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  1. the revell 41 chev truck john
  2. chevy also had a 366 big block. it was a medium-heavy duty truck motor
  3. how much clear? exactly as dave said, as much as you can possibly put on the thing without erasing detail. . when sanding you just have to keep in mind, rised corners and such will have less on it than a flat panel, so you need to take that into account as well
  4. ditto what dave said. im up to about my 4th polish job, and am THRILLED with how far my skills have come, my Kenworth's black paint looks fantastic.
  5. looks great....but isnt it stewArt warner?
  6. pics of the detroit? theres no mention of it on the website.
  7. im tellin ya, black carpet, white seats with just a little orange insert on the seats brad.
  8. screw the blower, go with the dual 4's you have pictured man!
  9. update: our supplier at work came thru for me on the clatterpiller yellow, so the engine is painted. cab and hood are painted cleared and wetsanded and eagerly awaiting the flame maskin kit en-route from aussie land. flames will be GM fusion orange.
  10. i assume(hope) youll have a nice beefy headache rack or tool box to fill the gap between the body and cab, right?
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