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  1. Hi guys, Looking to trade Pro Tech parts for any gas/oil signs (must be original from the 1970's or earlier). Let me know what you have. Thanks, Charlie Pro Tech Model Parts protechmodelparts.com 321-960-0532
  2. Hi Mike, The Valve Stems are machined aluminum and one of our products (PTMC 72). The tires are kit tires out of another front engine dragster kit "The Young American". Thanks! Charlie Pro Tech
  3. I got the wheels/tires done. I've added our Valve Stems and made lug nuts out of our .025 Hex Fittings and Evergreen rod. I have both how-to listed on our website under Modeling Tips. Thanks for looking. Charlie Pro Tech
  4. Mike. what a great looking pair of fuelers you got there. You're one of the truly (few) master builders out there. Thanks again for your support of our products. Have a good day, Charlie Pro Tech
  5. Just stunning work Mike, love all the intricate details you've included. The injectors with all that linkage is just beautiful!! Charlie Pro Tech
  6. Thanks Mike, yes that's our Cam style 5 pt. harness that I converted the buckle to a vintage 4 pt. style I have a how-to on my site under "Modeling Tips" Mike I really admire your work, not many can create the pieces of art you produce. I will have to catch up on your latest. Maybe someday we can touch base on the phone. Charlie Pro Tech
  7. Thanks guys for your kind comments. Charlie Pro Tech
  8. Well I got the engine in along with fuel cell/lines and completed cockpit. Hope you enjoy. Charlie Pro Tech
  9. Thanks guys for all the previous kind words. I hope to have a little more done before long. Charlie Pro Tech
  10. Mike, you do some beautiful work! Love your subject and those golden days of the sport. Charlie Pro Tech
  11. The lines going to and from the barrel valve are .025 braid (PTMC 20) with corresponding fittings (PTMC 25). The injector lines (under the injector hat) are my plug wire (PTMC 1) with my photo etch fittings (PTMC 39). Charlie Pro Tech
  12. Thanks, I got the injector from Speed City Resins, they have a lot of great vintage drag racing stuff.
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