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  1. Jim B just contacted me concerning the dash that I was working on so I might as well give you all the update. 

    I had almost finished it & I passed it on to cb when the current trouble started, (I freaked out, I'm autistic), anywho cb done the dirty on me & hasn't spoken to me since & Jim informed me that he hasn't been on the site in a year which is about the time I gave him the parts so I have no idea on it's current where abouts or what's happening with it. 

    Goes to show, trust no one. 

    Such is life. 

    I am very sorry for letting all of you who were wanting one down. 

    Be safe everyone & much love & peace be upon you & your loved ones. 




  2. I remember many moons ago in the "other mag", a gentleman by the name of Larry Booth (I certainly hope that was his name & my apologies if it isn't) & a 67-8 fastback Mustang. 

    I seem to remember that it had a aluminium? one piece front windscreen trim that he had hand made. 

    I can remember? in the article saying people had been given him a "hard time" because of how long he was taking in building it. 

    I never seen the Mustang finished, does anyone remember this gentleman & his Mustang? 

  3. Does anyone know if Terence is alive. 

    I paid for a product in July 19, got a receipt, couple of weeks later got a order update then nothing. 

    Contacted him in Dec & got told the last time I purchased anything from them was 4yrs ago, sent him copies of the receipts & have been ignored since. 

    Max is MIA from his Interceptor. 

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