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  1. bubba930 added a post in a topic indiana builders   

    I'm new to this forum, I'm up in the North West corner of the State in Saint John Idiana 6 miles from the State Line to Illnois.
    At the age of 74 I still love the World of Minature Cars and Trucks, the more Detail to the Kit the more I love it.
    All of you members should be Proud of your Workmanship!!

  2. bubba930 added a post in a topic Sunoco Garage   

    Very Good looking Dio.
    You did a Fantistic Job with this Set up, that type of Station was close to what we had around back in the 1940's as well.
    Grateful to you for sharing with us!!

  3. bubba930 added a post in a topic Small Scale Dirt Late Models.   

    Michael, your really something, your Talent is remarkable! outstanding job!!
  4. bubba930 added a post in a topic Waiting on the London Bus?   

    A Disco on Top and a Bar on the First Floor, or a Pent House on top with a Hot Tub and the Disco below!
  5. bubba930 added a post in a topic 59 caddy   

    This is really one Awesome build!
    Everything about this Car is so Perfect, I do Love Cadillac's and would like to a real like this.

  6. bubba930 added a post in a topic NNL West 2012   

    Wonderful Pictures, Thanks for sharing all of that Great Workmanship with us!!!
  7. bubba930 added a post in a topic Working Shock Absorbers?   

    jbhobbies.com he makes Aluminum Shocks with Spring, 2 to a set, maybe costly.
  8. bubba930 added a post in a topic Polishing tires   

    Pledge might do the job!
  9. bubba930 added a post in a topic harbor freight airbrush kit   

    I have the same set up here, it's got a two stage Air Brush, Just watch your mixtures and you'll be fine, For the small stuff that I used for, everything came out Great.
  10. bubba930 added a post in a topic Custom Merc 49 Lead Sledan Aussie old school sled   

    I love the old school lead sleds, this one is on the top of my list.
  11. bubba930 added a post in a topic Rat Rod Trucks   

    Doc, your Chevies are Awesome looking, Whats under the hoods?
  12. bubba930 added a post in a topic Custom/Show Truck   

    James your really going way out there on this build, I've followed around for a bit, and I'm still amazed by your Workmanship, and your way out there kind of mind, I'm looking at a Really Bright Orange in my mind and a 429 under the Hood.
  13. bubba930 added a post in a topic 1950 Ford F1   

    Looks like a little bit of Fire as well, I love it, yes sir it works for me

  14. bubba930 added a topic in Under Glass   

    I just joined this forum
    I just joined this forum today, my name is Mike, and I'm from Saint John, Indiana, I'm a young 73 year youngster who Loves the world of Minature, I started building Models back in the Stone Age, all we had was Wood, until the late Forties, that's when I saw my First Plastic Air Plane.
    I've built so many Models in my day,and never once have I ever stopped not likeing Models Cars Trucks Planes Ships, now I'm here in this New Era, Photo Etch, Resin, Wires, Soft Rubber Tires, and Paint of every kind, Wow!!!
    I don't build to much now as I have lost the use of my right hand, which of course I'm right handed, so if you all don't mind this guy hanging out here, I'd be forever Grateful, and I'll praise all of your Workmanship!
    Thanks again !!

    Mike bubba 930
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  15. bubba930 added a post in a topic Garage Dio   

    Once again the Garage is coming back to life, I was thinking that if you didn't want to reconstruct it, you could have burnt some boards to make it look like a burned out garage, but I'm so glad that your doing it again, I know that it's going to be even more nicer then before.
    Thanks for the pleasure that you give to me.

    Mike A.