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  1. FREE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya gotta live in the south to appreciate that one. At the 4:40 mark, you can't help but push that pedal through the floor and give out an old rebel yell. Thinking about going off into the back straight dip at Road Atlanta, before Panoz screwed it up, with that wailing in my ears makes cold chills run up my spine. WFO baby!

    As a side story, a friend of mine owned an art studio in Knoxville. A customer waiting on a flight out strolled in just as she put this on her vinyl player. This was in 73 or 74. He was from California and had never heard Lynyrd Skynyrd. He asked who that was and where the closest record store was. Went straight out and bought it. Southern R&R comes to the left coast.



  2. Congratulations! I've been retired for 15+ years. Treating my body as a playground for 60 years by listening to too much AC/DC, racing motorcycles, go karts and automobiles plus lifting things too heavy for my size as well as indulging have left me with ruptured discs, arthritis, bad lungs and I can't hear squat. I'm almost 78 and my modeling skills are diminishing as well. Eyesight and shaky hands mostly. Enjoy your retirement while you can. Life is about giving up things along the way and there's a lot I can't do anymore (haven't played golf since I broke my back in 89). But I regret very little though. It's been a heck of a ride. Very few regrets. Lucky you. Rock on.

  3. 2 hours ago, Chuckyg1 said:

    1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd in central park, N.Y.C. With Elvin Bishop warming up. Awesome show. Still have the ticket stubb!

    Netflix has a documentary on them called If I Leave Here Tomorrow. My friend Nancy owned an art gallery in Knoxville, TN. Guy from California comes in to browse while waiting on a flight back to LA. Free Bird was playing on her stereo and he'd never heard of them. He thought they were awesome. Couldn't believe they were so great but getting almost no air play back home. He went to the mall next door and bought it immediately. 😉

  4. I finally finished with the mirrors, seat belts and created a mount using the original steering wheel from the car. The case is for a 1/32" scale car. The Bugeye is so small, it fits just about right. The medallion is for winning my class in H Production at Virginia International Raceway in the 1 hour endurance race. Finished 15th overall out of 31 cars. That's where the pic in my avatar was taken. Paint is Scalefinishes Acapulco Blue over Tamiya primer. The roll cage mirrors and mounts and steering wheel are scratch built. Wheels and tires are from a Mini Cooper kit.












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  5. Several for me.

    Most memorable AC/DC on October 2, 1979. Bon Scott would be dead 4 months later. I attribute about 90% of my hearing loss to that band, my favorite still.

    Best light show Blue Oyster Cult. The drummers kit was mounted on a platform and rotated verrtically. How he could play upside down with the platform spinning is still a mystery to me.

    Best recovery from a wasted start Joe Walsh. He was so wasted that the crowd boooed him big time. He straightened up and finished a great show. County Fair and Turn To Stone were awesome.

    Most accurate sound of their recordings Little River Band

    And I'll speak for a friend that has since passed, Led Zeppelin at a small club in Germany when he was in the Army. Probably less than 100 people there.

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  6. 3 hours ago, horsepower said:

    R.IP. Howard/Johnny you're going to be missed but we can try to find old replays of WKRP in Cincinnati. Best we can do, it'll have to do.

    They just showed 2 episodes on MeTV last Sunday as a tribute to Hesseman. They were the ones when Johnny takes a second job playing disco on TV for Mary Frann who went on to star as Bob Newhart's wife in Newhart. I wish MeTV would show both of those series again sometime. Bob Newhart is another favorite that luckily is still with us. 

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