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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that Pro Tech is running a "Special" for a limited time. Go to our website http://protechmodelparts.com and check it out on our homepage. Thanks and happy modeling, Charlie Pro Tech
  2. Thanks Brett, really like your vintage drag stuff also, right up my alley, nice work!
  3. Thanks W - 409, Yes, that's the engine that came in the kit, less the blower pulleys/belt which is a Pro Tech part. I think the engine is very scale correct, along with the rest of the kit. Johan was a great company and I wish they were still producing kits, we would have had some great offerings 😞 Charlie Pro Tech
  4. Thanks Dave for the update. Gregg, I wish you all the best. I hope everything works out for you. Maybe one day we can meet in person, I would look forward to that. Charlie Pro Tech
  5. Alot of great looking builds here! Here's one of my latest. Built from the Johan kit with aftermarket decals and a bunch of Pro Tech detailing parts. Charlie Pro Tech
  6. Thanks Tom, nice to see you too. We'll have to catch up sometime in the not too distance future. Charlie Pro Tech
  7. Thanks Chris, always love to check out your beautiful builds. Charlie Pro Tech
  8. Thanks again guys, appreciated πŸ˜€ Charlie Pro Tech
  9. No, that's actually paint Thanks! Charlie Pro Tech
  10. Hi John, Thanks and your awesome builds makes my products look pretty good tooπŸ˜€ Charlie Pro Tech
  11. Yes, all Johan except for all the detailing which is all Pro Tech. Charlie Pro Tech
  12. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. Charlie Pro Tech
  13. Hope I can post pics now. Charlie Pro Tech
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