is for sleek, aero cars on today's highways, the Camaro was the obvious choice to start a new trend.  I really see dodge and either Nissan or Honda come on board.  with all the publicity that Toyota gets in nascar, I know that other manufacturers are worried that it will take away from their sales.....what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday.....
  2. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Darlinton throwback paint schemes   

    I love the throwback schemes....,
  3. Mikey56 added a post in a topic 1964 Pontiac GTO Is Complete   

    like they say, hindsight is 20/20....had a 65 mustang fastback...wife bought it for $500....sold it for $650 before going to England (we drove my 65 goat home from texas, before we left....sold her car because we were both active duty air force. never saw the car again, but like always, thought we could get another one when we got home....should have put both on them on blocks in my dad's garage....still shed a tear today after seeing what they are worth now....
  4. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    I see so much potential in this kit...using a modern rail and adding the wedge....reforming the wedge to my own tastes....reducing the wedge to give it a sleeker appearance....so much this kit begs to have done to it.  You want accuracy? Not to step on your toes 202p51, but modeling is supposed to be fun...your "upset" because the shifter isn't right or the body isn't exact or the inaccuracies aren't to your liking, then the fun is gone.....
  5. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Drag race car trailer   

    Built one of the 44 foot tri-axle trailers a few years ago...excellent kits....with one exception!  After a short while, the tires/rims start to "seep" out a yellowish color goop....like the plastic draws it out of the plastic the tires are made of. Makes the whole thing look crappy.  I would suggest changing the tires/rims to something else before you finish it. other than that, its a great trailer and I'm looking at getting another one. The first one suffered a traffic accident on the way to the track (meaning my grandson got his hands on it when he was about 5!)....
  6. Mikey56 added a post in a topic 1964 Pontiac GTO Is Complete   

    you ain't gonna believe this.....in 1974, I bought a 1965 Pontiac GTO....the exact same color, interior color and 389 tri-power setup!  boy does this bring back memories. Shortly after I bought it, I enlisted in the Air Force and in 1975 I left for London, England. After being over there for a couple of months, my dad called....someone had stolen my GTO and after a high speed chase, tried to molest a concrete bridge.... nothing was left that wasn't beat, bent or destroyed beyond recognition.  I paid $500 for the goat and figured "oh well" insurance paid me $750 for the car and I can get one when I get home in 1978.....right...so much for wishful thinking!   you've done a great job on this one! Give yourself a pat on the back!  Excellent work!
  7. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    there was talk about going to a 16 inch wheel at one time, but the lead time for goodyear to produce a tire and to have enough for the all the racing series that use the tire wasn't in the cards...at least that's the last thing that I heard about it...
  8. Mikey56 added a post in a topic More and more sanding (Shapeways 66 Pro mod Nova)   

    While I really like the progress you've made on this and really love the Nova bodylines, I can't help but wondering about the 3D process if it comes out this way.  it looks like the body is very rough when you get it and have to spend hours in getting it smooth. I see the other pics with the circular lines and it just seems like so much work and effort to get it into shape for painting.
    Not saying that your efforts aren't worth it and that the finished product won't be slick and wicked, just wondering about the whole process and why it can't be smoother than this. I've heard that larger tips versus smaller 3D tips is easier to produce, but the end results isn't as satisfying.
    Please keep us all posted on your progress....like I said, I think that once it's done, it's goona be a killer!!
  9. Mikey56 added a post in a topic First new project in years-Rubicon   

    love this jeep! I cut the doors out tho...i'm doing a post apocalyptic theme to mine....more a get the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH outta dodge type....looking for taller and wider tires and better rims...the stock ones are good, but i'm thinking they are a bit small.....
  10. Mikey56 added a post in a topic NASCAR fantasy build   

    ruger predator rifle in .223/5.56 is one of my favorites to shoot with, so this to me, is one great build!  nice, crisp and clean model!  been thinking of doing one similar to this with colt or smith & wesson....two passions....shooting and model building, so your build hits on both counts! 
  11. Mikey56 added a post in a topic AMT Falcon Stocker .   

    first off, I love the scheme and the cleanness of it...the paint looks flawless and the combination of the kit parts, paint and tires/rims comes together in a great way!  i really love the stance....too many times I see race cars that start as great builds and then the builder doesn't look at giving the car a "proper" stance...this in turn gives the model a weird look.  yours doesn't....it looks great!   give yourself a pat on the back!  you deserve it!
  12. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures NASCAR Taurus test shot.   

    ya know one thing that I would like to see is a plain ole box with the model name on top along with what's included....nothing else....no pictures...no three hundred different languages (like we really speak any of them)....and no decals....a plain jane white box with black lettering...means that they don't have to aquire all the rights for having a thousand little decals or proprietary names other than "Chevrolet" or "Ford".....let us decide what decals to use....ain't like there aren't a thousand companies producing anything you want...what we call it....what we want to do with it....and then cut costs to us, the ones that are buying the kits....there are numerous ways to cut costs in anything on the market today....but then, they don't want to pass any savings on to us because it cuts into their profit margin.  I remember when model companies kept us happy.....
  13. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Revell Full Detail/Glue NASCAR Kits   

    for all......I am waiting on the new glue kits because I am a racer at heart (owned and raced my own) and a nascar fan....but I've been modeling for over 40 years....nothing noteworthy, I just enjoy building my own way....but, I need some help.....i'm looking for a full containment seat that I saw....it's not one of the metal ones that are offered (which are awesomely done!)....i'm building the Jim Cushman duster right now....cut the front clip off and replaced it with one of the nascar kits front clip....cut the floor board apart and re-did the tunnel and shifter area and cut the molded in seat bars....now i'm looking for a full containment seat that I saw either on here or on another site, but my laptop crashed and I lost the address....they were 3d printed, great in detail and sold for about $5.00 a piece.....if anyone can help I would really appreciate it... also, i'm using the current snap nascar kit rims and tires....they fill the wheel well better than the stock stuff and I like the "rounded" sidewall....sanding them down and using a hoosier decal makes the tires look a lot like the ones I raced on....thanks in advance!!!!    mike
  14. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Revell Full Detail/Glue NASCAR Kits   

    Have to add this about the tires and rims....I'll wait to see if the tires are taller and wider than what is currently run to get the proportions right...but the rims...teams have gotten to the point that they don't paint the rims unless it's part of the overall paint scheme of the car (2, 22, etc)....the rims are usually bought black from either aero race wheels (yellow trim ring) or bassett (red trim ring). Bart racing wheels also have some that have no trim ring color. one way to tell is the decal near the valve stem....bassett is an oblong shape while aero is an arrow....as far as knowing the difference, I have to say that I like the aero wheels better for latemodel and mini stock racing....plus they cost me a lot less when I bent a rim....must have spent at least $1000 on rims over the years I raced!!  and id love to see a superbird or Daytona decked out with today's chassis and motor combo....we'd be looking at 200 easy and without restricter plates....I figure well over 240....
  15. Mikey56 added a post in a topic Revell Full Detail/Glue NASCAR Kits   

    love it!  I can see where some imporivements will have to be made....side window naca ducts is one....wondering tho....is the dash the old analog style or the current digital?