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  1. Continuing what I was talking about, in this case the 1955 Coupe DeVille wheels, I found this resin Sombrero Hubcaps in the net again (I had it in my eBay "watching list", but the page where it used to be just desapeared... Well, I found this image again, but now it is in a dangerous page, MES Raja Residencial School that leads you to a FNAJVA page where you find this “eMail”: SUUY2020”MSN.COM on ”Contact us”… unfortunately I bought some kits and spares in a similar site two months ago and had to claim trough Paypal the refund of the money I paid them, as the pack that arrived in the end WAS N
  2. Hi RandyB, in fact this kit is soo poor/old that I decided to put it apart... after all it has one Hubcap (or should I say wheel) missing... and sometimes later I found one Franklin Mint Brougham (almost perfect, that's what they are, almost...) but, in the shelf you don't notice it at all... and mid blue with steel roof, my perfect combination for the most wonderfull modern classic car ever made by humans... But, after reading this thread I decided to compare both models and what did I find: measuring the bodys over the front wheels arches the 1/24 F Mint car is 80.94 mm and the Revell measur
  3. Hi, "Mr." Zoom Zoom, this Z3 M Coupe would be my buying choice if I was reach enough, but definitively not this colour!, I have to repaint mine also, so I will need to remove what I think is a varnish, as I scratched a little in the inside body and found that the plastic has that blue colour also... what do you mean with "rubbing alcohol", is it Isopropyl Alcohol? and how did you unglue the clear windows parts? breaking it is of a Very Probable risk...
  4. Hi, afx, yes, at the moment I "unburied" the Alitalia car, the only car with that extra NACAs... I have other long tail Betas waiting for decals to move on", as the LM Martini, the White and Blue LM car and the CARMAff LM '81 car, for whom I did make the decals, as you can see in this image (where I made some other unobtainable decals, as the LM 1972 246 GT Dino (except BP logos, available), a 1981 IMSA "Le Car" Renault Turbo (side black outlined white patches still have to be corrected as I will have to convert to 2D it's 3D shape), and a Pedro Rodriguez '65 Sebring 330P Ferrari); this imag
  5. I forgot to post two interesting diagrams that help understanding this car mechanics design, so here they are; and also some images of the Finotto/Facetti car today ( the same car/chassis?) , without that inside engine cover (could it be a climate change consequence?)... and the inner kicker braces with the oblong holes in the rear window...
  6. Hi, afx, yes that is the trick, when the hole is an oblong circle it is just opening it... we will have to study each specific car, as they may all be different... I have been working on all the engine details, as I will let this Alitalia car with the hood open, so I did the "slunt" parts that connect the NACAs over the side oil coolers with the orange ducts for engine cooling (these lips on the down sides will help fixing these parts to the NACAs)... now I am trying to bend some 2.19 mm copper wire (3,74 mm outer diameter) that will be covered with heat retractable hose(?) and finally covere
  7. Well, there seem to be very different “crossing” ways as we can see in these images, probably because I suppose every car was more or less hand made by different Tuners… in Beta 14 and Engine 16, an oblong and low(ish) hole was made, reinforced by a metal ring probably to avoid Polycarbonate glass to crack and tear with extreme vibrations that certainly occur… in Lancia Beta…, they might have just cut the Polycarbonate glass corners, as the kickers seem to be located nearer to the end, although there may exist a reinforcement partial ring… in the Alitalia '79 car, it seems the kickers enter t
  8. Hi, afx, the way I'll do it will be inserting a small metal pin in the roll bar for each kicker and, when the car is almost done, and after the rear window glass is in it's place, I will insert the kickers through previous made holes and glue it in these pins... each kicker will have, in the outer extremity, another metal bent in a 30 degrees angle pin, already glued, that will enter some little holes in the chassis where they are supposed to be fixed... you will have to remove your kickers again... this pins solution worked very well in a a RT-10 Viper metal roll bar I made (it's shape is so
  9. And don't forget that huge broom stick to keep the engine cover open! crazy times then...
  10. Well, at last I found one photo taken from the right side, it was in the middle of a bunch of images I downloaded from the net, wich I had not edited yet... it is from one Martini car, and that triangular aperture made by the chassis where in the MFH we can clearly see the pulleys and the belts, in this particular car, if not in all others, is totally closed with a metal sheet, as you can see in photo engine11!... probably to get more rigidity to the chassis frame... most probably these chains have no cover, as it will be easier to replace, but it is clearly impossible for it to be seen behin
  11. Hi, AFX, I already new about his decal sheet, but did forget the producer name, I did try to find it these last days, but in vane... I thought it was Shunko... but I did find a new alternative, a new brand that also make this white striped decals but specialy it was expected to make THESE ONES, the Martini, but unfortunately I already contacted them and Andrea, one of two the partners, explained me that this decal sheet was drawm based on a Heller 1/43 Martini Beta decal sheet they did multiply by 24, but the result was not good enough for some buyers, so they decided to stop making it for no
  12. Great work you are doing, as usual, AFX! I follow your AC COBRAs building articles here, and I am amazed to see you are dealing with this Lancia Beta Monte Carlo model! I have to agree with Gramps46: it is amazing how a really ugly car became such a wonderful racing car! Now, returning to this kit, as you are American, you might not be very familiar with ESCI kits AND IT'S DECALS... most of times, when you put it the water, in a few seconds they use to "spread in little parts" like a plague... I bought one of my Betas completely painted in white, but almost half of two MARTINI Le Mans decal sh
  13. Hi Dale, I am a LUCKY owner of both versions of these kits, and can confirm they are really difficult to find... specially the short tail version! Being just a "tale" I heard from two sources now, in some particular time, the moulds of this Lancia Beta Monte Carlo (that travelled to Revell and Heller) and other moulds(?) have been lost for ever (sunk in the sea) in an accident the carrier had, don't remember if it was a pane or a boat... I have two long tales from ESCI, one long tale from HELLER/HUMBROL (made in France - kit nº80741), being that the short tailed one, that I "tracked" may be f
  14. Hi, how can I mount a 1/24 Hightech Ferrari 250 SWB photoetch grille!
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