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  1. The kits that are produced are super nice and they do the older kits. The Club members do enjoy perks. If you like NASCAR, the club is the way to go. The previously announced Next Gen Camaro with the rollout decals was the first....others previously shown will follow shortly thereafter. As with any club, they have rules and such that we all follow...best bet is to contact Chris or Rick (contact info is on the website). I am extremely happy joining the club and what they have planned for the future!
  2. If you haven't, you really need to join the Builders Club.....you'll be surprised at what's coming in the future!!
  3. Concerning the 2020 Elliott Camaro..... As far as when it will be available is anyone's guess. NASCAR has a strict "code of silence" on products they license. I can only recommend that builders join the SJRM Builders Club (link: Salvinos JR Models) for up to date news and specials they offer. I've been a member for about a year now and the things they are doing will only enhance our enjoyment of building models. And believe me, you'll be surprised at what they have for members!!
  4. Good morning! One thing that some forget or don't realize....when it comes to the "older" cars and what went on, the cars more than likely were worked on by a crew of mechanics and helpers that didn't wipe off their hands after working on the car/engine. Its not like todays pristine shops and very exacting work on the car in the garage area. I remember going to a Atlanta race and being in the garage area and saw Dale Sr spray painting the rear quarter panel that had to be reshaped for NASCAR.....rattle can black with paint drips! He smile and waved at us thru the fence and jokingly said "I ain't a painter, I just drive the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing!"...made me a believer in his abilities! lol!! just wanted to say that back in the day, it was a dirt job but someone had to do it!
  5. I've read with interest what has been posted on here. Unless I missed something, I don't think any changes to the drive line have been mentioned. At least I don't remember reading about it. I don't think IRS (independent rear suspension) is in the works. I've heard about sequential shift, but don't know if that's on the board or not. Guess we will all have to wait and see what 2021 brings. Now...back to modeling....several have voiced displeasure about NASCAR and what not, but that doesn't stop us all from modeling cars of the past. SJRM has brought back several oldies but goodies and has plans for more after purchasing a lot of the older molds from Monogram/Revelle. I like these kits because of the way that they were done and the modifications that you can make to them. With that said, I'd love to see a current cup body made along with the correct chassis for it. I think it would lend itself to being very detailed and having fun doing it.
  6. I don't believe that NASCAR is on the way out. Hear me out before you set me on fire. NASCAR has seen it's fair share of criticism and chastising in the recent months and it all is driven by what they expect the new generation of the car will look like. Of course, they said that NASCAR was doomed when they brought out the COT, but you kept watching. Now that the cars are back to looking more similar to showroom cars, viewers are watching. Didn't say everyone was watching, but they are. Otherwise they wouldn't have known about the next gen cars and what changes are anticipated. I don't agree with the single lug nut or the composite rims...I see that as a disaster waiting to happen. But the safety changes? That is itself a plus. The sequential transmission? So what? at least it's not paddle shifters, electronic clutches and traction control. The drivers will still have control of the car and car/crew chiefs will have their work cut out for them. lower tire pressures will cause rims to drag on the track surface, smaller sidewalls will cause the beads to pull off, smaller sidewalls means more cut downs going into the corners....and the list goes on. Everything I've heard is all negative....but I prefer to think of the positive things NASCAR has done. One is safety....Ryan Newman's Daytona crash pointed out several "needs" that the cars will have to have. Increased protection from side impacts and more roll bars to safely encompass the driver to protect them. I know that some will disagree with me on this. That's OK. After 20 years as a cop (now retired), I've been called just about every name in the book and I don't give it a second thought. My worries are more centered on the safety and health of my family and not on what NASCAR is contemplating or recently announced. While some call it pandering to the masses, I see it as NASCAR trying to avoid and prevent problems. Now....back to the original question. I don't know if any modelling company is going to do any of the current cup cars. I know that there are some out there that are casting the new bodies, but I don't have any experience with building one or what they look like after casting. I've often thought about getting one of the diecast and vacu-forming one, but the expense of that for one body; and then no guarantee that it will come out, doesn't justify the expense. Hopefully SJRM will look into producing a kit and getting it on the shelves for all of us. Thanks for letting me rant....as I said, you can try to burn my biscuits over the way I feel about NASCAR, I don't mind....just bear in mind that I will not tolerate bringing my family, race, religion or my thoughts on gender into question.
  7. i'm not sure where you got your info on kart racing unless your talking about shifter karts or the karting from overseas, but as a prior kart owner/driver with my son, we were very competitive and spent maybe about $6000 per year. We did our own engines using the 212cc Predator and parts from ARC Racing. the chassis were not brand new, but I can't see spending $2000 for a chassis when good, reliable chassis can be had for a lot less if you know where to look. while I agree with the addage if you want to make a million in racing, start with 2 million....you can get by with a lot less if you know what your doing, where to look and who to talk to. but! with that being said, I had about $11K tied up in our mini-stock...
  8. Dang nice! like the way you reconfigured the rear to include the spring perches and the shocks. The fuel cell fits right in!!! Keep up the great work and let us all know as you progress!
  9. I'm thinking about using the twin shocks from the early nascar kits and maybe reworking the rear shock mount. springs? Well, i'd have to think about how to incorporate the spring perch's into the trailing arms and then how to make them sit with the ride height that you have. as far as the rear wheel opening, i'd say leave them like they are. take a close look at the grassroots racing and you'll find that if the car was built in a racers garage versus a custom build, they usually hog out the wheel arches....I know that we did....wasn't worried about aero or looks, jet get them big enough to get the slicks mounted!
  10. now this is a great start to a great build! love the stance and how you achieved it. Other thing that I'm disappointed in this kit are the front shocks. Im going to lower mine the same as you did, but i'm going to rework the front bars and replace the shocks with something looking a bit more realistic.....sorry, meant to add that i'm going to rework the firewall too....just doesn't look right....
  11. Da** nice build! love the detail on the seat and the interior! The paint work on the body is great, you nailed the raced look!!
  12. Not doubting your assessment of the chassis and the parts. What I fail to see is why your saying that you never purchase anything from them. I understand once burned, twice learned, but as a new company, JR Salvino's is doing the best with what they have and what they can do. Monogram, AMT, all of them...they all went through it. I'm not saying that JR Salvino's isn't going through growing pains and that changes need to be made, but I would give them a break and work with them to fix what is wrong. If the rear end is too small, work with them on measurements and see what you can do to help ALL modelers. For me, I just purchased my first and find that everything looks great and I started to mock it up and don't find any issues...at least with the size and fit. I think the only thing that I'll be measuring and checking is the tire size. Truthfully, they seem a bit too small, but i'm going to use a current Revell-Monogram kit and an older monogram kit to see if the size is comparable and if not, what can I use to bring it closer to what I like. Again, I'm not arguing with anyone, but as a start up company with limited releases, i'm sure that things will be better in the long run and for me? I plan on buying a few more....specially the modified!! Just my thought and opinions...…...
  13. Mikey56


    aint a crime to do it....it's a crime if you get caught! we never took the time to paint ours shite, although the rules did say that.....just thought it was a waste of paint!!
  14. Got some of the tape myself....works great! Got mine at a beauty supply store....never can tell where you'll find deals at!
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