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  1. Auto Art makes opening cars with a type of resin. I have 5 of them and I'm pretty happy with this 'compromise' as these models are very nice, the details are crisp with a nice finish and the opening parts seem sturdy enough to be opened and closed more than just a couple times. So if instead the manufacturers would go this way, I'd continue collecting, if the regular full featured diecast (metal or plastic) disappear I'll stop collecting because I really dislike featureless static resin models.
  2. Man this is one super nice 67! The white paint and rally wheels makes it different from all the red and black cars, very nice! So excuse my ignorance on the topic of big scale cars, but I'm trying to figure out how to make red line tires. I'm planning to build a Monogram 'Vette similar to this one and one of the focal points on the outside will be the tires. if i could pull this off it would look so much better than a plain black tire.
  3. Try this: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties?section=1%2F12+Scale&s=0&page[number]=5&page[limit]=48&page[order]=asc
  4. After buying this kit in 2015 for a good price, about a month ago I finally decided to take on this big boy to see what I could do of it. I usually build 1/24 big rigs and thought I'd do something different this time.When I first opened the box, I was taken aback and closed it up again telling myself "What am I getting into!" You know what? it wasn't bad at all, after you get used to the sheer size of the parts i was ok with it. Just follow the instruction and use your common sense and everything will work just fine. I was amazed at how most things went together so nicely. The kit could be bui
  5. Have I seen this correctly ? This GMC had an independent suspension up front??? Holy Moly, that's the first time I see this, I was flabbergasted when I saw Volvo trucks were using an independent setup. You're telling me GMC used that in the 60's with air ride?! Unreal!
  6. Thanks for your nice comments guys! it's always appreciated. I like it and I'm happy you like it too!
  7. I was waiting for this comment! I knew this would catch your eye! Thanks man, it's appreciated!
  8. That was a major project! Nice rigs, clean builds with bound loads too. Job well done!
  9. Such a cute little truck! Your build is quite clean, I like the color, it makes the truck stand out! Very nice! Now when are these kits coming out, I want to build this!
  10. Very clean build! Nice work! You actually foiled the grill or you shot it with chrome paint? Very good work any way you look at it for sure!
  11. Hi guys, this is my annual build, an Italeri FLD120 with a Moebius 53 foot Great Dane roll up door dry van. I have seen these D&R rigs go up and down the highways since I was a kid. In the early 90's I was struck by the styling of the FLD as being a breakthrough at the time, being very good looking for a fleet truck. So, since I'm familiar with the Day & Ross "Ship The Big Orange" paint scheme and still liking the FLD so much, I decided to make one of my own! So here is the breakdown, I started with the Italeri kit that has the silver truck box art with the cab side exhausts. The truck
  12. I had that poster when I was a teen too! You hit this one right on the head, it's looking very much like the poster! Now all you need is the stainless reefer behind it! Brought me way back when for a minute! Thanks for sharing!
  13. looking really good up tp now! Ford sure made good looking big trucks at the day. Nice job Jac, you've outdone yourself with this one.
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