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  1. I had to go pull the kit out of the box to see if I had done anything with it since my last update. I don't see anything new. The last year or so has brought a bunch of life changes for me, so modelling took a back burner. Hopefully when winter hits, I can get back to it. The 1:1 truck has had some work done recently. It hasn't been driven or off road in over a year, so I started cleaning it up and repairing some things in the last month or so. Hopefully I can get it out some time soon.
  2. Great deal with brodie_83.
  3. Nice build! I didn't realize there were different versions out. Mine has the full bumper tubes and dual carbs with individual air filters. I'm wondering if yours was a different run? Some crappy cell phone pics of mine. This is where I had to notch the frame to fit the oil filter, and the trimmed down crossmember- And the oil filter, exactly where it should be- I had to add the spacers to the exhaust, I haven't shaped them yet- The fan also hits the suspension upright if the engine is centered. I think this one might go back on the shelf for a while so i don't keep getting frustrated.
  4. Has anyone built this? I searched through here and could only find 1/24 and 25 scale models. I ask because I started this kit years ago and set it aside because it had too many fitment problems. I recently pulled it back off the shelf, and the fitment problems are still there (I thought maybe shelving it would make them go away) Nothing seems to line up correctly in the engine compartment area. The kit directions call for installing the inner fenders to the body, but if they are installed where the line up tabs are, they don't fit the chassis properly. If installed to the chassis, they don't fit the body properly. I had to notch the frame to fit the unmodified kit engine or else the oil filter would have stopped it from sitting on the engine brackets. i also had to notch a cross member so the oil pan didn't hit it. The exhaust sidepipes need to be extended to hit the headers. It's all a big mess. Anyone else?
  5. I've never had a problem with Zap-A-Gap medium. It will do resin to resin, resin to styrene, resin to PE, PE to styrene, you name it.
  6. Nice stuff. Yours is probably a bit more accurate than mine. I eyeballed everything from pictures when I did it. Recently I've been considering using the 7.3 as a base for some bigger engines. Even if it isn't true to scale, it will still play the part.
  7. Sweet! I remember seeing the real deal in old magazines my dad had. And I do remember the Patriotic color scheme too!
  8. Looking good Mike! Glad to see some of your projects getting closer to under glass!
  9. You beat me to it. I had planned to do an update this week. I've finished up the control arms. They didn't work exactly as planned, but they will do. Just a bit more tweaking of the brackets and they'll be ok- I've had some fitment issues with the engine/trans. I needed to make a few adjustments to get it in the right place and still look convincing with the skidplate, etc. I've also started piecing together the steering and sway bar. Literally, just pieces, pulled from several parts bins. I also stole the visor off a Revell Ford pickup and made a transfer case lever from a NASCAR shifter- I've also spent hours editing photos of the graphics on the side of the truck, the license plates, and all the other exterior stickers. I have a backlog of decals I need to print not only for this, but for some other models I've got going. I prefer to fit as many as I can on each sheet of decal paper instead of wasting it. The start of my latest sheet. It will include about 5 models (the Ram graphics aren't on it yet)-
  10. That's a pretty neat way to do polished lips. Nice work.
  11. I think my next flat build will be blue.
  12. Skidplate done and front axle on- Teaser- Now to build the control arms.
  13. I needed a break for my ongoing Ram build- http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69803 I got bit by the flat paint bug last year, so I decided to change things up with this one. AMT 2008 Challenger built mostly OOB. I ditched the rear spoiler, de-chromed the wheels and left off most of the badges. The only BMF is on the mirrors. I kept it pretty simple since I really just wanted to try out a different flat. I didn't even paint detail the chassis. I have no idea if there was a grey interior, and honestly I didn't care I just wanted to finish something in this century! I'd have to say that this kit wasn't too bad for a level 1. There were a few fitment issues but it went pretty smooth overall. The weirdest thing was the seats. They're molded in vinyl, and supposed to press fit, but of course they didn't stay and needed CA.
  14. Tiny update. I finally got back at it. I built the tire carrier- I started in on the transmission crossmember. I cut the kit piece out, flipped it around and moved it forward. Then I built the transfer case support. I still need to trim it up and add the skid plate. I sort of fudged the location of both the crossmembers since my kitbashed engine/trans isn't the right length, but it looks close enough- I also opened up the front fenders and added some locating blocks in preparation to mount the front suspension- The engine is also progressing. I've ended up having to build the entire belt drive since I couldn't find a good kit piece anywhere that matched close enough.
  15. Some nice stuff there. I hadn't seen it before. Fortunately, the Ramcharger kit will be getting a nice build wth a bunch of parts box 4x4 stuff I've got lying around. I may pick up a few pieces from BNL to spruce it up.
  16. Nothing new to report. This project took a side seat to a few other "quick" builds I've got going on, as well as my full size car race season and new house. Hopefully I can get something going next month. Thanks for staying on me to keep it going!
  17. Thanks! I got a bit more done. I pulled a set of shocks from a NASCAR truck. Surprisingly, all of them were perfect length. I snagged some more parts from a 1968 Corvette. After a bit of modifying, and some solder springs, the front axle is just about ready to get mounted- I modified the 727 a bit. Longer tailshaft, and deeper trans pan. I also added some ribbing and grooves for a bit more depth. I think it will do the job-
  18. Anyone ever seen a good how-to for these? I considered making them like you would make a spring, but these are simple accordions, not wound. Any hobby shop type products that might work? Or maybe hobby beads?
  19. You can also use cheap acrylic water base paints for some stuff instead of using name brand. The "10 colors in the strip of attached plastic bottles" type paints. Sometimes it's nice to have variations of red instead of the same old red on every build, especially when the build needs slight variations. Those paints are also good for doing washes and panel lines.
  20. I've got a Torqflite 727. Excellent piece, and even better customer service. I highly recommend MAD.
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