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  1. 4 hours ago, Dave G. said:

    Windex can get the job done and sprays pretty well. I liken it to hardware store paint thinner in enamel though, which can crater . That's a phenomenon much like fish eyes where you get these round circles where paint separates from the surface. I notice this especially with Apple barrel paint and in that case still much prefer my own blend of thinner I make up, which doesn't do that.

    But ( always a but right !) my blend is dog dung in DecoArt lol.

    60% bottled or filtered or distilled water.

    40% 91 IPA

    For every 3 oz of this blend put 4-6 drops of Liquitex retarder

    For every 3oz of that blend put in a trace amount of Dawn dish washing liquid ( I mean a trace amount, not even a drop from the bottle, I use the pointy end of a wooden barbecue skewer and just get a film on the end and mix that in), this breaks surface tension in the paint mix.

    This blend Works in most acrylic paints but DecoArt doesn't like the alcohol. And many craft paints come closer to spraying like solvent paints with this blend.

    What ratio of thinner blend to paint do you use?

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