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  1. Thanks guys for all the previous kind words. I hope to have a little more done before long. Charlie Pro Tech
  2. Mike, you do some beautiful work! Love your subject and those golden days of the sport. Charlie Pro Tech
  3. The lines going to and from the barrel valve are .025 braid (PTMC 20) with corresponding fittings (PTMC 25). The injector lines (under the injector hat) are my plug wire (PTMC 1) with my photo etch fittings (PTMC 39). Charlie Pro Tech
  4. Thanks, I got the injector from Speed City Resins, they have a lot of great vintage drag racing stuff.
  5. gtx6970 Not sure if it's the actual oil filter but it's a canister of some sort and replicates the actual car. Look closely at the lower left of the engine and you can see the canister.
  6. Hey guys, been building this for awhile now and thought I would post a few pics. It's the reissue that came out a few years ago. I have the engine finished (detailed with all Pro Tech parts) and will be in the frame soon. I will post more pics when I get it installed. Thanks for looking! Charlie Pro Tech
  7. Thanks High octane for the kind words. Charlie Pro Tech
  8. Looking for guitar repair tools especially refret tools. Let me know what you have and maybe we can do a trade for Pro Tech parts. Thanks, Charlie Pro Tech Model Parts
  9. Just wanted to let everyone know that Pro Tech is running a "Special" for a limited time. Go to our website http://protechmodelparts.com and check it out on our homepage. Thanks and happy modeling, Charlie Pro Tech
  10. Thanks Brett, really like your vintage drag stuff also, right up my alley, nice work!
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