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  1. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    I do miss the giant pencil, which is usually placed next to the real engine. ;D
  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Well deserved.
  3. Double "A" Dale

    Spectacular build!
  4. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tiffanys would be proud as well.
  5. 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17

    I already got vette fever LOL
  6. At current state already one of the best models I have ever seen. The level of detail is just amazing. Pure art.
  7. This is going to be another stellar Teresi masterpiece.
  8. Although I don’t like such show cars, it’s another contest winner for sure. Bravo!
  9. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    That's way beyond good. Fantastic work.
  10. Never thought I could fall in love with a firebottle. I bet even Mr. Prudomme can’t tell it from the real one.
  11. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Another masterpiece is rising up.
  12. Agree, very close to a faberge-egg.
  13. Chris, beautiful parts. The blower belt looks fantastic. Someone at Revell should hire you for the development of upcoming models.
  14. As John already said , you deserve the crown of this board. I can’t believe what I see.
  15. I am addicted now. I need more of those Teresi eye candy. More!
  16. Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered

    That's why man rules the world . He is an inventor.
  17. Hi Chris, my idea was to give that micofibre cloth, which is used for lens cleaning, a try. Glued onto some thicker material it may do the trick.
  18. Chris… I think the colors are pretty close to the reference, but perhaps the scaling of the medical tapes weaving, don't match the original. All in all the your skills and patience are amazing. Keep up the great work.
  19. This beauty in 1/16 please! http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/c0/61/d7/c061d782ee1d4e1d5488f9275eea8f45.jpg
  20. Chris, I did mine with a polygonal modeler, named Cinema 4D. Feel free to use it.
  21. Hi Chris, i am sure your cad model is great. But I could'nt resist the challenge, to do my own one. I converted it into STL format, which should work fine with printing. The scaling is not correct by now, but you might use it with your fantastic funny car built. Cube https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rzwvkgvvvdnb19/Breather.stl
  22. Hi Chris, ebay seems to be a good starting point, for searching classic parts: http://www.ebay.ca/sch/sis.html?_nkw=NOS%20KB%20Keith%20Black%20Hemi%20valve%20cover%20breathers%20w%20gskts%20Dragster%20Gasser%20Top%20Fuel&_itemId=221428512163 Cube