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  1. For those who are wondering where the dash is at. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/162751-kenworth-aerodyne-dash/
  2. Jim B just contacted me concerning the dash that I was working on so I might as well give you all the update. I had almost finished it & I passed it on to cb when the current trouble started, (I freaked out, I'm autistic), anywho cb done the dirty on me & hasn't spoken to me since & Jim informed me that he hasn't been on the site in a year which is about the time I gave him the parts so I have no idea on it's current where abouts or what's happening with it. Goes to show, trust no one. Such is life. I am very sorry for letting all of you who were wanting one down. Be safe everyone & much love & peace be upon you & your loved ones.
  3. All fantastic builds. Here's mine, I might get them finished one day.
  4. Yep, you are now relying on CharlieBravo to get the dash finished & he has a mountain of reference material. I wish you all the best.
  5. There's this if you can find one http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/30/t/118398.aspx
  6. The movie studio is - MGM - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Sorry to digress.
  7. Yahshu

    Xtreme Lee

    You've done a great job on a now iconic car. https://youtu.be/_a3_ZYvuhj0
  8. There's an Australian 1/43 scale that you maybe able to convert. https://www.ebay.com.au/c/1066411793 Or there's this, it's on the forum somewhere. https://youtu.be/0qOpGeazaN8
  9. Blower is wrong, rims are wrong, side pipes are wrong, roof spoiler is wrong, front air dam is missing lens, there looks to be a lot wrong. A lot cheaper than an Aoshima.
  10. Thought you folk on the other side of the planet might get a kick out of what we race in the TA2 series here in Oz & there's no one to "offend" over the confederate flag. http://ta2racingaustralia.com/ https://m.facebook.com/TA2Racing/
  11. Michelle's garage is at it again. A custom chop top Charger, very cool.
  12. You can't please all the people all of the time, you'd be lucky to please half the people half the time.
  13. Thanks for posting the pictures, it's nice to see what it looks like finished. He done an awesome job. Thank you to everyone else for your information, unfortunately I live in Oz so meeting the man is out of the question.
  14. Just noticed on my previous comment that I forgot to say what an excellent job you have done. Very cool.
  15. I'll have a 1:1 thanks, very cool.
  16. I remember many moons ago in the "other mag", a gentleman by the name of Larry Booth (I certainly hope that was his name & my apologies if it isn't) & a 67-8 fastback Mustang. I seem to remember that it had a aluminium? one piece front windscreen trim that he had hand made. I can remember? in the article saying people had been given him a "hard time" because of how long he was taking in building it. I never seen the Mustang finished, does anyone remember this gentleman & his Mustang?
  17. Practice makes perfect. We can do anything we put our minds to & I "believe" you can do an awesome job with patience. I look forward to seeing your results.
  18. While I don't have pics at present, I clear gloss the tires, apply the decal then spray semi gloss to seal, the gloss assists in no wrinkle placement, works a treat for me.
  19. This is friggin awesome, I think it would look good painted Plum Crazy
  20. Very nice, I seen something similar in Mopar Muscle mag a few years back. The spokes of the rims were shaped like coke bottles.
  21. Friggin awesome, love the weathering on the dozer, especially like the bare steel effect you got on the dozer blade. Well done.
  22. Very nice, don't see to many of these on the roads here in Oz anymore. Is this kit right hand drive out of the box or did you convert it?
  23. I can & have made drive pulleys, problem is, labour costs in Australia make making them an unviable business proposition. I'd never make any money trying to sell them overseas.
  24. Does anyone know if Terence is alive. I paid for a product in July 19, got a receipt, couple of weeks later got a order update then nothing. Contacted him in Dec & got told the last time I purchased anything from them was 4yrs ago, sent him copies of the receipts & have been ignored since. Max is MIA from his Interceptor.
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