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  1. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic 41 willys hi guys I am new here   

    Welcome Tom
    I would like to know what you did to get the tires and rims to look so realistic
  2. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic corvette ZINGER   

    Reminds me of one the muscle machine die cast cars
    You did a great job on weathering that engine, what kit is the engine from?
  3. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Revell 49 Merc Decal Question?   

    Another method you might think about is drilling a hole thru the dash and mounting the decals on the back and then
    fill the front with canopy glue. the glue dries clear and holds the decal in place.
  4. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Guns?   

    AMT made a Joker Goon/Gotham City police car combo model that had a shotgun, machine gun and pistol in it.
  5. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Working with Model Master Buffing Metalizer/ Update with pics 6/14/14   

    I started using the metalizers recently and found that you don't need primer underneath them, they seem to buff out better without the primer and they cover very well
    with only one coat. I read that you only need a thin coat and the more you apply the less the buffing effect works.

  6. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Painting torque thrust rims   

    Mike - I have thought about getting a piece of tubing to mask off the outer rim but I haven't found anything with the right diameter. I might be able to make
    something with .010 styrene wrapped around a rod with the right diameter and tape it together.

    Hugh - I know what you mean about the paint flowing off the brush. I noticed this when I was testing the paint on the chrome sprue.
  7. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Painting torque thrust rims   

    Thanks for the tips, looks like I am going to have to work on my brush painting. I haven't been using thinner so I am going to try that.
  8. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Painting torque thrust rims   

    Hugh - nice work on those rims, that's what I am trying to end up with. maybe a lighter shade of gray

    Monty - I tested some acrylic paint on the chrome sprue and it doesn't adhere well. I havent tried the metalizer. I think a flat primer is more what im after.

    Jesse - I will try that idea or just touch up lug nuts with a silver sharpie
  9. HOLMES55 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Painting torque thrust rims
    I have these chrome torque thrust rims from the 1968 Bullit mustang kit that I wanted to paint the spokes gray for the magnesium look.
    I have seen other models with spokes painted and wanted to know other peoples technique to paint their rims. I prefer masking tape
    and spray paint but it seems like it might be easier to brush paint them. When I brush paint sometimes you can see the brush marks.

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  10. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic '55 Chevy Bel Air A/GS -Finished!-   

    One of the problems with this kit is that the B-pillar is molded into the windows and the clear plastic is very thick. I cut the front and rear windshields off and used .010 clear plastic for the wing windows and left the rear side windows off of mine. I also filed the C-pillar down(between the side and rear windows)because it was way off the reference photos of the 1:1 car. Mine also had the missing door line that yours had so I scribed that in.

  11. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Acrylic paints and floor polish. Tips to save money and get great results   

    Thanks Chris

    Another good reason to use acrylics, you save on paint costs and primer cost. And one less step in the painting process.
  12. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic Acrylic paints and floor polish. Tips to save money and get great results   


    What type of primer do you recommend under the acrylic paint ??
  13. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic 1941 willys Pickup   


    There were several modifications I made to this kit. The engine is not the best 427 SOHC out there, I added the distributor and coil. The suspension was modified, I raised the front and moved it forward. The body had no issues other than getting the doors lined up in their openings. I taped the doors to the body and got the hinges lined up and glued the hinges to the body and then drilled thru both door hinges and put a plastic rod thru them. You can just glue the doors shut if you want to. The 2 piece tires take a little work to look right, I glued them together and sanded them down so the seam is less noticeable. AMT released a kit last year that might be a better choice. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71319&hl=willys

  14. HOLMES55 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1941 willys Pickup
    Here is the kit I started with

    The front end was too low and the wheels sat back to far. I raised the front end and moved the wheels forward.
    The rear differential was mounted to quarter elliptical springs and did not look sturdy enough so I replaced them
    with leaf springs.
    I took a lot of the chrome off and used model masters metalizer paints. This was the first time I have used them
    and noticed if you put primer under them they didn't buff out much and work better spraying over the bare plastic.
    Here is the motor/chassis:

    I did get the doors to line up fairly well

    The tires are 2 piece type but I used them anyway

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  15. HOLMES55 added a post in a topic 1955 F100 Street Rod   


    I applied foil to the emblems and the tailgate and then detailed the emblems with a red sharpie

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, it was a big help being able to read other peoples tips and techniques on this website