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Back From The Dead Impala


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Hey guys, long time no see! Over winter, balancing school and sports, I had no time for the hobby, but since school and sports are over for me now, I have time for modeling.

This 1966 Chevy Impala SS 396 Hardtop was built between December 2014 and March 2015, because I had little time for building. Since I couldn't spend lots of time on it, I reused a motor from my Grand Sport Corvette kit and various parts from the extras I have. My idea for this car was that someone found a barnfind '66 Impala, that was almost too far gone to salvage, but they did anyways. They only fix the drivetrain, interior and motor, nothing else. Well, here it is, my 2014-2015 winter project.


The method I used for the paint was to spray the base coat of dark gray primer, rust and then the top color of green. In between the rust and green coat, I wetted the model down, and sprinkled salt onto it. The salt I used was a mixture of shaker salt and Morton's Salt. The shaker salt mostly dissolved, but the larger salt stayed on. After the green was on, I knocked most of it off by hand, but I had to use a toothpick to get it out of tricky spots. On some spots, I just left the salt on to look like bubbly rust. After all the salt was knocked off, I took to the roof, trunk, hood and sides with sandpaper to cut through the coat of green and get the rust coat



I took off most of the trim and drilled holes in place.


To scratch up the bumpers, I just sanded them a little and then painted rust over it and rubbed it off. It worked better than I thought.


Here's the engine, which is from the Grand Sport Corvette I was talking about. The front part of the chassis is from a nascar kit, which lined up pretty well, better than I thought.


Here's the interior. The floor pans are from the nascar chassis and the decklid was covered by a sheet styrene cover I made.


Here you can see where the original chassis ends and the nascar chassis begins. I cut it right after the rear wheel well and glued it together. I had to put tubing on both sides of the chassis to widen it so it could sit right in the shell.

Here's the album for this kit.


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