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  1. Rom, I've just gone through all 37 pages on this thread & no offence meant bloke but this isn't a model.......IT'S A WORK OF ART!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm in need of some 2 hole budds as well for the ITALERI 1/24 trailer,where can i get them please, building BJ & the Bear rig.
  3. I buy to build, i got kits that are older than i am & I'm 44. One kit i'd love to get my hands on is the Dodge revellion, released in 67, first kit i ever built. I've had to go & buy the body from Time Machine resins, The 22jr kit & decals from......hummm i forgot who now, just so i can build my first model again. It'll be built a bit better than the first one i hope.
  4. I just wanted to publicly thank Casey Littmann for going out of his way to get me a resin body & wheels from a vendor in the U.S who won't ship overseas. Casey, you da MAN & you do your country proud. The world needs more people like you.
  5. jim16on evilbay has them, good bloke to deal with. http://www.ebay.com/...=item2a1715bb49 hope this helps.
  6. I have just printed the 1st pic & I know I can be a pain but it's 1.5mm to small (see attached pic) I am so sorry & if you were close by I'd buy you a beer or 10. Any chance of them been made a bit bigger? Please. They are for my Road Runners & Superbird & the wheels that are on this car are the same as I'll be using on my Road Runners (The Bee was just easy to get to) These wheels I cast myself so i don't have to use the originals (only got 1 set & between 4 cars the math don't work). Thank you.
  7. Scale nut, that is just way cool, thanks. If i post the right hand side disc could you do that one to please. I'll look into those other progams you spoke off. See you can teach an old dog new tricks.
  8. Ok, Thank you very much everyone. I got the program so I'll give it a go.
  9. Therein lies the problem, i don't know what program to use. I'm not the best with computers, i know how to email, facebook, post on sites like this & SPEND A FORTUNE ON EVILBAY ON MY MODELING HOBBY/ADDICTION. I like working with my hands but when it comes to the technical stuff, that's when i get stuck. Modelnut yon mentioned that you could do them, i only need them printed on paper so i can white glue them to aluminum discs. I would need say 6 of each (left & right) & i can pay you for doing it. As i said above i have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) & that's why until i can see what to do, technical stuff messes with my head & that's why i love building models (follow the instructions & i can't go wrong, well almost). Thanks guys.
  10. Steve Juliano (nice guy) sent me some pics of the Plymouth Road Runner dealer promo wheel discs (left & right) & i would like to know how to reduce them in size so when i print them they are 16.5mm across (0.649606299 inches) the face of the disc. I have posted a pic, it's the white disc only that i need. I have ASD so step by step instructions would be fantastic. If someone could print them up that would be cool to (I can pay). I would like to learn how to do it myself though (with help of cause). Also making your own decals, is there a tutorial on how to do that? Thanks.
  11. I love the plymouth but i'm 1 eyed for Mopar, the 1 that made me laugh... the Hummer, very cool, belongs in the upcoming Mad Max movie.
  12. WOW That's fantastic, very nice build. One problem though.. IT'S NOT A HARLEY. That said, i was at the drags awhile back & a bloke with an untouched Hayabusa except for a extended swing arm kicked the factory Harley's tails, he ended up winning the night.
  13. I got one of these kits & IT'S BRILLIANT, now i got to build it. Nice work Jeff.
  14. That's sweat, love the paint job, how did you do those wheels?
  15. Bandit resin sells a Magnum AAR hood. pity he won't ship his product down under cause i would like one to & his Plymouth scamp.
  16. I have the ADR Mad max falcon (which will never get built) & 2 Aoshima Mad Max Falcons (started). The Aoshima falcon is the much better buy & cheaper to (around $60 U.S.). There were 2 versions of the Aoshima Falcon (3 if you count the version with the dog & metal scoop), each one has a different interior (1 almost full standard XB GT interior, the other MM2 interior). Someone from the resin community had done up the parts to back date the car to MM1 configuration :- front & rear spoliers, bootlid, rear parcel shelf & bottom part of the rear seat, i have the set but have no idea on who cast it & the woman i bought it off on ebay hasn,t been selling anything for months now. So if you really want a Interceptor go with the Aoshima kit.
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