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  1. Next: scratching a fuel tank. Today I'll just post the start and the leather braces. I used a messing pipe and a pipecutter to make the tank. I'm sure there are other ways to do it, this seemed the best to me. For the leather I've used a fake belt. It was perfect for this project, but very delicate. Tried a few times to separate the top layer and after a while, i succeed Made two more little pieces and used very thin iron wire to make the steel part and pin. After cursing the gods and throwing everything around, I managed to make something that is ok to me. Not perfect, but I know what went wrong Next time, it'll be better. Greetz Cor
  2. Beautifull car, fresh color. You make me want to start mine Hope I will get a result as good as this one
  3. Very very cool! I absloutely love it. And your last shot is excellent. Big thumbs up
  4. So I started this project about a month ago. My plan is to make my own T-bucket with the body of Ed Roth's Outlaw. I don't want to make a shiny show-car, but something more subtle. I used Revell's kit for as a start. First of all, I made the interior fit since that didn't fit perfectly. Then I smoothened the back Removed some parts of the suspension so that I can put a grill on it. The grill will be modified Found two potential pair of wheels Then Z-framed the front of the frame And that's where I am now The chrome will be removed soon, and I am working on the engine. Cor
  5. Deadly force is the last resort It looks so ... brutal. Nice project
  6. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to see some of your work here
  7. I absloutely LOVE the color. Perfect choice
  8. I watched, I lol'd, I loved! Looks like this will be fun
  9. Nice car you've got there. On to be proud, and jealous of Interior looks great.
  10. According to those suspiciously flat rims, I am inclined to say model Not sure though, or am I??
  11. I have the same one here, will definitely follow this thread. Color looks good. It screams for some shiny rims
  12. A good modeller can make every kit look great Here's your compliment But you have to admit that OOB, it isn't the best kit ever produced. I can't remember why (I only took a brief look at it and put it on the pile) but I do remeber that I was a bit disappointed.
  13. Usually I don't really like such colors an older cars, but this one actually looks pretty good! Nice detailing on the engine, great work
  14. Even without the clear it looks absolutely B E A Utifull. Can't wait to see this done. Big thumbs up
  15. Revell US also produced a '57 Corvette. Atlhough the kit isn't of a great quality, it is cheap and you should be able to find it pretty easily.
  16. I also do it on almost every model. It makes the panellines more visible and deep and thus, look more realistic when painted. In my opinion at least. I use a model knife for small lines, and a scribing tool for doors, trunk and hood.
  17. Nice pair, both look very clean. The wheels are awesome, would love to have a couple of those. But as said before, wiring would add more detail. Maybe something for a next build
  18. Great model, superb engine. You really did a great job! It's just one clean and hot engine bay.
  19. Same here, the finish is great. I love the color, turns out great with the interior Cor
  20. Oh this is a very cool! Such a nice ride, combination with the weels is perfect
  21. Always found this a - politely said - ugly car. But you managed to make me like it Very cool looking.
  22. Thank you guys, but these are only the better ones You guys definitely made a good first impression. Seems like this will be a 'stay' Ow tricky one, but here's the perfect answer: I'm Belgian, period But if you really want to know, I live in the Flemish part Cor
  23. Awesome modifications! That's one really mean 37 Cor
  24. Great color, gives this classic a whole other look. Very nice work so far
  25. God Just don't know what to say. Don't want to, but got to be jealous. Absolutely stunning work Cor
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