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Round 2's new AMT 2016 Camaro SS FULL DETAIL kit: First look/detailed overview (and I'm not kidding about that full detail comment....)

tim boyd

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You have to finesse the 850i because it's a Revell of Germany kit in a Tamiya box.  

You ain't kiddin'!

I learned that first hand with the one I did! Frankly, in this case "more is not always better". The kit could have done well with half the detail, and probably would not have been so fiddly to build. :blink:

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Hi all, I thought that I would jump in on this but not to stur the pot. I picked up this kit a few weeks ago and started to look it over. First off thank you Tim for an excellent review (I did go to your Fotki site it was worth the time). I have just started mine, I am just beginning to do a kit review for my club's newsletter here in Portland Oregon (SABA-NW). I will let y'all know how it goes when I'm done. It will be a straight build, which is different for me since I generally don't build right out of the box and besides it is also a bit out of my wheelhouse. I have started some of the sub assemblies and a little finessing is needed here and there on some places but nothing unsurmountable. I will post up some stuff later in the Workbench section soon. Have a good day all.

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