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  1. Cool looking model.

    I knew a guy that used to vintage race an 800 with Vintage Drivers Club of America. It had a roller crankshaft and could rev to 10k or more. It screamed.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    The 83 car is another restored Lotus 38, not Clark's Indy winner.

    I chose that particular photo of a 38 as I felt it best illustrated the square shoulders and wider treads of the later tires.

    Gotcha. I found these but they're for the 64, not 65 car. They look pretty close. Gotta measure them. The stuff in the kit is just awful.


  3. 20 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:


    1965 Indianapolis 500 : Jim Clark, Lotus-Ford 38 #82, Team Lotus ...

    Jim Clark's Lotus-Ford 38/1 - 1965 Indy 500 Winner | Flickr

    I wonder why the number in the top pic is 83 but the kit decals are 82?

    The kit came with one half of one of the air ducts missing. It was still wrapped in plastic but I bought it from an individual, so they may have rewrapped it. I may take a shot at making a mold and casting the missing piece. But then, that would cover up the velocity stacks which I think look cool.

  4. For the thinner, I use 150 ml distilled water, 75 ml 91% isopropyl alcohol, 10 ml Liquitex Slow Dri Retarder and 10 ml Liquitex Flow Aid Flow Improver.  I clean the gun with a 90 ml windshield cleaner, 90 ml distilled water, 50 ml 91% isopropyl alcohol and 10 ml glycerin mixture.

    Experiment thinning your paint till it sprays the way you want it to. Start with 50% paint and 50% thinner.

    Start with 20 psi for the pressure. It's a learning process with mixing, pressure, hand speed, distance, etc.

    I like the Anita's brand of craft paint.



  5. Me isn't even a car. I bought a 1/700 scale model of the ship I served on in the Navy. It's the USS Norfolk DL-1. The 1:1 was 540 feet long, the model is about 7" or 8" long. I don't know if I'll ever finish it. My skills are diminishing and the kit is full of tiny photoetch parts. The guy that sold it to me warned me it was for someone with real skills. I thought I could do it but I don't know. I wish I could find someone that could build it for me. I returned to cars about the same time that i bought it. That was 2011. I'd pay someone to build it if they were close to Chattanooga, TN.

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