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  1. So does this mean that the Ford motor is ready?
  2. Kevin, Kevin I didn't take it at disrespectful. The model that I posted the panel lines are not gone. If you could see it in person you could tell. What I do is before I primer is cut the panel lines a little bit deeper so the clear coat won't fill in.
  3. Cruz, I strictly use urethanes paints (DuPont) To me they are the better then anything else on the market. To answer some of your ?'s #2 Hardener does have a shelf life, I can't tell you how long because where you live your humidity is different then where I live. The only way to make it last longer is to buy a can of Bloxygen. After you open your paint, hardener, & clear coat spray a little then close it. #3 DuPont #4 I mix my paint different then the next person its just a preference, I spray my paint at 15-23 psi. #5 I use a paasche to an Iwata to sata airbrushes & a sata jet
  4. Mike, they make 2 kinds of gauges 1. single- how much pressure is in the take 2. dual- same as above, but with a regulator & gauge so you can reduce the pressure coming out. (I use this one) Go to your local gas/welding company should fill it less then $10.00 You will also need a coupler on the gauges to hook-up your airbrush to it. If you need anything else just let me know. J
  5. ZTony is right about putting white under red will make it pop. But if you put a yellow base first it will make the red stand out more then white will. Anytime I paint anything red I will use a yellow primer and not that buff color primer . J
  6. Hay guys I'm needing some information about the model show. Does anybody have a flyer? Thanks J. Smith
  7. The name of the color is Pepper Gray. If you look on the Eleanor fourm DuPont is the best match for the color. Also the black stripes are not a plain black, it is a metallic black JSmith
  8. If you know how to use an airbrush I would use an automotive primer. I use all DuPont paints I have never had a problem with it.
  9. I agree 100% To me, I think it does better then a compressor does if you do find 1 make sure you take out the pick-up tube.
  10. Roger, There is one comming up in July I think it is on the 27 (Saturday) J Smith
  11. As Geno said Auto Air or PPG? Auto Air I can't really help you out with. If you are wanting to know about DuPont Cromax I can help you out with that. I have been using it for the last 4 mths. You can ask here or pm me your ?'s I can help you out as much as I can. J Smith
  12. Maybe something like these you can find them here http://www.modelmakershop.com/modelmakershop/index.php?cat=c127_UK-Modellbau.html&page=2&XTCsid=ontno2ektrhd3ge818gbaojtv1
  13. I live in Paducah about 30-45 min from you.
  14. I've been using the same stuff for the past 3+ yrs. It's a really great product.
  15. The only way not to have tiger striping is when you spray your first line of paint, and when you come back to do the 2nd line you want a 50% over lap.
  16. I'm 1 of those people who uses a co2, don't have to worrie about moisture traps, don't have the living snot scared out of me when it does kick on. I have been really happy w/ my set-up. my tank will hold 3000 pounds of co2, it will last me about 8-10 months
  17. Here is one i've been working on for the past year
  18. Take a look at this site http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?manuf=Chrysler&year=1968
  19. The can is 15oz & if I remember right I paid 13.00 - 14.00 To me, I think this stuff is better spraying, lays down smooth
  20. I agree with all of yall but , my choice is Transtar # 4603
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