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  1. Here's my old 76 stepside, wish I still had her. I'll have to look around and see if I can find any other pics. Ron
  2. Found this yesterday in Gary Mortons collection on Hankstruckpictures
  3. Thanks everyone. Can't wait to pick up a Diamond Reo and spend some quality time on one. Ron
  4. It's due to Florida's bridge laws. They can legally haul 78,000 lbs with a single axle truck with 12k on the front axle. Ron
  5. Don't know yet, I can send them to you if you need them for something. I was just going to throw them in the parts box. Ron
  6. Well, I'm about 2.5 hours into my build and she's coming along really nicely. I'm pretty proud so far. Here's a crappy cell phone pic I got the bed cut down so it fits nicely on the frame. I still need to cut up the bed liner, should have that done in the next hour or so. Then I'll pretty much be ready for paint. That won't come until tomorrow maybe. Ron
  7. Did a buy it now on ebay for $25 and just came in today. Everything is still sealed up in the stock packaging except the box itself. I feel I got a pretty good deal considering the prices these things seem to go for. I'm going to start on it tomorrow night while I am at work as long as it is not busy. i plan to shorten the bed a couple scale feet and use only two of the axles to simulate the typical Florida rock bucket. This is what I'll be using to build it I took this shot of a Fruehauf dump in Florida a couple years back. I intend for this one to come out the same with the exception of a black frame and no roll tarp. I'll post pics as I progress. Ron
  8. Man that looks really good, can't wait to see the trailer weathered. Ron
  9. l'm as far as I'm going with this practice build. Looking good so far, need some better masking tape as the paint bled through. The pearl white looks silver on top of the gray primer. I think she looks pretty good so far though. Now to get me a DR and start working on it. Ron
  10. Shot some paint on it a couple days ago, I think I'm going to tape up the hood a little bit and get the top painted blue to match the cab a little more. Ron
  11. Don't need the motor right now, just practicing with this one, probably not even going to put a motor in it for now. As far as how much I cut off, I couldn't tell you, just eyed this one up. Crappy cell phone pic, but here's where I'm at Ron
  12. That's funny, I used to go to school at Pathway Christian right behind Stepps lot. At recess I would always go hang out by the fence to watch them move the trucks out or bring trucks in with can-do. That truck was really a beast when you're looking at it at 8 years old...lol Ron
  13. I guess I forgot to mention that I am going to recreate dads diamond reo and I am using this road boss as practice. I have the trans star sleeper and the astro bumper (Thanks again to R nagle). So all I need is a Diamond Reo hood (which is coming from a forum member on another forum). Once they reissue the Diamond Reo I'll probably end up buying about 10 kits to cut up and play around with to make different versions of my dad's truck. Ron
  14. Yes it is, 1973 Diamond Reo Apollo 90. Using the road boss for practice due to cheaper prices. At least until the DR is reissued. Ron
  15. Dad's truck was originally a day cab single axle so I'm thinking after looking at it today that the wheelbase just might be right. Here's a shot of where I'm going with this. Ron
  16. It works good for modeling, the battery seems a little weak at times, but it sat uncharged for about 6 months so I may have messed it up my self. Ron
  17. Just have the stock road boss engine in it right now minus the turbo. WIll have to fab a naturally aspirated intake and exhaust because the turbo was in the passengers footwell while installed. Ron
  18. Ok, so I thought I would post some pics of it mocked up on the chassis. I think she's coming along nicely here. I keep thinking the wheelbase is still a little too long, but we'll see after I put a sleeper on it. Ron
  19. Well, started on the kit today. Got most of the chassis done and got the hood hacked up a bit. Need to get the motor put together so I can measure out the hole for the interior. Ron
  20. OOh, I can't wait for this one to come out, maybe we'll be able to get them a lot cheaper than ebay now. Ron
  21. Lots of good pics there Aaron, but that's a newer bodystyle. The hood has never seemed to fit on this body style, but it's the same with the 1:1. I plan to use the diamond reo hood if I can find one, and no sleeper. Ron
  22. Just picked one up today at my local HS. Can't wait to get started on this although I know I probably won't for a month or more. Haven't decided on a theme yet but at least I have time to think about it. Ron
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